How to Make Century Egg

Steps by Step on How to Make Century Egg. Good Tips and Guides

Steps by Step on How to Make Century Egg. Good Tips and Guides in 2023

Century eggs are a type of preserved egg that is popular in Asia. There are many ways to make century eggs, and this blog post will provide you with the steps on how to do so. It includes tips and guides on what equipment you need as well as the ingredients needed. This article also provides an overview of everything involved in making century eggs, including the benefits for your health.

How to Make Century Egg

1. What is Century Egg?

Century eggs are a popular snack in China, Taiwan, Philippines and other Asian countries. It is made by preserving the egg for several weeks to many months before eating.

Century eggs have no defined flavor but it does depend on what you add to it such as pickled ginger or salt to enhance its taste. Some people also love adding century eggs to dishes like congee or noodles because of its unique salty and rich flavor.

2. Steps by Step on How to Make Century Egg

The steps on how to make century egg are as follows:

a. Get the equipment and ingredients needed to prepare the eggs. To make these eggs, you will need a large pot where you can submerge all of the eggs in water. You will also need a plate that is smaller than your pot’s diameter so it can fit inside it.

Cover both pieces with plastic wrap or aluminum foil, making sure they are sealed shut. It would be best to get food grade materials for your pot and plate for better results.

b. Boil water in your cooking pot and place the plate inside it. Make sure that there is enough space for water when mayonnaise is added later on (about 1/4 inch).

Put your eggs on the plate and then pour the hot water over the eggs. Once done, put enough water into your pot (about 1 inch above the eggs) before you turn up the heat.

c. Put some salt in a bowl and mix it with a tablespoon of vinegar for every 6-8 cups of water to form pickling solution. Keep boiling the eggs using medium or high heat until the liquid has evaporated by half as much again. Pour half of this pickling solution over your boiled egg so they are fully submerged.

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Once done, lower down your heat and boil them for another 35-45 minutes until their color turns slightly yellowish in color and they are firm on touch when pressed.

d. Prepare cold running water in your sink before removing the eggs from the pot. You can let them dry on the plate’s surface naturally or pat them lightly with a paper towel for a better look.

e. Your century eggs are now ready to be consumed as is or have it mixed with other ingredients such as ginger, salt and other spices like cayenne pepper if desired. This is how you make century egg step-by-step in an easy manner at home.

How to Make Century Egg

3. What are Century Eggs Benefits?

Century eggs have several health benefits that include:

a. Good Source of Protein  As mentioned earlier, this food contains high protein content which makes it beneficial for people who want to build muscles without putting their health at risk (since too much protein in your diet can impact on your health).

b. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals  Century eggs provide your body with different minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for good health such as zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper and vitamins A & C.

c. Helps Fight Cancer  One of the biggest benefits of consuming century eggs is that it helps fight cancer cells in the body due to its antioxidant properties which slow down cell mutations (so normal cells don’t turn into cancer cells). It’s also a great way to prevent various types of cancers from occurring.

d. Eye Health  The nutrients found in this food help increase eye health and protect against age-related macular degeneration or loss of sight. This is one of the most common causes of blindness in older people.

e. Skin Health  Just like egg yolks, century eggs also contain collagen which is essential for healthy skin as it boosts the production of this protein that keeps your skin looking young and radiant. These are some of the benefits you can derive from eating century egg regularly.

4. How to Store Century Eggs

How you store these eggs will depend on whether they are fresh or prepared. Fresh ones should be stored in the refrigerator and need to be consumed within 5 days. If not, you can put them inside a tightly closed jar filled with vinegar for more than a month.

On the other hand, preserved eggs should be stored at room temperature and can last up to one year depending on how they were made (whether it’s through direct contact of pickling solution or steeping). It would also help if you choose dark containers that are well sealed to keep them preserved so their smell won’t penetrate any other food items in your pantry.

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They can also have strong odor so make sure the container is tightly sealed before placing it inside the room temperature.

You already know How to Make Century Egg as above. So, Let’s move to some tips and guides on making good Century Egg as below:

Tips and Guides on making good Century Eggs

1. You need to prepare your ingredients well before starting this process.

– Use clean eggs for pickling. The fresher, the better and healthier you egg yolks will be after it has soaked in salt solution over a long period of time.

– You can reuse your brine but make sure you boil them first (just like if you’re going to store it). Let it cool down before pouring them on top of your boiled egg, or else they can break apart due to extreme temperature changes.

– Clean the pot properly and sterilize its surface with vinegar and boiling water just like how you normally wash your cooking utensils whenever they are used for food preparation (especially when using raw eggs). This is so that harmful bacteria won’t build up on it and contaminate your century eggs.

