Types of Wood for Smoking

Best Types of Wood for Smoking – Good Tips

Best Types of Wood for Smoking – Good Tips and Guides in 2023

Smoking is one of the oldest cooking techniques, and it continues to be a popular way to cook meat. The taste of smoked meats can’t be beat. When you are smoking your food, there are many factors that go into choosing the type of wood for your smoker.

Wood types with higher sugar content will create more smoke with less heat than harder woods which have lower sugar contents. Smoking is an art form that requires experience and skill but this article provides some helpful tips on how to choose the Best Types of Wood for Smoking in 2023!

Types of Wood for Smoking

1. What is Smoking?

Smoking is a cooking technique, often used for meats. The process utilizes smoke from burning or smoldering organic material to cook the meat. This smoke adds flavor and helps keep the food moist during the cooking process.

There are several types of smokers you can use to smoke your food including propane, electric, charcoal and pellet smokers. Whatever type you use will determine which types of wood would be best suited for smoking meat .

2. What are benefits of Smoking?

Smoking is a great way to add flavor to your cooking. It can produce food that is moist, tender and full of sweet smokey flavor that compliments meats like pork, beef, poultry and some fish.

Smoking meat is also an economical alternative because you can reuse the wood chips if you are using them in a smoker. They will still have plenty of flavor after one use so you don’t have to purchase more for your next smoking session.

3. What is Wood?

Wood is one material that can provide several different methods for fuel when trying to control the cooking temperature in your smoker or grill.

It’s important that you know what type of wood you’re using because each type will have its own unique flavor so going with something like mesquite or hickory may affect the outcome of your dishes while apple or cherry might produce better flavors for poultry and fish respectively.

4. What are the different best types of Wood for Smoking?

There are many different types of woods used when smoking food on your smoker, but there are some which are more popular than others. Each type has its own properties regarding smokiness, heat level and sweetness that directly influence the flavors imparted to the food.

In general you will want to use woods from fruit trees because they have a higher sugar content and make more smoke, but there are also others which do well for smoking.

Alder – This wood has a nice sweet flavor that can be used with poultry or fish. It is a mild flavored tree and the heat level is very low.

Cherry – Another good option if you’re looking for a sweet tasting wood. It creates a full bodied smoke that is great with beef, pork and poultry dishes.

Maple – Maple has a strong smoky flavor so it’s not as sweet as some of the other options. The heat level varies between medium and high so choose your type carefully depending on what you are cooking.

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Hickory – This is the most used type of wood for smoking. It is a very common tree that has a strong flavor and medium heat level. This will work well for pork, beef, poultry and other meat dishes.

Oak – Oak has many different variations depending on its origin including white, red, black or live oak all with varying flavors and heat levels. Red oak tends to be smokiest while white oak has more subtle characteristics. The heat level varies but it’s generally leaning toward the hotter side so use this type carefully.

5. What wood should not be smoked?

There are also several woods that should not be used in your smoker because they can either create harmful chemicals in your food or cause dangerous reactions when exposed to high heat levels. Never use:

Cedar – This tree is known for its strong flavor, but it cannot withstand high heat levels. It can create chemicals called hydrocarbons that are seen as harmful carcinogens when exposed to high temperatures which makes this wood off limits for smoking meat.

Eucalyptus – This tree has a unique flavor that is not well suited for smoking since it produces an unpleasant taste on the food you are cooking. It can also produce harmful chemicals when exposed to high heat levels similar to cedar.

Pine – This wood has a slightly sweet flavor, but it shouldn’t be used often because of its high resin content. It does have a light smoke that works well with fish or vegetables. These are just some of the most common types for you to consider when deciding on which type is best suited for your smoker.

If you are using an electric or propane smoker, the best types of wood for smoking are fruit trees since they have a higher sugar content and make more smoke than other types of trees.

Avoid using any type of wood from coniferous trees likeruce, cypress or fir since they contain too much sap which will create excess smoke. You should also avoid softwoods like pine, cedar or other coniferous trees because these are typically too resinous to burn cleanly.

6. What are the Benefits of Smoking Meat with Wood Chips?

There are several benefits you get when you use wood chips for smoking meat in your smoker instead of just using charcoal or propane. The heat that comes from the burning wood produces a better tasting food than any other heat source by adding depth and character to the flavors in your dish.

It also adds another dimension of flavor when compared to using only liquids since it gives you more options when deciding what type of food to make by pairing different types of wood chips together or mixing them with foil packs.

