How to Use an Electric Smoker

Steps on How to Use an Electric Smoker? Good Tips

Steps by Steps on How to Use an Electric Smoker? Good Tips in 2023

Smoking is a great way to preserve food. It has been around for centuries and it’s still popular today. Smoking meats can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, but luckily this blog post will guide you how to use an electric smoker! After reading through these steps, your first smoking experience will be a success!

It is easy to use, but there are some things that need to be done in order for it to work. If you want to learn more about how to use an electric smoker, don’t worry! We will show you Steps by Steps on How to Use an Electric Smoker? Besides that, we also provide some Tips and Guides on Buying and Using an Electric Smoker. Let’s see.

How to Use an Electric Smoker

1. What is an Electric Smoker?

An electric smoker is a simple machine that uses electricity as the main power source. It’s different from traditional smokers because you can control the heat inside this machine. Instead of wood chips, an electric smoker uses metal plates to heat up and cook your food. You can set the heat level or change it according to your preference. Electric smokers also use flavored wood chips for great taste!

2. The Benefits of Using an Electric Smoker

– First and foremost, this machine is absolutely perfect for beginners; it comes with easy-to-understand controls and guidelines which will make your smoking experience easier and better if you follow them properly.

– Second, they are very accessible to everyone due to their affordable price ranges. Even though they have lower price tags than wood and charcoal smokers, you will never feel that they lack power because electric smokers come with huge cooking spaces.

– Lastly, the heat levels can be controlled which means you can set it to a specific temperature depending on your preference.

– It takes between 4 and 8 hours to smoke meat depending on the size of the cut and the type of food.

3. How many type of Electric Smoker in the market now?

There are different types of electric smokers that you should know about to make the right purchase. Remember, this device is very versatile because there are four major types that you can choose from!

3.1. Vertical Water Smoker

This type of smoker uses water to cook your meat which enhances its flavor. The water pan sits in between the heating element and food, so it will retain moisture throughout smoking time! It’s also great for beginners because they usually come with an easy-to-understand manual too. You can check out our article on Best Vertical Water Smoker if you want more information about these products!

3.2. Vertical Electric Smoker

Vertical electric smokers use metal plates to heat up and smoke your food just like traditional smokers. These plates use flavored wood chips to give food a great taste! It is the traditional type of electric smoker and it’s perfect for outdoor or indoor smoking. You can even use this device to smoke meat overnight so you will have enough time to sleep!

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3.3. Offset Electric Smoker

Offset smokers are made with vertical heating elements and horizontal cooking racks. Food will be cooked from both top and bottom, so it will retain its juiciness as well as deliciousness! If you want something that cooks quickly, then offset smokers are perfect for you because they come with stronger heat levels which can cook your food as fast as possible.

3.4. Cabinet Electric Smoker

Cabinet electric smokers don’t come cheap but if you’re a foodie who loves to experiment with recipes, then this is the right product for you! The cabinet electric smoker features a completely enclosed cooking area and comes with easy-to-understand manual so beginners can cook delicious smoked dishes in an instant.

4. How to Use an Electric Smoker: Easy Steps by Step Guide

Now that we have discussed the four types of smokers and how they work, it’s time to discuss the steps that you should follow when using one! It may sound complicated at first but once you get hang of smoking meat or fish, it will be second nature to you. Here are some easy steps on how to use an electric smoker:

Step 1: Prepare Your Food Beautifully

Before placing anything inside your electric smoker, make sure that you prepare your food in a way that will make it more delicious when smoked. Some people like to add barbecue sauce, honey, sugar and other ingredients before they smoke their meat or fish because it will give them the best taste after cooking!

You can also add extra ingredients such as garlic, jalapeno peppers and bell peppers if you want to get a kick out of your usual barbecued food. Make sure that whatever additional ingredients you will be using are finely chopped so it will mix well with the original flavor once cooked.

Step 2: Choose Your Smoker

Now that two types of electric smoker have been mentioned above, you should know which one is the right choice for you depending on how much money you’re willing to spend. Remember, cabinet smokers are the most expensive type of electric smoker so if you’re on a tight budget, we recommend using vertical or horizontal electric smokers!

Step 3: Load Your Smoker

Now that you have chosen your smoker and cleaned it before use, it’s time to load it with food and ingredients that will make your smoked dish tastier! If you want your meat or fish to be moist after cooking, put some water inside the device. You can also add wood chips for flavoring as well as keep the temperature consistent throughout smoking process.