– Make sure to keep the boiled eggs covered with brine at all times until they are ready for consumption.

– When preparing your favorite side dishes (such as ginger, Sichuan pepper or other spices), put them in small bowls one by one so you can easily take them once you’ve finished boiling your eggs without making a mess inside the cooking pot.

– You can create unique designs on top of the egg sack before pickling (for example, a Chinese character) so that each century egg you eat afterwards has its own design. This is practical especially if you prepared many eggs which will be shared to several people. Making different symbols on each of them enables every person to know which century egg belongs to them.

– For better and more distinct designs, consider using bamboo charcoal as it helps with the pickling process (bamboo acts like a filter that absorbs impurities in your solution).

2. Tips on picking good Century Eggs

– Choose eggs that have more saturated yellow yolks for they are most likely fresh. Older ones tend to turn lighter in color because of oxidation and drying up. The brighter the color, the more pronounced its oomph factor will be after boiling.

However, very bright or pale colored century eggs can also mean they are too young (they haven’t been put in brine long enough) and should not be cooked as this can lead to diarrhea due to their high protein content.

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– Avoid century eggs (fresh ones) with dark green and black spots as well as those that have a sour smell. These are signs of rotting which is due to being exposed for too long under the sun or storing them in a place with extreme temperatures.

– Smell the container before buying it to check if there is any foul odor inside, a clear indication that it’s already old. You can also ask how long they have been stored in storage and keep away from anything older than 6 months old.

– Old century eggs can be cooked together with fresh ones but make sure your container has enough space so that the brine solution doesn’t overflow when you place new group of eggs inside. This will help prevent the older eggs from breaking apart and absorbing the smell of the new ones.

– You can also mix them with fresh eggs if you want to prepare a batch that has both types, just make sure they are in equal proportion according to your list of ingredients (for example, half fresh eggs and half old ones). This way, all century eggs will have a distinctive taste because some will be more salty or sour than others.

3. Where to buy Century Eggs?

– Chinatown: check out their wet markets for cheap deals on century eggs

– Department Stores (including malls): pricey but good quality; better than those sold at wet markets.

– Supermarkets: relatively expensive due to packaging materials and transportation. However, it’s well worth the cost as they are fresher compared to those found in wet markets because they are being sold and transported daily.

– Preparing at home: this is the cheapest but most time consuming way to get century eggs; you need about a month to let them sit for pickling. You can also share it with your friends and family if you have enough people on board who wants to eat these delicacies. In addition, there are now several reliable online stores where you can buy fresh century eggs so consider buying them this way (but don’t expect too much from an online store).

4. What is Century Eggs serve with?

– Century eggs are usually paired with preserved salted duck egg (aka thousand year old egg) to balance out the taste. These two are practically best buddies that should not be separated in a dish because they go well together no matter what preparation you’re doing.

However, century eggs can also stand on their own since its strong flavor makes it suitable for cooking deep fried dishes, stews or even as an appetizer before a meal.

– In Taiwan, century eggs are being cooked in congee and served as breakfast so this is quite fitting for those who would like something savory to start their day. If you are tired of having sandwiches at home but still want something easy to prepare, give this recipe a shot:

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Century Egg Congee Recipe

– Boil the eggs for about 30 minutes in hot water (not boiling just warm) and remove the shells carefully. While waiting for it to cool down, saute garlic and ginger until fragrant then add some sesame oil and pour beaten egg yolks into it. Slice the boiled eggs and mix well before serving with steamed rice.

How to Make Century Egg

5. Common mistakes when making Century Eggs.

– Pouring the pickling brine into the container too quickly.

– Handling the eggs roughly during cold water bath to remove eggshells.

– Placing boiled eggs in a warm place without covering them after boiling until they’re completely cooled down (for about 1 hour).

– Not keeping your containers away from sunlight. This was already mentioned earlier but it bears repeating because direct exposure can alter its color and shorten its shelf life.

– To prolong their freshness, keep them in a fridge or somewhere with temperature around 18 degrees Celsius (not colder). Also make sure that there is no excess moisture inside the container as this can cause molding on your century eggs; dryness is good but not overdoing it by letting it stay in a place where excessive heat can dry them too quickly.

– If you want to serve these eggs as appetizers, buy others that are packaged for single servings and cut them into cubes or slices (but not too small).

– You may also wish to pair it with other pickled dishes like pickled cucumbers or tofu so they will have an easier time going down your throat.

Please let me know if I missed any points; I’ll be glad to add it ASAP! Just leave a comment below, I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Common question related with How to Make Century Egg – FAQs.

