How to Make Cold Foam

How to Make Cold Foam – Good Tips

Some Ways on How to Make Cold Foam You Need to Know

Effervescent coffee or recently “hot” with the name Dalgona sponge coffee is currently a drink that is not too fussy but can captivate thousands of people. If you also want to enjoy this interesting coffee once, don’t miss the detailed instructions on creating foam for coffee right in the article below!

How to Make Cold Foam

What is foam coffee?

Effervescent coffee is also known as Dalgona sponge coffee. Dalgona coffee emerged from the land of Korean kimchi, first introduced on the entertainment program called Convenience Store Restaurant of KBS2. Many people commented that the taste of this drink is quite similar to the taste of Dalgona candy (Dalgona is a favorite Korean candy with very simple ingredients: Sugar and baking soda).

Effervescent coffee is a drink that tastes like Korean Algona (made from sugar and baking soda)

Sponge coffee is extremely unique and beautiful because of the fine foam on top. However, this is not cream but instant coffee with sugar and is whipped for about 7-15 minutes (depending on the tool). There are legends that if you beat it correctly 400 times, the foamy layer of coffee will reach the best ratio.

Nutritional value of effervescent coffee

Effervescent coffee uses very simple and familiar ingredients but possesses a particularly attractive taste, thus attracting many coffee lovers. In addition, this spirited coffee also contains countless nutrients useful for health.

Accordingly, the ingredients needed to make sponge coffee include fresh milk without sugar. Fresh milk provides protein and energy, but it also contains a lot of essential vitamins such as vitamins B, D, minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, which are very good for the skin and body.

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Instructions for making sponge coffee with a coffee filter

If you want to enjoy the rich taste of pure coffee with a seductive aroma, use a coffee filter to create coffee foam!


  • 3 tablespoons of Trung Nguyen coffee powder roasted/grounded normally
  • 50ml boiling water
  • 50g white sugar
  • 15ml Ong Tho condensed milk
  • 60ml fresh milk without sugar
  • Ice
  • Tools: bowl, whisk, coffee filter, cup, measuring spoon.


Step 1: Make coffee foam

  • Put the coffee powder into the filter, add boiling water, and cover. Wait a while to get the coffee juice.
  • Put 25g of sugar and coffee juice in a bowl. Use a whisk to beat the sugar until the sugar dissolves and forms a smooth, dark brown mixture.
  • Add the remaining 25g of sugar and beat together until a smooth foam is light brown, fluffy, and has a peak.

Step 2: Make beautiful 3-color sponge coffee

  • Put the condensed milk at the bottom of the glass and pour unsweetened fresh milk on top to form a 2-color milk layer.
  • Pour in ice cubes, and finally, slowly pour the coffee foam on top.
  • Finally, after completing the way to make sponge coffee without a whisk above, you just have to enjoy your results. Make sure the sponge coffee that you make yourself will be extremely attractive and mouth-watering!

Make foam coffee with a blender

Instead of using an egg beater, you can also use a blender to save time and effort when making standard sponge coffee as smooth as outside.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • Black coffee with filter or 2 sachets of instant black coffee
  • 40g white sugar
  • Hot water
  • 100ml fresh milk or 30ml condensed milk
  • Tools: Blender, bowl, measuring spoon, coffee filter.
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Step 1: Make coffee filter

Fill in the coffee powder 1/3 of the filter, pour boiling water over the coffee surface and incubate for about 10 minutes. Next, you fill the filter with water and start extracting the juice.

Step 2: Whip coffee

Put the coffee grounds into a blender and then slowly pour 40g of sugar into the blender.

You see that the cotton mixture is spongy, light brown, and dense.

You can test the standard foaminess of the coffee foam by using a spoon to lift the foam if forming a sharp, stable, and not flowing tip is successful.

Step 3: How to make foam coffee

Put fresh milk or condensed milk in a glass. If you want to drink cold, you can combine a few ice cubes. If you like it sweet, you can increase or decrease the amount of sugar you want.

Scoop or pour slowly the coffee sponge that has just been beaten on top so that the coffee cup looks more beautiful.

This drink has a unique taste, nothing better to sip with some cakes, cookies, or chocolate. The bitter taste of coffee mixed with the smooth taste of milk and the soft spongy layer of the cake is extremely attractive. If you want to decorate more, you can sprinkle a little coffee or cocoa powder on top of the glass!

Make frothy coffee with a machine or a whisk


  • 1 pack of black coffee 16g
  • Street
  • Hot water
  • 200ml fresh milk without sugar (Fresh milk you can use sweetened or unsweetened milk as you like)

Necessary tools to make foam coffee

  • Eggbeater or egg beater
  • Glass cup
  • Spoon
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Step 1: Create coffee foam

First, put one packet of instant black coffee without sugar, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons of boiling water in a bowl.

Next, use a mixer or a whisk to beat the mixture until they are brown and pliable. When you feel heavy when stirring and can create a peak when pulling up, it’s done. The coffee-making time may be a bit long, but don’t give up on having a good sponge coffee.