You will be able to add a wonderful smoky flavor to dishes because of the chemical reaction that occurs when you burn wood chips which penetrates deep into the food and makes it more tender than it would otherwise be if just cooked on its own. Smoked foods also tend to have a better texture, retain moisture and promote caramelization which gives them a delicious flavor.

Some people even believe that smoking with wood can help preserve meat by making it last longer, but this is only true when using certain types of wood and in very small quantities in order not to affect the food’s taste or create harmful carcinogens in high heat conditions.

Best Types of Wood Chips Used in Smoking

When choosing your wood chips you want to look for something that matches up with what you are cooking particularly if you are just starting out to get an idea of the tastes which match best with different types of food.

Apple – This is a sweet wood that pairs well with poultry, pork and beef.

Cherry – This is another sweet type of wood that pairs great with poultry and pork. It’s slightly milder than apple so it provides a nice compliment to stronger tasting foods without overpowering them.

Hickory – This is the most commonly used type because it has a bold flavor that works well with all kinds of meat including beef, poultry, fish and even vegetables in small amounts when cooking since it can easily overpower them if you add too much. Avoid using hickory by itself to start off at least until you get an idea for what tastes best together when cooking certain meats or dishes.

Oak – This is another wood that is commonly used when smoking because it has a strong flavor that works well with most foods. It’s not quite as bold as hickory so it’s best to use it in conjunction with other types of wood chips.

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Mesquite – This is a stronger type of wood, but you can still use it when smoking and come up with great tasting dishes. Mesquite pairs well with beef and fish and can even be used for cooking vegetables like corn or potatoes without overpowering them too much.

Mesquite also goes very well with poultry especially if you don’t want the food to taste too smoky. If you’re using this type then try mixing it up by including some cherry or since they will complement the mesquite nicely.

Pecan – This wood has a nice mild flavor that pairs well with most dishes including beef, poultry and pork. It’s also goes great with cheese so if you’re making some smoked snacks then this is the wood to use.

Oak, Alder, Peach, Apple and Pecan are typically considered “sweet” flavors while Maple, Hickory, Cherry and Mesquite are considered “savory” flavors when it comes to cooking with wood chips for smoking meat.

Make sure to soak your wood chips before adding them on top of charcoal or directly onto the heating element in an electric smoker since dry chips will burn quickly leaving you with less smoke than you want which affects the taste time.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to add them when the coals are red since it may cause them to flame up which will cause a bitter taste. You can soak your chips overnight in water or for an hour in cider, juice or wine before putting them into two foil pouches and then puncturing holes at the top.

If you’re using wood that is already cut then you won’t need to soak it since it has already been exposed to moisture while being chopped down.

Use around 1 pound of wood per 40 pounds of meat and toss on more wood chips later if the smoke dies down to get additional smoky flavor after cooking for about 30 minutes or until your food reaches its desired color and internal temperature which you should check with a meat thermometer.

Avoid using wood that has already been used in other cooking methods since they may have particles of food stuck to them which will transfer to your dishes giving them an undesirable flavor. Avoid woods like pine, spruce and fir when smoking with wood chips since the added sap can create a bitter taste.

If you are lucky enough to live near hardwood trees then try chopping up some branches located underneath the tree canopy where leaves typically don’t fall in order to get hardwoods free of unwanted unwanted debris.

One thing that is important to remember is that all too often people over-smoke meat indoors or outdoors because they’ve chosen a strong tasting type of wood without knowing how it would complement the food being cooked.

When using strong flavors for smoking it’s best to wait until it’s almost done cooking before you start adding wood chips so you don’t over-power the flavor of what you are preparing.

Using different types of wood can be an enjoyable process for those who love to experiment with flavors and memory making – just remember not to ruin your meal by using too much or too little! If this is your first time smoking then try starting off with something that has a milder flavor like oak, cherry or apple. You can always experiment after you’ve tried various combinations yourself!

Good luck on trying all kinds of different Types of Wood for Smoking foods – even if it doesn’t turn out as planned – chances are that they will still taste pretty good since they were smoked, but keep in mind that you should use caution when using any type of wood or smoking technique for food preparation.

Above are some Types of Wood for Smoking. Now, let’s see some Tips and Guides for Choosing Types of Wood for Smoking as below:

Tips and Guides for Choosing Best Types of Wood for Smoking.

Types of Wood for Smoking

1. What we need to consider when Choosing Best Types of Wood for Smoking?

There are several variables that can affect the taste of food when smoking indoors or outdoors including:

The weather – humidity, thunderstorms and direct sunlight can all play a role in how your food is going to turn out. If it’s too humid then you should use less wood chips since they absorb moisture from the environment which will severely effect the smoke flavor while a dry day outside may require more.