1. Q: Is there any way to make century eggs without using saltpeter and alum?

A: Yes, you can add it yourself so it’s crucial that you know your source when buying these products. There are many reliable online stores that sell pickling materials and alcohol for the best deals so consider checking them out. Just don’t expect too much from those who sell through online sites as they usually have less stock compared to physical stores because of limited manpower or space.

2. Q: How long will century eggs keep fresh?

A: They’ll last a month if kept in room temperature or about 5 days at normal fridge temperature. It’s safe to assume that the older they get, the stronger their flavor but this does not affect its nutritional value.

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3. Q: What is the best way to cook century eggs?

A: Boil it for about 25 minutes then cut the eggs into pieces and place them in a container filled with pickling brine. After 2 days, take out the pieces then dry them in direct sunlight for a day before deep frying or stewing them. However, if you want something simple yet healthy try this recipe below (Century Egg Congee Recipe):

– Saute garlic and ginger until fragrant.

– Pour beaten egg yolks into it.

– Slice the boiled eggs and mix well before serving with steamed rice.

4. Q: Are there any differences between pickled carrot and century eggs?

A: They’re made of preserved vegetables but their colors are completely different. Pickled carrot is a deep orange color while century eggs have more of a dark brown color (usually). Century egg is also thicker compared to pickled carrot which is relatively thinner in size.

5. Q: Are century eggs safe for pregnant women?

A: It has no side effects so it should be okay for pregnant women as long as they’re not allergic to it. However, you might want to check with your OB first just to make sure that their nutritional value will not affect the growth and development of your baby.

6. Q: Will these century eggs help treat stomach aches?

A: No, there’s nothing special about this kind of egg which can cause stomach aches; the symptoms can range from mild abdominal cramps to severe effects depending on the person’s condition. But as a general rule, it’s still beneficial in helping improve your digestive system – you can try eating 1 or 2 slices and see how it affects your body.

7. Q: How many century eggs should I eat per day?

A: It depends on where you’re buying these eggs from; remember that not all merchants are selling authentic ones so be wary of them. You might want to ask for advice first before purchasing anything just to make sure that they’re safe for consumption.

8.Q: How long will my century eggs last when refrigerated?

A: About 10 days but remember that this does not include their “shelf life” during transportation; once they’ve reached their destination, it’s best to eat them as soon as possible. The older they are, the more likely it is to spoil so just make sure that you clean and cook them properly before serving (no one wants a case of food poisoning right?).

9. Q: Are century eggs good for your eyes?

A: No scientific evidence has yet to prove this claim but experts believe that it can be beneficial in preventing blindness; however, consuming too much of it may affect your vision so consider checking with a nutritionist first regarding this matter.

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10. Q: Do we peel century eggs? Or eat the coating also?

A: If you want to avoid the hassle of removing its membrane then go ahead and enjoy eating everything! This doesn’t go all types though but if you really want to enjoy every bit of it then make sure that you separate the membrane using a toothpick and eat everything – just be careful when eating though as they’re usually very hard.

11. Q: Can I freeze century eggs if I can’t finish eating them?

A: You can but don’t expect them to taste the same when thawed; their flavor will be affected which means that they won’t taste as good as how they used to taste.

12. Q: Why do century eggs become black in color?

A: This is normal since this type of egg has been preserved for a long time already; some people refer to them as “black pearls” because of its dark brown or grey color. If ever you’ll notice smaller, darker spots inside then congratulations! You’ve discovered the real “black pearls”! Just make sure that you remove them before serving to your loved ones.

13. Q: Is the Black Pearl really black?

A: They’re called as such because of its dark color and small spots which are the crystallized uric acid or calcium deposits. It may also look like a piece of charcoal though so it’s best to remove them first before eating.

14. Q: Why do century eggs become green when cooked?

A: This can happen because of overcooking; try cooking them for less than 10 minutes after boiling in order to avoid this matter. If you really want to eat century egg soup then make sure that you boil them first before cooking the rest of the ingredients.

15. Q: Are century eggs safe to eat?

A: Yes, as long as you buy them from a supplier who’s well-known for selling authentic ones then there should be no problems at all. But if ever you’ll notice that they smell (and taste) funny then it’s best to throw them away immediately since the nutrients have already been affected by its “stinky” odor.


In this article, we’ve provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to make century egg. The process is fairly straightforward and only requires five ingredients that are easy to find in your local grocery store or market. If you have any questions about the steps listed below, feel free to contact us for assistance through our live chat feature found at the bottom of each page on our website.

We hope these guidelines will help you get started making one of China’s most famous delicacies today! Thank you for reading.

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