Step 2: Make frothy coffee

If you want to enjoy the “Dalgona” style of frothy coffee, put 200ml of unsweetened fresh milk in a glass, then add a few ice cubes to keep it cooler. Or you can add sugar to the milk, depending on your taste (or you can replace fresh milk with milk coffee if you like). Then slowly pour the coffee foam created in step 1 on top, pour it skillfully to make the coffee look more beautiful.

Things to pay attention to make successful foam coffee

What is a coffee sponge made of? To make the best Dalgona sponge coffee, you should choose black coffee with a filter. In addition, you can select instant black coffee, but the intensity and deliciousness cannot be matched.

  • The technique of frothing coffee is an important step to the success of this drink. When whisking coffee, you must beat it slowly in one direction until the coffee is fluffy and forms a new hard peak. This process will take longer than using a whisk, but don’t give up.
  • You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar used in the recipe to suit your taste. You can add a few drops of vanilla syrup to enhance the flavor.
  • If you like to eat sweet, you can replace unsweetened fresh milk with sweetened fresh milk!
  • To fully enjoy this drink, a tall, wide-bodied glass is the best choice to avoid spilling the cream foam.
  • To make the best Dalgona effervescent coffee recipes, coffee is a very important ingredient. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a cup of strong, bubbly coffee, you should choose black coffee with a filter. Instant black coffee is okay, but the intensity and taste can’t be matched.
  • Effervescent coffee made from black coffee brewed with a filter will have a stronger taste than brewed with instant coffee.
  • When using an egg dryer, pay attention to the foaming technique. The foaming procedure determines whether the coffee foam is fluffy and delicious. Accordingly, when whisking coffee, only beat in one direction; beat well until the coffee is bubbly and smooth. Although using an egg beater will take longer than using a whisk, don’t give up.
  • When using a whisk, you should beat in one direction and beat evenly
  • It is not necessary to follow the exact ratio of ingredients as above. You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar and add ice or drink it hot as long as it suits your taste. A tip to make your coffee more delicious is that you can add a few drops of vanilla syrup.
  • To enjoy this drink in an eye-catching way, you should choose a tall, wide-bodied glass. This is also to avoid spilling the foam.
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Common mistakes when creating coffee foam

Use coffee without the highest freshness

You should plan to use certain coffee beans. Use all the coffee in one bag one at a time and then open a new one. Avoid opening many bags of coffee at the same time to store in a box for the sake of convenience, but in fact, it is a serious mistake.

Coffee beans are only freshest for 4-10 days if stored properly. You should store coffee in sealed containers in a shady place, away from direct sunlight, and do not put it in the refrigerator or areas with high humidity.

Do not use electronic scales in coffee making

96% of baristas often measure coffee with their eyes, and this is not recommended. Learn how to measure coffee with a dedicated electronic scale. If you can use 20g of coffee to make 30ml of espresso – instead of more than 20g, then you have saved a lot of coffee powder. Remember, you are not only making one cup but many cups. So don’t waste it.

Use hard or untreated water

An espresso is 98% water and 2% coffee. But unfortunately, a few people don’t care about water treatment. Use purified water or equip a dedicated water filter coffee machine.

Don’t carelessly use tap water, and then google how to descale your coffee machine. By then, you’ve made terrible espressos. Every 3 – 6 months, check the water you use and clean the machine and pipes.

Do not clean the coffee machine

Don’t open your coffee maker one day and burn it because everything inside is dirty. Residues, stains, rust, rancid odors accumulate throughout the machine and dispensing equipment.

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It is advisable to get in the habit of cleaning the preparation equipment with a cleaning solution at the end of each day. As well as cleaning the coffee machine, group-head, steam faucet periodically, this will prolong the life of the coffee machine, and the quality of the espresso is always up to standard.

Using the wrong type of milk in coffee

Any barista knows that the milk used to make cappuccino or latte drinks is pasteurized milk. This is high-protein milk, and this will give you the best frothing and steaming.

Using pasteurized milk, condensed milk only works to help you get used to the skill of milking. Using cheaper ingredients for practice is a good idea, but it will never help you make a standard Italian cappuccino.

Do not check the coffee preparation temperature

It is necessary to check the brewing temperature before making espresso. The brewing temperature is stable at 92°C. This test step is very important, but few people do it, so make it a habit. A stable dispensing temperature will give a stable extraction temperature.

And that is the necessary condition besides the pressure factor for you to make the perfect cup of espresso.

Do not flush the group-head before and after extraction

Surely new baristas will not be familiar with this operation. But flushing before extraction is very important and cannot be ignored. Doing this helps remove the coffee residue, making the espresso always fuller of flavor, and the temperature is always stable.

After extraction, drain the group-head and, steam the steam hose and pull it back to its original position. As well as always put the handle in the group-head. It shows your professionalism and helps to remove the stagnation of milk and coffee residues inside.

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Do you like a little of the typical aroma of coffee with a delicious little fat of fresh milk? Try a new and unique drink called effervescent coffee right here. Hopefully, sharing how to make cold foam in the article can help you quickly create a great drink for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy. Good luck!

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