Temperature – before adding wood chips make sure that your grill or smoker has been allowed to come down to a stable temperature before cooking since high temperatures can cause harsh flavors while low temps will result in very little smoke.

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Food preparation – different types of foods react differently when being cooked at higher temperatures so consider cooking meats at lower temps for a longer period of time while some vegetables or other foods can be cooked at higher temperatures for shorter periods which will alter the smoke flavor.

Grill type – if you are using a charcoal grill then you may need to make some adjustments since the temperature is harder to control on these types of grills versus gas powered smokers that have thermostat controls. Make sure that your wood chips are soaked through before placing them on top of your coals or heating element in order to produce more smoke and avoid harsh tasting fires.

Wood choice – different types of woods create different results when being used as fuel for smoking so choose wisely depending on what result you are looking for!

Distance – always keep your wood chips close the food you are smoking to avoid over-smoking it with strong flavors.

2. After knowing Types of Wood for Smoking, now let’s see Types of Smokers as below. What we need to consider when Choosing Types of Smokers?

There are several types of smokers available including charcoal, electric, gas and propane smokers which all have their own pros and cons depending on what you’re looking for in a grill or smoker. If there is one thing that they all have in common then it’s that none can be left unattended since they are all very dangerous if used without supervision especially if children are near!

Some people even choose to go with outdoor brick-built ovens for smoking meats and other foods which is another option that should be considered.

Charcoal smokers are known for being inexpensive while also producing a lot of delicious smoky flavor from the food you’re cooking over them since they run off of charcoal briquettes or hardwood chips depending on what type of smoker you have chosen to buy.

While these types of smokers can give your food a unique taste there is a learning curve involved with using them because it isn’t easy to control how hot it’s going to get inside the grill itself which will affect the overall cook time significantly even though you may have pre-selected the temperature through controlling the amount of charcoal placed into the grill or smoker.

Because of this control issue it’s recommended that you experiment with charcoal smokers until you are comfortable with how the grill does its cooking so that you can create repeatable results afterwards which is an important step to take when using this type of smoker.

Electric smokers are easy to use if you’re looking for a smoker that doesn’t require much work on your part since there is usually only one button to push in order to start the smoke generator running, however they can be very expensive and may not provide as smoky of a flavor compared to other types.

The Temperature Probe allows smoking enthusiasts to keep tabs on internal temperature without opening up the unit itself which could cool down the heating element inside significantly resulting in longer cooking times.

Gas smokers are much like electric smokers in that they are easy to use but do not provide the same level of smoky flavor as charcoal or even offset smokers do since there is no combustion process involved with cooking your meats and vegetables.

The real advantage here however is that you can swap out propane tanks when your smoker runs out of fuel which allows for continuous smoking with little down-time during the process.

Usually these types of gas grills have an open flame design which can be dangerous if used in windy conditions so they’re better kept indoors than on deck porches or similar locations where high winds may cause a problem when starting up.

Offset or Cabinet Smokers are designed with large amounts of space inside so you can cook more than one item at a time and also provide the smokiest flavor out of any type of smoker on this list.

These types of smokers can be difficult to learn how to use properly since they’re designed for large quantities and lower temperatures than charcoal or electric smokers, however there is a high learning curve involved so be prepared to experiment with these types as well until you get it just right.

3. Some tips on Choosing Types of Wood for Smoking.

When it comes to the types of wood that are used with cooking different kinds of meats and vegetables there are endless options available, however you need to know what types work best with certain items since some will give an unpleasant flavor if used incorrectly. Some popular types of wood include Alder, Applewood, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan Wood and more.

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Alder is commonly used because it provides a very light smoke flavor which is perfect for smoking fish or other delicacies that don’t need heavy smoke flavoring added into the mix. This type is also good for keeping small amounts of food warm during parties since it doesn’t produce as much heat as hickory or mesquite would.

Applewood is one of the most popular types of wood used for smoking pork like ribs or chops since it is considered to be milder than other popular options like hickory. This type provides the perfect amount of smokiness without overpowering the meat which gives you more control with your finished product if you do choose to use it.

Hickory is most commonly used in cooking pork like ham or bacon, however this type of smoke flavoring can also be beneficial when trying to cook beef because it provides a stronger flavor making it easier to mask flavors that many people may not enjoy such as gamier meats.

Mesquite is known for being one of the strongest tasting woods that are available so just a small piece can give your meat enough smoke flavoring that’ll last throughout the cooking process. Many people enjoy this type of wood because it comes with a slightly sweet flavor that works well on most meats as long as they’re not overcooked which can result in some burnt/bitter flavors if they’re left on too long.

