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Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave

Microwaves have actually become an important part of our lives. Whether we intend to reheat leftovers, cook frozen foods, or prepare a quick dish, microwaves offer a convenient and reliable remedy. Nonetheless, not all microwaves are produced equivalent. With the capability to rapidly and successfully warm up or cook dishes, it has come to be an essential thing in numerous homes. They are versatile, practical, as well as efficient, making meal preparation a wind.

With a lot of designs as well as brand names swamping the market, finding the Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave that suits your requirements can be a overwhelming job. In this short article, we’ll check out the crucial attributes to search for when shopping for a microwave as well as offer suggestions on how to maintain your microwave for its lengthiest life span.

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Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave – Take advantage of the most effective features of high-grade products

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GE WB10X10021 Microwave Door Hook , Black

$18.94  in stock
11 new from $13.13
Free shipping
as of October 2, 2023 9:07 pm


  • General Electric (GENF0)
  • This is a genuine replacement part
  • Microwave-oven-replacement-parts
  • Country of Origin: China

Light Bulb for GE Microwave Oven- Halogen Light Bulb Fits for GE Over The Stove Range Microwave Hood,G8/50W/120V,Night Light/Stove Light Bulb,Replaces WB08X10051 WB08X10057,4-Pack

$8.99  in stock
3 used from $7.19
Free shipping
as of October 2, 2023 9:07 pm


  • G8 bi-pin base, 120V 50W high brightness and energy efficient light bulb,Diameter: 1.5 inch length, 0.5 inch width.Please check the size of the bulb before buying, so as to avoid buying unsuitable products.
  • Dimmable, works fine and adjusts with high and low switch settings. Replace the part # WB08X10057 WB08X10051 WB25X10019 WB36X10344 WB08X10050 WB36X10246.
  • These replacement bulbs fits for GE Kenmore Samsung Maytag Elite over the stove microwave ,Replacement appliances microwave halogen light bulb illuminates the surface below the microwave or the interior of the microwave.
  • Easy to install. Just unscrew the glass door, take out the old ones by pulling them straight out, and carefully plug in the new bulb.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee - Quality Guarantee,One year warranty.Any issue, please feel free to contact us,we are always at your service.
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G8 Led Bulb Dimmable for GE Microwave Oven, 120V 50W Kitchen Over Stove Light/Surface Light Bulb for GE Over The Range Microwave Hood, Replaces WB08X10057 WB08X10051, 5W 500LM Warm White 3000K, 2 Pack

$9.99  in stock
as of October 2, 2023 9:07 pm


  • Save up to 90% on your energy bill by replacing 50 watt GE/Samsung/LG microwave oven light bulb with Gaormii 5 watt G8 led bulb. Dimmable and work with a high/low light setting.
  • Built-in ceramic materials, low heat, safer than halogen bulbs; Average 25,000 hours lifespan, save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.
  • Easy to install, Instant on, No flicker, CRI 85, warm color temperature provides very pleasant light, proper look to food when cooking.
  • Package including 2 pack microwave light bulb to replace the part # WB08X10057 WB08X10051 WB25X10019 WB36X10344 WB08X10050 WB36X10246.
  • No lead or mercury, No UV or IR Radiation, Certified with CE and RoHS. We offer 1-year worry-free customer service for you, buy with confidence!

GE WB27X10037 Microwave Diode Compatible for

$13.99  in stock
as of October 2, 2023 9:07 pm


  • part number WB27X10037
  • Commitment: If you are not satisfied with the received goods, you can return them for a refund, please rest assured to buy

2 Pack JX81J WB02X11124 Microwave Carbon Filter Recyclable,Compatible with GE Hotpoint Microwave Oven by AMI PARTS

$9.99  in stock
as of October 2, 2023 9:07 pm


  • [PARTS NUMBER]: JX81J Optional Microwave Recirculating Charcoal Filter,Approximately 3-15/16" x 6-3/16" x 5/16"(Aluminum frame)
  • [REPLACEMENT PART NO.]: GE JX81J filter replace WB02X11124, WB06X10823, AP3791810, JX81J, WB02X11536, PS3510489, 1084770, AH952091, EA952091, PS952091, CF3250, ERWB02X11124, WBO2X11124, DE63-00367E, DE63-00367G, DE63-00367J, DE63-30016E, WB02X1124, etc
  • [JX81J FILTER FUNCTION]:Contains activated carbon to adsorb odors, Filters Cooking Odors When Microwave Oven Cannot be Vented to the Outside
  • [CHANG REGULARLY]:Microwave carbon filters need to be replaced regularly in 6-12 months,It traps grease and unpleasant odors from the microwave cavity, helping to improve your kitchen's air circulation
  • [BUY WITH CONFIDENCE]:The JX81J Microwave Charcoal Filter supports 30 days return and exchange,We have a professional after-sales service team, if you have any question about this Microwave Charcoal Filter, please feel free to contact us through amazon email or question and answers, we will solve your problem within 24 hours. Don’t hesitate to solve the Microwave problem easily
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GE Advantium Roller Wheel Assembly (2000 series) WB06X10219

$65.02  in stock
1 used from $52.00
Free shipping
as of October 2, 2023 9:07 pm


  • Replacement roller wheels / turntable support for GE Advantium (2000 series only) over the range microwave / convection ovens.
  • The roller wheel assembly sits underneath the ceramic tray and is necessary for the turntable plate to turn.
  • This turntable support replaces GE part number WB0X610219
  • This is an O.E.M. Authorized part

Light Bulb for GE Microwave Oven - 120V 50W Halogen Light Bulb Lamp for GE Over The Range Microwave Hood, Kitchen Over Stove Light Surface Light Bulb for GE Microwave, Replaces WB08X10057 WB08X10051

$7.99  in stock
7 used from $6.39
Free shipping
as of October 2, 2023 9:07 pm


  • This appliance bulb is for GE over the range microwave hood
  • Easy to install. Just pull out the old lamp and plug in the new one being careful to line up the pins with the holes.
  • Dimmable, works fine and adjusts with high and low switch settings
  • G8 bi-pin base, 120V 50W, 1.69" in length, 0.5" in width
  • Package including 2 pack microwave light bulb to replace the part # WB08X10057 WB08X10051

What are the crucial attributes to look for in the Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave when shopping for one?