Step 4: Turn On Your Device

After preparing your food, place them carefully on your smoker’s racks according to how cold they should be. Then plug in the device and wait for it to heat up. Don’t forget that you should monitor the cooking process if you want your meat or fish to be cooked perfectly!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Smoking Food

Cooking time will depend on how much food you’re planning to smoke. It’s best to start monitoring the device after 10 minutes have passed so you can prevent overcooking your food, especially if you are using high-temperature electric smoker. If smoking overnight, turn off the device before sleep so there won’t be any fire hazard when you wake up!

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5. How to Clean Electric Smoker?

After smoking your food, it’s time to clean the device. First, let it cool down after turning off the power before you start cleaning. Use a damp cloth that’s been dipped in water and wrung-out to wipe the entire rack where your meat or fish was placed on.

If there are stubborn residues that won’t disappear from its surface, use a brush with soft bristles to sweep away those tiny particles without damaging the materials used for making electric smoker.

If you want to make sure that everything is sparkling clean, it’s best to use a paper towel soaked in a chemical solution made especially for electric smokers. After washing and drying all parts of the device, store them properly until your next barbeque session or smoke food!

The above mentioned steps are just simple guidelines on how to use an electric smoker, so you can get started right away! Just follow these easy steps and your next barbecued dish will be the best tasting one ever. If you want to find out more about other types of smokers or smoking food, please check out our homepage for exciting tips and ideas on making smoked dishes!

Thank you very much for reading this article. I hope it was helpful in providing information about how to smoke meat using an electric smoker .

Tips and Guides on How to Use an Electric Smoker

How to Use an Electric Smoker

1. Do you light the wood chips in an electric smoker?

Answer: It’s depend. If your electric smoker has function for wood chips, you can light the wood chip. If not, you don’t need to light the wood chips because electric smokers do not use charcoal or fire. You just plug in and cook.

2. Do you put meat directly on rack in electric smoker?

Answer: Yes, you can put meat directly on the racks. Some electric smokers have removable racks for this purpose.

3. Some Tips on Using an Electric Smoker.

Thaw frozen food before smoking it in an electric smoker . The cold temperature inside the machine could slow down the cooking process.

Electric smokers are designed for convenience so there is no need to light any charcoal or fire to cook using this machine.

When using an electric smoker , keep in mind that when you lift up the lid, heat escapes so it will take a bit longer when you check on the food you are cooking.

The wood chips used should have been soaked in water before putting them in your device. This way, they won’t burn quickly and produce more smoke even with low-temperature settings.

4. Tips for Safe Operation of Electric Smokers .

If possible, use extension cords that are heavy duty to make sure the machine will not overheat due to additional load.

Make sure that your electric smoker is placed on a flat surface away from any flammable materials to avoid fire.

Never leave your machine unattended while it’s connected to an outlet or running because it could overheat and cause electrical fires.

Unplug the device when you are cleaning inside the smoker so there won’t be any accident involving water, dust, etc.

The above mentioned steps are just simple guidelines on how to use an electric smoker , so you can get started right away! Just follow these easy steps and your next barbecued dish will be the best tasting one ever. If you want to find out more about other types of smokers or smoking food, please check out our homepage for exciting tips and ideas on making smoked dishes!

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Thank you very much for reading this article. I hope it was helpful in providing information about how to use an electric smoker .

5. Common Mistakes when using an Electric Smoker

Most people make the following mistakes when using an electric smoker:

Not cleaning the smoker after use

Cleaning an electric smoker is very important to ensure that all leftover food particles are removed. When you neglect this, it will be difficult to remove bad odors that could taint your next smoked dish. So always clean the machine after every single use!

Using low quality wood chips

When smoking meat or fish, it’s best to use high quality wood chips so they can create more smoke compared to low-quality ones. Low quality wood chips also tend to burn quickly which means you have to replenish them often and adjust heat settings regularly. This can complicate things especially if you are just starting out using an electric smoker . If possible, it is advisable to use alder wood chips.

Using water in an electric smoker

Before using an electric smoker , make sure to read the user manual first as it could either say not to use water at all or just recommend sprinkling some on the food so it won’t dry out during cooking. If you directly spray water, your smoked dish will lose flavors and look unappetizing.

So if the instruction manual doesn’t prohibit this, try putting small amounts of liquid without covering too much of the grilling area. This way you can avoid over-moistening your food leading to a less tasty dish.

Storing smoked dishes for long periods o time

Some people tend to store their meats fish after smoking them then freeze it. Freezing smoked meat is fine if you want to store it for a short period but if you plan on keeping it longer than the usual, don’t freeze it. Smoked fish should only be kept frozen up to six months while other food items can stay fresh for around 12-18 months when stored properly.