Pecan Wood is good for smoking larger cuts of meat like whole pork shoulders or beef briskets since it provides a bit more heat than other types and also supplies longer lasting smoke due to having higher burning temperature logs.

The next time you set out to make some BBQ ribs for friends and family remember what you’ve read here and use one of the above types of smokers, however feel free to experiment with different woods until you find your favorite blend that becomes an instant hit every time.

4. Steps by steps on How we add the Wood in the Smoker.

– You will hang the wood chips on several rods that are supplied with your smoker.

– Once you have loaded the chips into the smoker, you must set it up for cooking by arranging charcoal in a pile at one end of the tray and light them up.

– Then arrange hot coals on top of it, place an aluminum pan containing water below to produce smoke which rises up.

That’s not all; certain electric smokers do not need this step since they come with chips already installed inside with added features like remote control through WiFi with different settings to choose from like low/high heat, automatic shut-off functions and more! If you love cooking then always go for excellence!

5. What is best Types of Wood for Smoking Beef?

The best types of wood for smoking beef are fruit woods such as apple, cherry, and pear. The reason these types of wood work so well is because they give a sweet flavor to the meat which brings out the natural flavors in your steak or roast.

6. What is best Types of Wood for Smoking Pork?

Good options include oak, maple, hickory and pecan. Oak and hickory provide a strong smoke that goes well with pork products like ribs and chops. Maple and pecan both provide a mellow smoke that works great when smoking larger cuts like shoulders or roasts.

7. What is best Types of Wood for Smoking Seafood?

The heat required by using fish combined with the oil content in seafood require you think carefully about what type of wood to use. The best types for smoking seafood are pecan, alder and fruit woods such as apple and cherry.

8. What is best Types of Wood for Smoking Chicken?

The best options here include white and red oak, hickory, and maple. These woods provide the heat needed along with a mild smoky flavor that pairs well with chicken without overpowering it.

9. What is Best Types of Wood for Smoking Vegetables?

Of course you don’t want to impart any real smoke flavor on your vegetables so go ahead and try using fruit wood instead which will give you enough flavoring without adding in the essence of actual smoke. This works great with smaller products like peppers or halves.

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10. What is Best Types of Wood for Smoking Lamb?

The best woods for smoking lamb are going to be those that impart a strong smoke flavor such as hickory, oak or fruit woods like apple and cherry.

11. What is Best Types of Wood for Smoking Fish?

The heat required by using fish combined with the oil content in seafood require you think carefully about what type of wood to use. The best types for smoking seafood are pecan, alder and fruit woods such as apple and cherry.

12. What is Best Types of Wood for Smoking Other Meats?

Any meat will be well suited with any type of wood so grab some loose chips from your local hardware store and experiment! There’s no right answer here, it all comes down to personal preference which is half the fun since different flavors enhance different meats.

13. What are the Advantages of using a Smoker?

Using a smoker gives you many advantages including the following:

Preserves meat – The low temperatures used in smoking will keep harmful bacteria and bugs from breaking down at a quick rate and spoiling your meaty food item. Allows fat to drip off – Instead of steaming and boiling, fats will melt and drip away from meat products allowing for healthier meals.

Prevents charring – By cooking slower, fire doesn’t have enough time burn through surface layers as quickly so there is less chance that your protein product will turn into an overcooked charcoal briquette.

More flavor by way of smoke – When you use smoke instead of direct heat, it brings out the rich flavors in your food instead of just cooking it until it’s safe to eat.

14. Do I Need wood Chips or Wood Chunks?

Both chips and chunks work fine as long as they’re big enough not to burn/melt too quickly. However, chips will produce more smoke than chunks and work with smaller items whereas chunks are better for larger cuts.

15. How to Use Wood Chips?

Using wood chips is a little simpler than using chunks of wood, all you need is a metal basket-type holder and some foil. Fill the basket part way with your favorite type of wood chip while firing up your grill or smoker then place it directly over the heat source. Allow the smoke to build up gradually until you get a nice smoldering fire going.

16. Common Mistakes When choosing the Best Types of Wood for Smoking?

16.1. Picking the wrong type of wood – Always be sure to consult your local hardware store owner or look up online what types of wood are best for smoking.

16.2. Not having a method to regulate heat – When you use smoke instead of direct heat, it brings out the rich flavors in your food instead of just cooking it until it’s safe to eat. It’s important that you have some way to control the temperature where you’re smoking at or else things will get out of hand very quickly!