When searching for a microwave oven, there are numerous aspects to consider in making the appropriate selection for your requirements. Here are the vital functions to seek in the Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave:.

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Power level

One of the most significant functions to take into consideration when buying a microwave is power level. The wattage of a microwave is essentially the amount of power it makes use of to heat food. The higher the power level, the much faster the microwave will cook and also reheat your meals.

Microwaves commonly range from 600 to 1200 watts, with one of the most usual electrical powers being 700, 800, and also 1000. If you plan on using your microwave for more than reheating leftovers or making popcorn, it is advised that you pick a microwave with a greater electrical power.

Higher-wattage microwaves are perfect for food preparation and also thawing larger things, such as entire hens or roasts. They will certainly prepare your food quicker and also a lot more uniformly, which implies that you won’t need to fret about cool spots or unequal cooking. Nonetheless, if you just plan on using your microwave for fundamental jobs, such as reheating food or making a bag of snacks, a lower-wattage microwave might be a much more cost-efficient option.

Power Settings

Another essential feature to consider is the power setups of the microwave. A microwave with numerous power setups will allow you to cook your food at a lower heat for longer periods.

This can be especially valuable when cooking delicate or easily overcooked foods, such as fish or veggies. With a lower heat setup, you can ensure that your food is uniformly cooked without overcooking or shedding it.

Microwaves normally have at least 3 power settings, with some designs having as several as 10. The power settings are normally shown by numbers, with the most affordable setup being 1 and the highest being the optimum wattage of the microwave.

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Kinds Of Cooking Programs

The kinds of food preparation programs that a microwave uses can also be an important feature to think about. Lots of microwaves included pre-programmed cooking alternatives that permit you to cook, defrost, or reheat particular types of food with just the touch of a button.

For instance, some microwaves have pre-programmed setups for popcorn, potatoes, and also frozen dinners. This is a hassle-free feature that can save you time and also uncertainty when it involves cooking your favorite foods.

Additionally, some microwaves include specialized food preparation programs that enable you to prepare food in various methods. As an example, some microwaves have a vapor food preparation option, which enables you to cook food with vapor rather than microwave radiation. This can be a much healthier food preparation alternative, as it aids to retain the nutrients and tastes in your food.

Various other microwaves may have cooking or baking alternatives, which permit you to prepare foods as if you were preparing in an oven. These cooking programs can be beneficial if you are short on counter area or if you choose not to use your stove to prepare smaller sized things.

Just how to effectively preserve your Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave for its longest life span

After buying your chosen microwave, it is important to preserve it well to guarantee it lasts for a long period of time. Here are some ideas to aid you preserve your Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave for its longest life span.

Tidy your microwave routinely

Cleaning your microwave routinely is an necessary element of keeping it well. Food discolorations as well as spills can accumulate quickly and make the microwave odor poor. To cleanse your microwave, you can make use of a mixture of water and also vinegar or a store-bought microwave cleaning service as well as wipe it tidy with a moist towel.

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Avoid using metal things in the microwave

Metal items stimulate in the microwave, which can cause damages to the appliance or perhaps trigger a fire. To avoid this, just make use of microwave-safe containers and utensils.

Do not run the microwave when it is vacant

Running the microwave when it is vacant can cause damages to the appliance. When there is no food in the microwave, there is no moisture to soak up the microwaves, which can cause the inner components of the microwave to overheat.

Replace damaged parts promptly

If you notice any damage to the microwave, such as a torn cable or a damaged door, it is essential to change it instantly. Remaining to make use of a harmed microwave can be unsafe as well as trigger damages to the appliance.

Regularly inspect the door seal for damages

The door seal is responsible for stopping microwaves from running away the microwave and also creating damage. A broken door seal can create radiation leakage, which can be harmful. Regularly examine the door seal for any kind of damages and also change it if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that the Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave is going bad?

One of one of the most usual indications that a microwave is spoiling is when it begins to make unusual noises. If you listen to a humming or humming audio that is louder than common, this might show that the motor or fan is malfunctioning. This can be dangerous and also ought to be dealt with promptly.

An additional indicator is that the door does not close appropriately. If the door does not seal correctly, microwaves can leak out, which can cause severe wellness dangers. If you see any gaps or if the door really feels loose, it is best to get it examined by a specialist. If your microwave is not heating up food consistently or takes longer than usual to prepare, it might have a problem with its heating element. This is a clear indicator that the microwave is spoiling as well as requires to be looked at by a specialist.

Lastly, if you observe any unusual smells, such as shedding plastic or metal, maybe an indication that the inner parts are not functioning properly. In this instance, it is necessary to quit using the microwave immediately and also look for the help of a licensed professional.


In final thought, it’s essential to recognize what you need when choosing a brand-new microwave. Besides the questions postured above, consider your spending plan as well as any type of service warranties used. This may include dimension and also cooking times, comfort functions, integrated sensors or digital display screens, and power usage. Pick a microwave that meets your family’s requirements however likewise drops within your cost array.

After all, the Best Buy Ge Advantium Microwave for you is inevitably the one that fits with your way of life while likewise delivering on its designated objective. So since you comprehend what to search for when shopping around, go on, obtain on the internet, or head down to your regional appliance shop, this is one acquisition worth making!

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