Not preheating the smoker

To ensure that your dish will turn out delicious and tasty, always make sure that you start with preheating the smoker first before adding your food in. Make sure that all heating elements are turned on and set at a low temperature first before adding your dish to avoid overcooking them. If possible, follow the user guide as this step could either be or excluded from overall operations.

Not using a drip pan

To prevent your food from getting charred and dirty, make sure to use a drip pan on the lower rack of the machine. This will collect grease and other oil that drops down during smoking so they won’t go into the food. If you still think this is not enough, you can also line up aluminum foil for easier cleanup process later on.

Using excessive smoke

When smoking meat or fish, it’s best to use just enough wood chips or chunks so your dish won’t get too smoky but rather enhances its flavors instead! Using more than what’s needed will only give you an unappetizing meal. So if possible follow your user manual when using an electric smoker for guidance and advice about over-smoking your dish.

Using the wrong heat settings

Before you start cooking your food, read your user manual carefully! Some electric smokers cook most types of meat at 200 degrees Fahrenheit up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Likewise, most fish are best grilled or smoked using low heat so it won’t spoil easily.

Most electric smokers have an indicator light that tells when the internal temperature is hot enough for you to add your food in the grill area. So before adding anything into the machine, make sure that it’s ready first!

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Not placing food far away from burner/heating element

When smoking meats or fish, make sure to place them on top of an elevated rack so they will not come in direct contact with heating elements inside the smoker . This is very important when cooking your dish to avoid charring them and ruining their taste.

Likewise, when grilling foods such as vegetables, make sure that you keep the distance between them and the heating element raised to prevent overcooking your food.

Not separating wood chips during cooking

When smoking meat or fish using an electric smoker , it’s best to set up some aluminum foil pouches then fill each with wood chips of your choice. You can use just one pouch for small electric smokers but if you have a large machine, try adding more so you can smoke your meats faster without having to wait long periods before adding new ones.

Remember not too put too much on top of the racks or they will burn quickly! You can also use apple or alder-wood chips to add special flavors to your dish.

Using the machine without cleaning it first

It’s best to clean your electric smoker after every use so you can’t have a build-up of residue, dirt and dust that will be hard for you to remove later on. All parts of the machine should also be cleaned using warm soapy water so leftover food particles won’t go into your dish when smoking or grilling again.

Removable parts such as racks and drip pan should be soaked in water overnight so all gunk and residues will come off easily. Make sure that the internal part is also cleaned properly then dry them well before storing them back in the freezer.

You can also try adding some lemon juice or vinegar into warm water then soak the parts in it. This will help you clean and disinfect your electric smoker so it’s always ready for the next cooking session!

Not preheating when smoking fish

When cold smoking any fish using an electric smoker , make sure that you preheat the machine first before putting them inside to avoid overcooking them! Doing this can give you a taste similar to regular oven cooked fish which isn’t good if you want to retain its smoky flavors instead.

Instead of following the “preheat” instruction, some users tend to leave their food in there while warming up the machine itself which is not recommended for this type of dish since it might cook them prematurely. So make sure that all heating elements are turned on at low heat before putting your fish inside.

Adding food to the machine when it’s too hot

The drip and water pan should always be filled to avoid burning your meats but if you’re cooking a big batch of meat or fish, make sure that you take them out first before adding new ones. This lets the machine itself cool down a little bit which will prevent overcooking whatever food you place after removing the previous batch.

So no matter how hungry you are to eat, please wait for at least 20 minutes before adding anything into the smoker to make sure that it cooks evenly and properly!

Cold smoking any type of fish is also not recommended as many people tend to think since they might end up with an overly smoked taste and risk spoiling instead!

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Adding raw foods to the machine without any coating or marinating

Foods that have been coated with a mustard slather, some herbs and spices will retain its flavors better while cooking which can definitely give you an enjoyable time while smoking your meat. This is one of the best ways to prevent losing flavors by adding certain ingredients beforehand so your meats are more flavorful when done!

Storing food on top of rack instead of in pans on bottom shelf

Using pans to store sliced meats or fish on top of racks inside an electric smoker is not recommended since it makes it harder for them to emit smoky flavor properly. It’s best to place them separately on racks then pour some sauce over each dish before placing them back into the machine or leave them overnight in the fridge covered with plastic for at least 24 hours before cooking them.

