How to Cook Rice Noodles

Step by Step on How to Cook Rice Noodles? Good Tips

Step by Step on How to Cook Rice Noodles? Good Tips in 2023

Are you looking for a way to cook rice noodles? If so, this blog post is perfect for you! Rice noodles are an integral part of many dishes. They’re also versatile and can be used in soups, stir-fries, salads and even desserts. In this article we’ll explore how to cook rice noodles at home with step by step instructions on the best methods for cooking rice noodles.

We will also cover tools that are useful when following these steps and offer some tips on what types of ingredients would taste great with your dish! So if you’re ready to learn more about how to cook rice noodles…let’s get started!

How to Cook Rice Noodles

What is Rice Noodle?

Rice noodles are made from rice flour and water. It is white in color and soft in texture with a little stickiness when cooked but if the cooking process is completed longer the rice noodles become harder and more sticky to chew. Rice noodle can be made at home using a rice noodle machine or by hand rolling a sheet of mixture onto a bamboo mat before cutting them into thin strips.

Rice Noodles are featured in many Asian cuisine especially Chinese cuisine. Most oriental stores carry them ready for use however, it’s best to cook it right away after open because it will dry out quickly once exposed heat or air which would make the noodle brittle and difficult to cook without breaking apart when stir-fried.

What seasoning is used to cook rice noodles?

Rice Noodles requires not only boiling water but also flavorings and seasonings. It can be cooked by adding the seasoning during the cooking process or simply serve it with pre-made sauce. Most common flavoring is when the noodles are added to broth, seafood or meat such as chicken seasoned with soybean paste (also called “Sauce” in Korean style), oyster flavored sauce, fish brine, curry powder and whatever you prefer really.

When served with pre-made sauce just take out from the fridge about 10 minutes before eating so that they will be warm enough for serving. If no available sauces, add a little bit of salt to taste as it enhances the flavor of noodle.

How much water to cook rice noodles?

The ratio of liquid to dry ingredients is 1:1, so if you want a cup of cooked rice noodles, use one cup of hot boiling water with two tablespoons of cooking oil in it. Also consider the shape and size of the pot as well because different pots will require different amount of liquid.

Generally, if using a big pot (6-quart), put in at least 4 quarts or a little bit more than 3 quarts for a smaller pot (3-quart) depending on what kind of noodle you are going to prepare and how many servings you have. Do not forget that the heated water to be used should be very HOT before pouring onto the package of rice noodle. This will make the noodles cook faster and evenly at the same time.

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How to Cook Rice Noodle?

Step 1: To prepare rice noodle, you need two bowls or pots, one for boiling water and one with a little bit of oil in it (only if cooking Asian style).

Step 2: Pour equal amount of boiling water into another bowl with 2 tbsp of cooking oil on it and then lightly stir it up so that seasoning can be mixed well before adding rice noodles over them.

Do not pour hot water directly onto the pasta but rather pour from a greater height until half full and stir again to mix well before pouring again until they are covered fully by hot water. If there is large size pack just break them into smaller pieces because it cooks much faster than the whole noodles.

If you don’t want to use a lot of water for cooking rice noodle, just pour in the amount of hot water where the noodle can be fully covered by them.

Step 3: Set a timer and let them cook until they are soft or may take about 10 minutes.

Step 4: Repeat pouring hot water into the other bowl with oil over them until they are cooked enough (For 3-quart pot fill up twice).

Step 5: Drain well on a colander or strainer and transfer into another bowl or tray so that excess liquid can drain off completely before serving.

That’s How to cook Rice Noodle! Is it easy?

What vegetables are perfect with rice noodle?

Fresh vegetable such as cabbage, cucumber slices, carrots and bean sprouts taste great when cooked with rice noodles except for bok choy and leafy green vegetables. You may stir fry some of them and serve on top of the rice noodle or cook all together in a big pot where you are accustomed to boil rice to enjoy such as a fried egg, fish cake slices, grilled pork cutlets, dried shrimp etc.

Do I need any condiments or side dish when eating Rice Noodle?

Although there is no detailed rule on what authentic food should be eaten with each other according to their cultural backgrounds, many believe that if you eat anything with plain boiled white rice, it will make this meal appear more appealing because it balances the flavor and texture of food from both ends. However, spicy foods go well with chilled rice vermicelli too.

In this case you may add a little bit of sriracha sauce to give strong flavor with minimal spicy taste or just use a few drops of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) for those who do not like very salty foods.

How long can I keep the cooked Rice Noodle?

