How to Clean the Dishwasher

Step by Step on How to Clean Dishwasher – Goods Tips

Step by Step on How to Clean Dishwasher – Goods Tips in 2023

Clean dishes are very important to our food taste and health. For saving time, most of us use the Dishwasher to clean the dishes. To make sure that the dishes are clean, the Dishwasher machine also have to be cleaned. Below are Step by Step on How to Clean the Dishwasher, you should read carefully and apply to make your Dishwasher always clean:

How to Clean Dishwasher

Before you start: Prepare:

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Toothbrush or other small scrubbing implement (optional)

Step by Step on How to Clean Dishwasher:

  1. Step 1: Take all the dishes out of the machine

  • Before cleaning, you need to make sure that all dishes are took out. So, you check careful inside the Dishwasher, if the dishes are still there, you will take out them.
  • After that, you unplug the plug for safety reason.
  1. Step 2: Clean outside the Dishwasher:

How to Clean Dishwasher


  • If the front of your dishwasher is made of plastic, use a sponge and hot soapy water to wipe it down. For stainless steel dishwashers, glass cleaner is effective in removing built-in dirt, stains and fingerprints. Avoid spraying detergent directly on the front of the dishwasher, as moisture can damage the machine’s electronic controls.
  • Instead of that, you can spray the cleaner on a paper towel or soft cloth, then use the cloth to clean the dishwasher. Never use cleaning cloths with bleach, harsh chemicals, scouring pads, and anything that is abrasive to stainless tub doors and tubs.
  • Use a rag to clean the gasket between the dishwasher’s door and the tub, where dirt and food particles accumulate. The buildup can cause odors, lead to mold growth, and potentially cause doors to not seal properly.
  1. Step 3: Clean the filter:

How to Clean Dishwasher

  • Your filter is bound to accumulate garbage, it’s main function, after all. If there are much garbage keep in the filter for a long time, it can lead to funky smells. So clean that filter is a good first step when cleaning your dishwasher.
  • About once a week, pull the bottom rack out and remove the filter system, which is usually consists of several interlocking components. There’s usually a cylinder in the middle that doesn’t screw, allowing you to lift the system off and disassemble it. Clean individual parts at the sink, using a spray nozzle or a sponge; you also keep a small hand brush to remove dirty small part and other soil that can clog the filter mesh material.
  • This is also a good time to check the spray arm for trapped food debris. It usually lifts off the base with a slight pull. Rinse the arm under running water, checking for clogged holes, which can be cleared with a toothpick or wooden skewer. Some spray arms have an extra hole on the underside to shoot water into the filter, keeping the filter clean. Check for blockages before reinstalling the spray arm and filter system.
  1. Step 4: Sanitize and Deodorize

  • Day by day, discoloration and odors can build up throughout the inside of the dishwasher. Use a citric acid-based cleaner to remove deposits. This action should do monthly to make the machine cleaner and prevent bad smell.
  • If discoloration persists due to severe mineral deposits from your hard water at home, you’ll need to switch to a harder store-bought dishwashing liquid.
  • If you live in an area where the water is quite hard, you may want to consider adding regenerated salt to your dishwasher’s water softener system. This will improve cleanability and help to prevent spotting, and the salt helps prevent mineral buildup in the dishwasher.

Sequences should you clean your dishwasher?

Depending on your issue and quantity of the dishes need to be washed every day, you should be doing some element of upkeep anywhere from daily to weekly to monthly. A quick guide:

  • Daily: Remove bits of food
  • Weekly: Wipe down the dishwasher door, gasket, and clean the filter
  • Monthly: Clean the interior carefully
  • As needed: Exterior cleaning and buffing

I hope that this topic help to to have a right process to clean your Dishwasher to make it clean and good smell.

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