Not having enough ventilation near electric smoker

When smoking any food, it’s best to keep the electric smoker clean and free of too much dust or dirt which will make it hard to remove smoky odors! If you don’t want to bother cleaning up after every smoking session, make sure that there are good airflow around your machine which makes removing unwanted smells easier.

Try placing an open box of baking soda near your unit then let it suck all smoker residue inside so it doesn’t stay on its surface for longer periods. This lets the machine work properly without giving off strong bad odors afterwards.

Common Questions Related with How to Use an Electric Smoker- FAQs

How to Use an Electric Smoker

1. Q: How long does it take to preheat an electric smoker?

Answer: You have to check on the instruction manual or manual of your specific model for accurate time estimations. Some of them only need a few minutes while others need nearly 20-30 mins before cooking anything.

2. Q: How do I know if the meat is properly cooked inside my electric smoker?

Answer: There are certain ways that can help you check if your food is already done! Insert a fork from the thickest part then twist it 90 degrees then leave it there for a few seconds before taking a look again. If the meat separates, this means that they’re already cooked and ready to be served.

Another way is to use meat thermometer where you place it inside the thickest part of the meat so you can check if it’s properly cooked. Make sure that the internal temperature reaches at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit before removing it from heat.

3. Q: How do I know if my smoker is too hot?

Answer: If there are dark smoke stains around your electric smoker then this means that they’re already overheated which ruins the whole cooking process! Cleaning up all food residues or dust will leave them working well for long periods of time.

4. Q: What is cold smoking?

Answer: This method helps impart flavor to certain meats by exposing them to cool smoke instead of cooking them with direct heat. Most people tend to use refrigerators or smokehouses for this type of activity but it’s highly recommended to only use cold smoking for short periods of time since it can’t kill bacteria which might cause bad affects.

5. Q: How do I know if the meat is overcooked inside my smoker?

Answer: When you check on your meats after 15-20 minutes, make sure that everything is properly done and there’s no pink juices coming out from its center. Heavy bubbling on top means they’re overcooked and dry! If all else fails, always remember that you can microwave them again before serving them with some sauce or seasoning to make them flavorful once more.

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6. Q: How do I store my meats after they’re smoked inside the electric smoker?

Answer: Avoid putting them into cold water to keep them hot for a long period of time. Instead, wrap them with aluminum foil and put it inside a plastic bag so you can retain moistness effectively! Keep them stored in a fridge until you need to serve them again.

7. Q: Why is it important to use wood chips or chunks when smoking any food product inside an electric smoker?

Answer: When you use this type of product, it helps absorb excess moisture from your meat which allows for better heat flow as well as smoke absorption into every tasty bite! If you place too much liquid around your meats then they’ll be hard to cook properly so it’s recommended to use dehydrated chips or chunks.

8. Q: How long can I smoke my meats for?

Answer: Depending on the type of meat you’re cooking, this is usually done around 1-3 hours before they’re ready to be served. However, if you don’t have any experience with smoking then make sure that you check your unit’s manual first since most people are still experimenting on how long it takes until their meats are properly cooked!

9. Q: What are some common types of wood chips used in electric smokers?

Answer: Typically used woods include hickory, maple, apple wood and mesquite. Experimenting with all these different kinds will let you know which one tastes best with your favorite delicacies! If you’re using an electric smoker, read the manual first since most units only allow one type of wood at a time.

10. Q: How do I maintain my electric smoker?

Answer: It’s important to always clean it first after using since some dusts and residues can really affect the efficiency of your unit. Check out the manual first before removing any parts, brushes or wire racks that can be hard to reach once they’re too dirty! Make sure that you only put small amounts of water inside a drip pan to avoid changes on its temperature as well as causing rust on certain parts.

11. Q: Why is it important to learn about airflow when smoking any food product inside an electric smoker?

Answer: If your unit doesn’t have constant airflow then it will create hot and cold zones which can alter cooking time and lead to uneven cooking. Always remember that all smokers need to have a consistent flow of heat and air going through every corner inside the unit to keep your meats properly cooked.

12. Q: How do I stop my electric smoker from overheating?

Answer: If you’re using a small load of wood chips then it can cause your unit to overheat since it won’t be able to generate the right amount of smoke needed for proper cooking! Always remember that too much liquid can also alter airflow so always pay attention if this is happening or not.


There are many benefits of using an electric smoker. With the right tips and tricks, it can be easy to get started with this type of smoker. We’ve provided some basic steps that will help you get on your way in 2022! If you want more information about How to Use an Electric Smoker or if you need assistance setting up one for yourself, please contact us today, we will reply soon. Thanks for reading!

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