Ideally, it is recommended that people eat noodles as soon as they are prepared because it usually contains preservatives that help extend its shelf life. The length of time before serving will depend on how well the food was stored in your fridge and then in room temperature after taking out from the refrigerator so always consume them within 24 hours if possible for best quality and safety.

If cooked noodles are cooked in fridge and stored in refrigerator for more than 2 hours, take them out of the fridge before serving to bring up their internal temperature.

How long can I keep the cooked rice noodle after opening?

If your package of rice noodles were vacuum-packed or packed with nitrogen gas (the shelf life should be at least 6 months), you have to store it properly even after cooking because they will start losing freshness, flavor or nutrients once opened.

To prevent this from happening, always place back into a container immediately after every time is used so that they do not touch any other food items included in your kitchen cabinet such as flour and grains. Once placing them back onto the shelf in your cabinet, make sure there are no food items directly placed on top of them or they may stick directly to the surface.

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To prevent noodles from absorbing strong smells, it is also recommended that you do not use the same container for storing rice and other food items such as vegetables oils as well unless you wash and dry each container properly before placing in another ingredient inside.

Can I store uncooked rice noodle to prolong its shelf life?

Yes, you can freeze cooked rice vermicelli noodles too if left over so that when you find yourself with no time cooking but have hungry family members waiting at home, you can just take out some from the freezer quickly defrosting them in hot tap water or cook right away while still cold then serve with your favorite broth soups then enjoy your meal.

If frozen for more than 6 months, they may not taste as fresh anymore but still acceptable to enjoy eating them in a stir fried dish or deep frying until golden brown and crispy after being cooked to give you a chewy and crunchy bite.

Why I cannot find uncooked rice vermicelli noodles sold at my local store?

When comparing with popular noodle dishes such as chow mein, lo mein, pad Thai etc., the price of uncooked rice vermicelli noodles is quite expensive because it often comes from Thailand or Vietnam where demand for this imported ingredient is very high.

It is cheaper to buy already cooked rice noodles which can be found in many Asian stores especially during sales season but you will have to pay higher amount for it than for those in a fresh uncooked form.

Can I eat these noodles when they are cooked even if I feel very full already?

Yes, you can still enjoy your favorite food until feeling like bursting although there may be some foods that probably do not taste as flavorful anymore but totally fine to consume anyway. These products should also be wrapped properly and stored at room temperature so that other family members can feel free to take them along with them when they go out or carry them around while travelling with their busy daily schedules.

You will always reap the benefits from eating food in moderation because this is the key in staying healthy after all, no matter how tempting it gets especially if you find yourself being tempted by mouth-watering and delicious food.

Tips and guides on How to cook rice noodles

How to Cook Rice Noodles

How to Cook Rice Noodles? How to make delicious Rice Noodles? Always follow the instruction on the back of the package before cooking rice noodles. If your recipe requires soaking them, do it right away by submerging them in boiling water for about 5 minutes and drain off any excess water afterwards.

This is to soften them up during preparation so that they are easier to eat after being mixed with other herbs or seasoning ingredients later on while adding just a little bit of oil if you want it to be even smoother and less sticky to eat.

Be careful not to overcook rice vermicelli noodles as this may result in having mushy texture once consumed by placing them into a container when still hot then leaving them out until all cold and ready for eating, especially if done directly from an opened. This is not advisable even if you are going to consume them without being reheated because they will be mushy after a few hours.

Rest the cooked rice vermicelli noodles in cold tap water for 10 minutes before draining out any excess water and placing them back into the container to store inside your refrigerator. Make sure that all other foods are stored away from it or else there may be strong smell coming out from it when placed right on top of each other, especially if uncooked rice noodles are packed together with raw ingredients including fresh vegetables and meats.

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It should therefore always have enough room between its shelf life while others must also be cleaned properly and dried well before top dressing on any condiments directly onto it. This food should only be consumed directly from the container and not from a bowl or plate, for hygiene purpose as well as to prevent food borne illness.

You may also freeze uncooked rice noodles in smaller portions and use them later on when needed including when you cook any soup dishes with your preferred ingredients too. If you are worried about it going bad then simply check its expiration date first before using it again.

Freezing is however not recommended if these products were recently bought at your store because they will have shorter shelf life than those stored longer inside your refrigerator so that this can be taken out easily when cooking later on after thawing right away the freezer.

Some people may prefer having their cooked rice noodles without adding much seasonings into it but this should only be done a once in a while basis and should not be used as main dish regularly.

As long as it was cooked well with all the necessary ingredients you may think of that goes along with this recipe, rice noodles can be served any time and to anybody in your family or even to other guests that you are inviting at your dining table.