16.3. Using wet – Never use wet wood because it won’t burn well so there is no point in using it in the first place. If you do happen to have some on hand though, spread them around an open fire so they dry out a bit before using them to smoke your food.

16.4. Not having patience – For the best results, make sure you don’t rush any part of smoking and allow things to go at their own pace! You wouldn’t want to end up with an overcooked mess because you wanted it done faster than it should be.

FAQs about Types of Wood for Smoking.

Types of Wood for Smoking

1. Question: What’s the best types wood for smoking ribs?

Answer: Hickory, mesquite and oak tend to be the most popular choices when it comes to smoking ribs but as with all things related to barbecue, there aren’t any rules that must be followed! Feel free to experiment with what you have on hand and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good even the craziest combinations may turn out.

2. Question: What is the best type of wood for pulled pork?

Answer: Again, it all depends on what your personal preference is but most people like oak and hickory when cooking up pulled pork! Check out our guide covering different types of smoker woods if you want to learn more about this topic.

3. Question: What’s the best types wood for smoking salmon?

Answer: Once again, it all depends on what flavors you like and what you’re looking for. If you like a sweeter flavor, we recommend using fruit wood such as peach and cherry while more savory types of salmon should be cooked over maple and oak. Check out our article on different types of smoker woods to see if our recommendations coincide with your own tastes!

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4. Question: What is the best type of wood to use for stews?

Answer: We’d recommend something heavy such as mesquite or hickory so that it can add some nice depth and smokiness to your meal! For this category however, any other type will work just fine too so experiment with all sorts of different ones. Just remember, the stronger the flavors, the better!

5. Question: What’s the best types wood for smoking chicken?

Answer: For the most part, all types of smoke will do just fine for smoked chicken but our favorites are apple and cherry! Check out our article on different types of smoker woods if you want to learn more about this topic or scroll up above to see what we recommend.

6. Question: What is the best types wood for smoking cheese?

Answer: Most people prefer using fruit wood such as apple, pear, peach etc. when making their smoked cheeses because it gives them a nice sweetness that compliments things very well. Although they’re not quite as popular, other types of smoker woods are also used depending upon your own personal preference!

7. Question: Which types of wood for smoking jerky?

Answer: As far as we know, you can use pretty much any type of wood for this! Since it’s such a strong flavored food anyway, smoke is not going to overpower it so just get creative and adventurous with what types of smoker woods you have on hand.

8. Question: What are the best types wood for smoking fish?

Answer: For most people, things like cedar, cypress, maple etc. are fantastic due to their lightness but there are no set rules here that apply to everyone. Some prefer using fruit woods while others stick with more ‘manly’ flavors which brings us back to our recommendation above about experimenting.

Just remember though, even if something doesn’t sound too tasty by itself when grilled on its own, try adding it into things like salmon or sardines and you’ll be surprised how good it tastes.

9. Question: What are the best types wood for smoking brisket?

Answer: This one is very similar to what we recommend for pulled pork in that most people prefer oak, hickory or mesquite. Although they’re all pretty strong flavors, they fit well with barbecue items if you don’t mind a slightly more masculine type of smoke. If you want something lighter, follow our advice above about using fruit woods such as apple!

10. Question: What’s the best types wood for smoking sausage?

Answer: While there isn’t really an ‘official’ answer here, most people tend to stick with fruit woods when making their smoked sausages due to the sweeter and lighter flavors they bring out. If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a masculine tone, feel free to experiment with different types of smoker woods such as oak or hickory!

11. Question: What is the best types wood for smoking brisket?

Answer: Mesquite, hickory and oak are usually the most popular choices when it comes to making smoked briskets and this isn’t too surprising since beef and barbecue go hand in hand together. Maple and pecan would also be good options if you want something lighter but we recommend experimenting with what you have on hand because everyone has their own personal tastes!

12. Question: Which types of wood for smoking rabbit?

Answer: Wood types such as apple, cherry and maple are fantastic for making your smoked rabbit because they compliment the flavor very nicely. The lightness of smoke is also preferable so if you want something a bit more masculine then we recommend oak or hickory instead.


There are a lot of different types of wood for smoking, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the best Types of Wood for Smoking. You may have seen that some people mention fruitwoods while others go with hardwood varieties like oak or hickory.

It’s important to know what you’re looking for before making your decision, and we hope this article has helped you out in choosing which is the right one for your needs! Check out our other guides on how to choose the Best Types of Wood for Smoking or how many logs per day do I need? If not, feel free to contact us -we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for reading!

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