How to Clean Ninja Blender

How To Clean Ninja Blender – Good Tips

Complete Guide On How To Clean Ninja Blender

Cleaning a blender after each use is not easy, especially cleaning the inside of the blender, if not done properly, in addition to the blender being not clean can also injure your hands. Learn how to clean this blender right away to save time cleaning and be safer for your hands. Here is the guide on how to clean Ninja blenders in detail.

How To Clean Ninja Blender

How to clean Ninja blender in 7 easy steps

Blender is a very useful tool and is used by many families, they have many functions such as being able to grind a variety of fruits, food, always prepare delicious dishes, so you Do you know how to clean ninja blender base in a safe way? If not, please refer to it!

  • Step 1: When you are finished using the blender, you need to clean it through several times clean water to remove the food remaining in the machine.
  • Step 2: You add 1/2 warm water into the jar, add a few drops of dish soap. If you have a lemon in your home, you can add half a lemon to a hand blender. Lemon peel will help remove odors and remove all stains.
  • Step 3: Put the jar into the machine and press the button for about 30 seconds, remember to put the lid on the jar to avoid splashing water and affect the kitchen clean.
  • Step 4: Open and install, check whether the stain on the wall is clean? If the stains are no longer on the jar body, go to the next step, but if the stain is still on the jar body, proceed to grind for another 30 seconds.
  • Step 5: Pour the dish soap water out of the jar.
  • Step 6: Clean the jar and jar cover under the tap water.
  • Step 7: Finally, you put the jar face down, the rinsed lid on the shelf to dry them.
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How To Clean Ninja Blender

Some notes you need to know

To keep your blender good and durable over time, when cleaning your blender with water, the following points should be kept in mind:

Soak / Wash machine immediately after use

Due to the busyness and lack of time, many women often do not wash the multi-function blender right after using it but wash the same dishes. This habit not only creates the environment for the pathogenic bacteria to regenerate but also makes cleaning the machine more difficult. In particular, sometimes women forget to clean the machine, causing the marks to stick to the mill and smells unpleasant.

So if you do not have time to clean the blender right away, you should remember to soak in water to ensure hygiene when using.

Unplug power immediately after using for cleaning

To ensure the safety of your blender, unplug it immediately after using the blender. Avoid accidental touch of the blender starter button, causing the cracking of the jar or the dangerous transport blade. At the same time, the power withdrawal also ensures safer when water comes into contact with the multifunction blender motor.

Wear protective gloves when cleaning the machine

How to clean blender blades? A good blender usually has a pretty hard and sharp blade, so when cleaning, be careful to wear protective gloves to protect, not cause injury to your hands.

It sounds a bit ridiculous, but many families often have this habit of storing after cleaning a multi-function blender. Since the jar is usually plastic, it is easy to crack when there is a sudden temperature difference. Advice for women is to keep parts and components in a cool, dry place and put them upside down to drain. It is forbidden to dry in the strong sun, easily cracking the mortar.


  • Do not use strong detergent to clean the blender.
  • Do not use your bare hands (without protective tools) to clean the cutter.
  • Do not put the motorized body of the bottle in the water.
  • Power should be unplugged when cleaning and sanitizing the body of the bottle.
  • Do not use a metal brush or wire to clean the bottle.
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How to clean the hand-held ninja blender

This is also a device that directly contacts food during our daily use. So you must always be careful when using and cleaning hand blender clean to ensure the health of family and loved ones. Please follow the fourth steps below:

Step 1: 

Unplug the hand blender from the power outlet, this is the first and most important step when cleaning the hand blender or any other machine as it is for your safety.

Step 2: 

The next step in how to clean a hand blender is to take off the machine’s parts one by one, starting from the blade body, then the body with the whisk, blender, and jar. The meat grinder also needs to be removed for easy cleaning of the blender.

Step 3: 

You put all the parts of the machine in hot water and soak for a few minutes so that any residue or residue left behind is disintegrating. Note, do not put the motorized hand blender body into the water, as water will get inside it, it will short-circuit and damage the machine.

Step 4: 

Mix a little dishwashing liquid with warm water, then soak the sponge dish soap or a soft cloth, then wring it dry and proceed to wipe the parts of the hand blender that you have soaked in hot water first. there. You can also use white vinegar for cleaning instead of dishwashing liquid is also highly effective. Next, you rinse the parts of the machine again with clean water.

Step 5: 

After washing the parts of the hand blender, you can leave it on the shelf to drain or use the dryer to dry then use a soft cloth to wipe it again to dry.

How To Clean Ninja Blender

Step 6: 

The last step is to clean the engine body part. Use a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar and proceed to gently wipe away any stains on the camera body. For stains around the buttons, you can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and a clean brush. For small corners that are difficult to reach, you can also use a cotton swab to clean.

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After you have completed the steps on how to clean the hand blender, you can roll the power cord neatly and store the machine in a cool place, to avoid leaving the machine in a humid place that will affect the operation of the machine.

How to preserve the Ninja blender

  • When grinding, avoid a continuous operation, only grind for about 10-30 seconds at a time.
  • With a blender with a plastic jar, do not add too hot water to grind with it because it can cause deformation.
  • After use, the need to rotate in the correct direction to remove the bowl. Because there are some types of blender that must be rotated forward or counterclockwise to remove it.
  • If the machine has a curved blade that is difficult to clean, soak it in warm water with vinegar for easy cleaning.
  • Avoid putting hard nuts, tubers, dried fruits, … into the blender if the machine does not have the function of grinding hard foods. Ideally, hard kernels should not be ground as it is easy to batch the blender.
  • For the blender with the opening tap below, it is advisable to clean the open hose regularly because the material can easily accumulate the tap.
  • Should choose to buy a machine with iron or metal stainless steel blade. For plastic or glass bottles, choose bottles with good strength and heat resistance.

