How to Use Ninja Blender- Good Tips in 2021

How to Use Ninja Blender? Good Cooking Tips

Some Cooking Tips: How to Use Ninja Blender?

Today’s blender is too familiar to housewives, they are like powerful assistants every time they cook. Especially the dishes made from a blender have a very high nutritional content such as smoothies, seed milk, bringing many benefits to family members in terms of health as well as balanced mineral intake. substance in the body.

Although used regularly, not everyone knows How to use Ninja blender. Today we will share tips to help you use the best blender.

How to Use Ninja Blender

How to Use Ninja Blender Properly?

Before use

Before using, make sure to assemble the correct, joint and complete parts together. The blade must be fitted with the main blender (blender) and the secondary blender (meat grinder, dry grinder) before being fitted to the body of the machine. Especially for multifunction machines, the parts that are often disassembled should be carefully read before use.

Do not operate the machine without food in the main jar or sub-jars and do not remove the lid until the knife stops spinning.

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The process of using each blender button does not exceed 30 seconds. If you leave the machine running for too long, it will quickly heat up the device, and the efficiency is not high, but the machine will quickly fail. Whether the blender is dry or wet, add milk or water to keep it running smoothly. When pressing the fruit, you should not leave the whole fruit but should cut it into small pieces, the quality of the juice is better.

Before grinding, check the amount and usually use less than the recommended food. Food should be carefully filtered (meat, fish) and ground in a moderate amount. Before grinding, drain the water to avoid splashes.

Carefully check the cords, blades, strainers, and other components before grinding. If you find any of the components have been damaged. Please stop using the device and contact the warranty for replacement and repair.

While in use

When grinding, add water or milk to the glass to increase the blending or blending efficiency and prolong the life of the machine.

To avoid danger while the machine is operating, do not use your hands or foreign objects to take food or neglect it when removing it from the machine.

Do not grind for more than 30 seconds. Should let the machine rest for a few minutes and then use it again, especially when it is hot.

After using

Do not clean the camera body directly with water, but use a wet cloth. Soft brush or sponge for cleaning. Do not clean the product with a metal wash plate. Corrosive detergent or liquid. Apply dish detergent to a soft rag, and clean the bowl, jar lid, and chopsticks. Use chopsticks to thread the washcloth into each slot to remove any remaining food particles.

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Wash the machine under strong water, rinse vigorously so that whatever remains can be drained. Absolutely do not let your hand touch the blender knife because it is very sharp.

When the machine is clean, wipe with a soft, damp rag. Then let the machine dry in a cool place or face down to dry it or the machine will smell bad.

To ensure long-term use, after grinding. Soak and rinse the knife and funnel with a soft brush. Do not rinse the water too hot then put the bowl in the refrigerator. Because with brittle plastic materials the roots are cracked.

Do not wash with too hot water. Because it is usually brittle plastic, if it is too hot, then let the refrigerator break easily.

When using a large blender, the nozzle is open underneath. It is advisable to clean the open hose regularly because the material is easily deposited at the tap.


In addition to some general rules of use, each different type of blender has its own rules. So you need to read the user manual carefully before using it to avoid unnecessary mistakes as well as bring about the highest efficiency.

Common mistakes when using Ninja blender

How to Use Ninja Blender

Do not wash the device immediately after using it

After you finish grinding the food, you usually do not wash the machine right away, but to wash the same dishes. This habit inadvertently creates a good environment for pathogenic bacteria to arise, and at the same time makes food sticking makes it more difficult to clean the blender.

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So after grinding, you should pour water into the soak and wash the machine immediately to ensure hygienic use.

Do not unplug the power outlet

Sometimes the food is finished, but because you are too busy doing other things, forget to unplug the blender. In some cases, you accidentally press the start button to break the machine or the blade of the machine will operate very dangerous.

The best advice is that after using and before disassembling the blender parts for cleaning, you need to unplug the power outlet first to ensure safety.

Do not test the machine before turning it on

This is also a mistake when using a blender that housewives often make. The subjective thing that always puts food into the machine without checking whether the parts have been assembled correctly and matched or not is easy to break the plastic shell, wear gear between the machine body and the blender jar not working, or fire machine. So you should thoroughly check the machine before use.

Let the machine work continuously

Most blenders usually design the automatic mixing button (stuffing button) before blending or food so they should adjust or press this button 5-7 times so that the fruit or food is pureed by itself. That increases speed from small to large.

Let the machine work continuously

Especially, when you need to grind a lot of food, you should only use the blender for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then rest for about 1-2 minutes before using it again, especially when it is hot. Pressing the button too long will cause the machine to overload, causing the motor to burn.

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Blend several ingredients at the same time

You want to make a smooth and smooth smoothie so all the ingredients are blended at the same time? This is indeed a misconception because a blender cannot evenly grind ingredients of different hardness, in addition to causing the blade to bend, break, and easily damage the machine.

Grinding many ingredients at the same time causes the blade to deteriorate quickly

Ideally, you should cut the ingredients into small pieces and place them in the blender one after another. Hard food should be ground first, using the correct blade according to the instructions, water or ice should be put in the last to estimate a suitable water level. With the ingredients with hard shells, you should peel off the shell and then add it to the grind to make the mixture soft, smooth and delicious.

Grind raw and cooked together

Mixing mixed raw and cooked foods is both unhygienic and at the same time puts people at risk of cross-contamination, especially when preparing food for young children. So either grinds raw or cooked foods, not combined to grind.

Abuse of a multi-function blender

A blender usually comes with many blades suitable for each certain grinding function such as blending, grinding dry, wet grinding … However, the abuse of a versatile blender to grind a variety of foods will greatly affect the durability of the machine. For example, you should not use the dry mill of the all-in-one to grind crabs as it will scratch the plastic jar and the blender blade can be chipped.

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Wrong-way of cleaning

The way of cleaning also greatly affects the durability of the blender. Using a metal cleaning pad, corrosive detergent and after washing, you do not dry the machine, it will cause the blender to smell unpleasant, quickly break down.

Improper cleaning can cause the machine to fail

You need to clean the machine parts with a soft cloth. Wash the jar under running water and rinse vigorously to wash off any remaining food. Do not overheat the water and leave the bowl in the refrigerator because the brittle plastic jar easily cracks. After cleaning, wipe the jar with a soft cloth, then let it dry in a cool place or place it face down.

How to clean the Ninja blender?

After using, you proceed to clean the blender. Cleaning is also simple.

  • Use a soft rag soaked in a little dishwashing liquid, in turn, clean parts such as the bowl, lid. As for the inside of the bowl, you can use chopsticks in combination with a towel to clean.
  • Use a towel and clean the blender or alternatively add a little bleach to the jar and run it for 30 seconds to clean the inside of the blender. Because the inside is difficult to clean and clean.
  • After cleaning, use a clean washcloth to wipe it off, then put the parts upside down in a dry and airy place. Through a few simple steps, you can easily clean the blender.
  • Avoid using metal objects or cleaning agents for cleaning.
  • Only use soft objects such as wet towels, sponges.
  • When cleaning, unplug the power and never let the engine get into the water.
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Above are tips on how to use Ninja blender. Through this ninja blender how to use article, we hope you can know exactly how to use this machine. Thereby, the life of the machine is also significantly increased.

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