Avoid eating raw rice vermicelli because they must first be cooked through but do not overdo cooking them if you want them soft and chewy so that when cold they will no longer stick on each other during storage which is a very good thing from sanitation purpose too. It is great actually having these around to serve for almost anything without worrying about its taste getting soggy too much or overcooked already.

They can also be a very good alternative when you want to substitute this food in place of spaghetti noodles or any other types just like that. They are also available in different kinds and will certainly bring out lots of variety if you were thinking about cooking something new for your family and guests. You can have these even with your favorite meat dishes and they will turn out soft but not too mushy, so try it today!

If you want your rice noodles to be soft and chewy yet not stick together then make sure that they are placed on a flat surface when drying. For cold storage, place them in an air tight container or else use vacuum packing method for longer shelf life which is all easy to do as long as you know what steps you need to follow.

Another thing to remember here is make sure that the dried rice noodles were not contaminated with other types of foods and also not with dirt before setting it out for drying so that nothing will spoil this product due to cross contamination, because this will affect its taste someday if left uncooked too much and consuming directly from the package.

The way how these are packaged may vary by manufacturers therefore always check on the instruction before cooking and consuming these products.

You may not be able to enjoy having pasta if you are on a low carb diet but it doesn’t mean that you would never get to have such kind of food again, instead try out rice noodles instead and see for yourself how it tastes exactly like the real thing because they can be used in almost anything as long as you know how!

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Rice vermicelli is also very easy to prepare even when working around the house or if you are running off somewhere so this should always be included when packing your lunch box too. Rice vermicelli can easily be bought at any Asian store near your place therefore there’s no reason why one person cannot have it while others might still prefer eating this kind of pasta.

Each one of us like to have some alternatives especially when you get tired of eating the same food all the time, so why not try these rice noodles and see how it goes? You can easily cook them with whatever ingredients you may choose or even dry as well until they are ready for boiling on hot water.

There’s nothing wrong if you will make a few changes in your diet occasionally because variety is always good for health benefits too which is also very true for this case here in particular.

Believe it or not, rice vermicelli has already been popular around the world but more people seem to love this type instead of those that we call spaghetti because they are also easy to cook too! When cooking dried rice noodles, always make sure that they are to be boiled on hot water before preparing everything else for cooking and also when it has already reached the right consistency.

When properly cooked this food should not have any smell or even taste of uncooked version. You can also add some vegetables in there such as carrot, cabbage or green beans and you will still get the same result which is really awesome with an affordable price too!

You may find it very difficult to cook rice vermicelli noodles especially if you are inexperienced in the kitchen but don’t worry because we are here to help you with tips on getting started with your own cooking adventure.

There is no problem at all if you want to substitute rice noodles for spaghetti because then you can use them both in different kinds of dishes such as stir fries or soups so just go ahead and buy some for your use at home.

Make sure that the rice vermicelli you buy has been properly dried before buying it because if not, this will only make storing them dangerous due to chances of getting bacteria, therefore making it bad for consumption too. You also need to have these noodles cook perfectly in order to avoid any mess when preparing a meal with these products so make sure that they are already pre-cooked before cooking anything on top of them.

When cooked properly, rice vermicelli should be soft but firm enough especially when still hot and cooked fully which means it can easily absorb flavors and also holds its shape even when being placed in cold because of this. It also doesn’t have any smell or taste when it’s uncooked so you don’t need to worry about it spoiling your food dishes one way or another too.

A lot of people love rice noodles and even enjoy cooking them every single day because variety is always great and something that we should definitely take advantage of! There are a lot of other ways on how you can cook rice vermicelli so be sure to check some recipe books out there for more info on this matter too.

The good thing about rice noodles is that it can be also used on almost any dish even when you are feeling adventurous enough to try out something new. You can cook them with vegetables, or you could also mix in some meat and other ingredients for added flavor too which is really nice if being cooked right!

This might just give your spaghetti a run for its money because who doesn’t like variety of flavors? It’s not everyday that we know about food so better learn as much as possible before deciding which one tastes the best for us in the end too.

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Different people love pasta but they don’t always have time to prepare it every day therefore this alternative should definitely help them out a lot! I mean anyone can easily bring these rice vermicelli noodles to work, school or even restaurants because they are really easy to carry around.

You can just place them in your desk at work and when it’s lunch time, you can pull these out and voila! Just add some already cooked meat on top of it and you have a quick meal that will also last for more than a day too so if leftovers are not your thing here’s the right tool for you.

