Types of ovens and structures

Step by Step How to Install an Oven – Good Tips

Step by Step How to Install an Oven – Good Tips in 2023

Today’s oven has become a popular device, common to the kitchen of every family. How to use the oven is not too difficult. However, to achieve high efficiency, not everyone knows.
In the following article, we will guide you on how to install an oven for the most delicious, attractive, and hygienic dishes for the whole family.

Types of ovens and structures

Today, consumers have two choices about ovens: convection ovens and conventional ovens. So, before knowing how to install an oven, you need to understand the two types of them.
• Convection ovens work based on using an AC fan and a convection fan that spreads evenly to help cook baked goods evenly and saves time.
• The oven is usually small in capacity and has a lower operation capacity, allowing certain foods such as sweet potatoes, chopped potatoes, and chicken to be baked.
In general, both of these ovens are equipped with functions such as fish grilling, meat grilling, and baking in terms of function. However, using the optimal oven will be more convenient than a conventional oven thanks to the temperature control mode, which helps to cook food evenly, quickly, and deliciously.

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How to Install an Oven

Currently, many companies have released a glass oven with a modern design, equipped with many functions, and has a much simpler usage than conventional ovens.

Attention when installing

• The risk of fire is significant, especially for young children, because they are often not fully aware of the danger and could pose a risk of fire or burns.
• Therefore, keep children away from household appliances and only allow use by older adults with proper supervision.
• There is a risk of fire when installed. Heaters, ovens, and parts of household appliances can become very hot during use. Therefore, always use a kitchen cloth or kitchen glove when handling cookware, and take all necessary precautions to avoid burns.

How to Install an Oven


• Wires of other appliances located near this household appliance may be damaged if they are pinched and inserted together by the oven door, leading to a short circuit. Therefore, keep the power cords of other devices within a suitable distance.
• Do not use steam cleaners or high-pressure cleaners to clean the devices, resulting in electric shock.
• During operation, the oven door will heat up. To reduce the surface temperature of the outer door, a third glass is added to increase protection (only applicable to some types of oven).
• Do not put foil inside the oven, and do not place baking trays and other food containers on the bottom of the oven. Thin foil will prevent air circulation in the oven, thereby impeding cooking and damaging the enamel coating.
• The oven door hinge can be damaged when overloaded. Do not place heavy pans on an open door, and never lean against the oven door when cleaning the inside of the oven.

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How to install an oven?

Here are some guides on how to install an oven include preparation, practice, and important installing note.


• The power supply installation should be designed to isolate the mains power by a minimum 3 mm anti-contact device between the terminals.
• Suitable anti-contact devices include fuses, circuit breakers.
• To connect the equipment, use rubber sheathed wires (type HO5RR-F with blue/yellow ground wire), PVC insulated (HO5VV-F type with blue/yellow ground wire), or equivalent or more advanced wire.
• Do not allow the power cord to contact any part of the device and other heat sources.
• When the power cord is damaged, replacement is only allowed by a trained technician.
• Wood, adhesive, the surface of the furniture used for oven mounting, should be heat resistant (> 75 ° C). If the wood cannot withstand high temperatures, it can deform.
• Packaging (small plastic flakes, polystyrene) must be kept out of the reach of children, as they can swallow small pieces creating a choking hazard.
• If the oven is placed under the stove type, check the instructions for safe and correct installation.
• Do not place the microwave oven above the oven.
• Do not open the oven door if the oven is on a flat surface to avoid damage.
• Do not hold the door handle to carry or move.
• The appliance must be completely powered off during the entire installation.

The practice

• Wood, glue, the surface of the furniture used for oven mounting should be heat resistant (100 ° C). If the wood cannot withstand high temperatures, it can deform.
• Before installing the appliance, it is advisable to remove the back of the wooden cabinet and install the appliance along the drawer section’s entire length.
• The length of the lower / upper section of the drawer (maximum 530mm) is always shorter than the length of the side face of the cabinet for proper air circulation.
• The drawer sides are firmly designed.
• Installed equipment must be protected against movement.
• Insert the appliance in the drawer and tighten the screws according to the holes in the oven frame border.
• When attaching the appliance, be sure not to screw the screw too tightly as it may damage the drawer or device’s enamel coating.

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Install the device under the kitchen table

For ventilation equipment, there should be a gap of 45mm between the floor and the wall.
Do not cover the ventilation hole with anything.

Install the device in a high cabinet

For ventilation equipment, there should be a gap of 45mm between the floor and the wall.
Install the appliance only at the correct height to ensure easy access.
The appliance can be installed above the same brand oven or the refrigerator.

Disassembly of the device

Disconnect the power, unplug the device. Remove the screws securing the device.
Pull the appliance slowly forward until it is completely removed from the drawer.
If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the original one or supplied by the Customer Care Center.

Electrical connection

• Use a screwdriver to open the clamp and the electrical connection cover, as shown in figure 2
• Check the voltage suitability of your home electrical network with the device (recommended by a specialist)
• The power cable must be properly placed with the device and the network connection.
• Before connecting, make sure the voltage on the rating label matches the actual network voltage.
• The length of the power cord is at least 1.5 meters; therefore, the device can be electrically mounted before pushing it against the wall.
• The length of the power cord is adjusted in the same way. In considering the cable’s load capacity, the ground wire should be straight than the voltage line.

Note when installing a built-in oven

Once you know some of the basic features, installing a built-in oven is no longer a problem And you can do it at home simply and quickly.
• The installation depends most on the size of the oven because only when you know their specific dimensions do you know how to design and arrange the appropriate cabinet space to tell. Each oven line will have different dimensions depending on the capacity of that series design.
• Typically the installation dimensions for sound ovens range (CxRXS): 595x595x550 (mm). This is also considered the European size standard that is carefully researched to help the oven escape the heat outside the rear of the cabinet without affecting the equipment and the kitchen cabinet.
• In installing the next negative oven, you need to design the power outlet and power lines so that it is convenient for you to draw minutes. Some families nowadays often leave the oven plugs because the oven is placed under the cabinet and only exposes the front of the oven, so it is also quite inconvenient for wiring and plugging.
• However, this is not good for your device. When the device is still plugged in, the device is only at rest and still uses a certain amount of heavy electricity, especially for families that rarely use it; it is a big waste.
• So when designing the kitchen cabinet to install the built-in oven, you need a reasonable power cord and plug, convenient for you to completely disconnect the device’s power when you are finished.
• Finally, you just need to gently place the oven inside the empty cabinet compartment and screw it in place so that they have a secure and secure bond.

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Above is our complete guide regarding a tutorial on how to install an oven. We hope this article has been useful to you and will help you fully understand the proper procedures to install an efficient oven.

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