Steps by Steps on How to Use Ninja Blender?

Step 1: Cut the fruits into small pieces that would fit into the blender. It can be helpful when you prepare for fruits juice, protein shake, etc.

Step 2: Open the cap of your healthy lifestyle ninja blender and pour all ingredients (fruits in this case) in to the pitcher. That’s all!

Step 3: Now close the cover and press down with your palm until it gives a tight seal. Turn on high speed to blend all ingredients together in seconds to create nutrient-rich smoothies or cocktails!

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Step 4: Just serve it directly from the pitcher or use individual cups if necessary. If you want to store them for later use just pour contents into freezable containers or proper jars and put them in freezer!

Step 5: Use a soft spatula to take out all contents from pitcher after it’s done. Rinse the blender with water and dishwashing liquid if necessary and then you can put it in dishwasher or wash by hand.

Step 6: Find more details about Ninja Blender on the official website , read reviews, watch product videos, compare ninja blenders models etc.

Tips on Using Ninja Blender

Wash all parts before first use.

Remove pits, seeds, and skin from fruits before blending them for a smoother texture.

When cutting the fruits into small pieces don’t use any kind of water or liquid because blender motor would be damaged if too much liquid enters the pitcher.

Serve content right after blending to obtain better taste experience!

Use soft spatulas when removing contents from pitcher to avoid scratching its surfaces!

Close the lid tightly before using it on high speed. If necessary use some kitchen mittens to protect your hands. Always keep the cord away from heated surfaces while using it otherwise you would damage/scratch appliances surfaces as well as yourself! Also avoid touching the metal blade with bare hands to prevent injuries.

Don’t use this blender to grind coffee beans, crush ice cubes or nuts, etc. because blades would be damaged if there is too much resistance during blending process.

Never operate this blender unsupervised and don’t let children using it without adult supervision!

If motor overheats switch it off immediately, wait several minutes and then restart on low speed for 30 seconds. If necessary detach the pitcher from the base and use a soft spatula to remove contents from sides of pitcher before resuming operation!

Stop blending immediately if you notice any kind of unusual sound, smell or smoke coming out of the appliance!

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It’s better not to blend hot ingredients (water, milk) in Ninja Blender unless you drink them right away as nutrient heat would destroy some health benefits of blended foods. Just use a microwave to warm up food before blending it if you need this kind of result!

Common Mistakes When Using Ninja Blender

Using regular kitchen spatula and spoon to blend food instead of using special tools that come with the blender!

Pouring liquid into pitcher while blending which can destroy motor or create a complete mess!

Blending hot ingredients (water, milk) in Ninja Blender without considering its health benefits (heating up drinks on stove would kill some healthy ingredients).

Blending too many tough foods at once leading to overheating of the motor or clogging of blades.

Failing to use proper number of servings when creating cocktails. For example if you put 1 whole cup serving size into the pitcher but your recipe calls for 2 cups it will create problems during blending process. That’s why you should always follow recipes created by professionals!

Common FAQs Related with How to Clean Ninja Blender

1. How to maximize Ninja Blender benefits?

Answer: It’s better to use Ninja Blender for making smoothies from different kinds of fruit and vegetables as it would help you stay healthy but if you want to make cocktails or milkshakes please follow recipes created by professionals! Also don’t forget that contents should be cut into small pieces before blending to avoid clogging the blades.

2. What are included in the package?

Answer: All parts of Ninja blender are included in the package which means pitcher, blade unit, lid etc. What’s more there is user manual available for your convenience on official website . You also can watch product videos or compare ninja blenders models on this page.

3. Does it come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, standard 2-year warranty is provided to customers automatically. You can also purchase extended warranty if you want but standard package is already good for three years of worry-free blending!

4. Does it make hot drinks?

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Answer: Yes, Ninja Blender heats up drinks on low speed due to friction created by blades during blending process which makes them warm but not quite hot. Just don’t use this blender to heat milk or water etc. because it would kill some nutrients that are healthy for your body.

5. Is it easy to clean?

Answer: All parts of ninja blender are dishwasher safe so just put them into dishwasher basket and you will get them cleaned in no time ! Alternatively you can wash pitcher manually with soft sponge after taking off the blade unit. Also never put motor base into water as it would kill the warranty and can also damage motor.

6. Do I need to cut contents before blending?

Answer: Yes, cutting ingredients into smaller pieces is very important for your blender because blades might not be able to chop tough foods like ice cubes or frozen fruits. Also make sure that the pitcher is tightly closed otherwise blades won’t be able to handle big chunks of food. Why don’t you watch video tutorials on official website which explain all about using Ninja Blender in details!

7. Is this product easy to use?

Answer: After you finish assembling ninja blender according to user manual read through this page again because we are going to answer most common questions here ! You should know that recipes are available on official website so please follow them while creating milkshakes, cocktails etc. because otherwise it can damage motor or stop blades from moving at all!

In addition you should also know that clean up process is very easy as all parts are dishwasher safe or you can wash them by hand easily or just put motor base into a sink full of water and run the unit for a few seconds if you want to clean it manually!


Hopefully with the steps of cleaning the blender, and a few things to note when cleaning and using the machine, our article on how to clean Ninja blender will help you know how to make your home equipment always clean, durable over time.

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