You can try other rice vermicelli recipes aside from spaghetti such as fried rice vermicelli which is relatively good with savory flavor so this type is surely something worth trying out too!

The best part about this food aside from being healthy is how easily accessible they are especially if using dried ones that need to be cook first to soften them up before cooking anything on top of it too. It also comes in a lot of different flavors so go ahead and try something new this time around with rice vermicelli noodles!


1. What type of Rice Noodles?

There are a lot of different types out there which you can buy depending on what kind of dish you want to prepare for your family or friends. You could get vermicelli noodles, rice stick noodles, tapioca flour vermicelli or even black bean and green tea noodles which are really popular nowadays too so don’t miss out on them either.

2. Why do I need Rice Noodles?

It’s true that pasta is delicious and you all love it by now however not everyone is the best at cooking up this type of food product at home because they might be still inexperienced in this matter but don’t worry because rice noodle recipes will help you out with this problem as well!

By thinking about making something new, you are not just expanding your horizon and trying out something new but also inspiring a lot of people around you to do the same too! I guess we all need to cook and eat healthier foods so this is where rice noodles come in handy.

3. How do Rice Noodles taste?

As mentioned above, there are different types of rice vermicelli recipes that you will surely enjoy trying such as fried rice vermicelli which tastes really great with savory flavor. If you’d like something sweet then go ahead and try black bean and green tea noodles instead because it serves lots of benefits aside from being yummy in your dishes!

This definitely gives pasta a run for its money because who doesn’t like variety of flavors right? It’s not everyday that we know about food so better learn as much as possible before deciding which one tastes the best for us in the end too.

4. What are some of the benefits of using Rice Noodles?

These noodles are really great when it comes to making new recipes because they can also be used on almost any dish! This might just give your spaghetti a run for its money because who doesn’t like variety of flavors? It’s not everyday that we know about food so better learn as much as possible before deciding which one tastes the best for us in the end too.

Aside from being healthy, rice vermicelli noodles are also quite affordable especially when you buy them right away at groceries so don’t worry about running out of them when cooking for your family and friends.

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5. What else can you do with Rice Vermicelli?

Apart from using this product on dishes where spaghetti is not allowed there are also lots of things that you could choose to use rice vermicelli noodles for! Just think about it, if these noodles can be used in almost any other dish then what’s the hold up on trying out something new right?

The best part is how easy it can be when preparing one too because all you have to do was boil some water and pour them over a big plate or bowl and let them soak until they soften up. Afterwards, you just mix everything else like vegetables, meat or whatever broth you may want on top out of the pot so it won’t taste bland instead!

This is a good tip for cooking new dishes especially if you don’t have the time in preparing something complicated like pasta or even sandwich meals.

6. Where to buy Rice Noodle?

The great thing about these noodles is that they are quite easy to find out in supermarkets or even online! You can order it at your own convenience so you won’t have to worry about missing the best flavors for your dishes because these places will surely give you some of the best rice noodle recipes there are.

Just think about this as a form of fun when cooking something new instead and mix things up to see what kind of tastes does it bring on the table instead!

The flavor is also something that you will surely appreciate because it’s not as flat as regular pasta so if anything, everything else should be just fine.

7. How to choose good Rice Noodles?

When checking out for the best rice noodles, make sure that you don’t buy something too thin because it might not be as filling at all. Rice noodles are usually very thin so don’t worry about them getting to hard when cooked in boiling water plus why should any dish need to have a rough texture anyway? One tip that I can give here is go with a middle kind instead just to make everything better and easier!

8. How long does Rice Noodles last?

If everything else depends on how well these noodles are stored and if they’re regularly checked, then this product will be fine even after two years of not opening their packaging. This should be enough time for everyone including us to think about what dishes we want to create next using a new set of noodles for the family.

The best part is how affordable these products can be so you won’t have to spend much on them each day unless you want to keep having more at home!

I think that the above information is the answer for “How to cook Rice Noodle?”. Please read the guideline careful and let us know if there is still concern.


The Rice Noodle is a popular Asian dish that can be found in many different varieties. It’s most commonly served with meat, vegetables and sauces for added flavor and texture. This blog post will show you how to cook rice noodles perfectly every time, giving you recipes as well as some cooking tips from 2022! If you want to learn more about this delicious food, keep reading our blog posts or contact us at your convenience.

After reading through this blog post, you should have a better idea of how to cook rice noodles. We’ve shared some good cooking tips that can help make the process easier and more enjoyable for you. We would love to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about these noodles – whether it’s what goes best with them or why they are so important in East Asia cuisine.

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