[TOP 10] Best Ninja Blender Reviews

10 Best Ninja Blender Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Ninja blenders are a great investment for any kitchen. They provide an excellent way to create healthy and delicious smoothies, soups, sauces, dips, desserts and more. The best Ninja blender reviews list has been compiled by experts in the field of cooking and nutrition from around the world.

These ninja blender reviews include ratings from professional chefs as well as consumers who have purchased these devices themselves.

Ninja blenders are perfect for blending anything that comes your way in the kitchen! There’s no need to lug out heavy machines when you can do it all with a single device! Whether you’re looking to make some soup or just whip up a quick dessert recipe on-the-go, you’ll be able to use this device to blend just about anything you can put inside of it.

The best ninjas blender are made by Ninja professional blender, which is a subsidiary company of Shark Ninja Inc. It is listed under Kitchen and Dining section on Amazon.com. This company manufactures different types blenders including personal blender, smoothie maker, food processor, ice crusher and grinder.

Its Ninja line of products is one of the most popular blenders in the market today. With a household name like Shark Ninja behind it, you know that you can trust this brand to deliver quality and value for your money!

Best Ninja Blender

The following reviews will show you why this company’s products are so highly rated and popular among users.

[TOP 10] Best Ninja Blender Reviews in 2022

1. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher

The Ninja BL770 Kitchen System with Total Crush Pitcher is the ultimate cooking and blending system for everything from hot soups, sauces, batters, smoothies to frozen drinks. The 72-ounce pitcher pulverizes ice in seconds so you can make creamy frozen drinks or delicious smoothies and milk shakes.

The motor offers 2 horsepower of power which means blending anything – from a pot of soup to 8 cups of chopped vegetables – takes less than 3 minutes.

Two Nutri Ninja Cups are perfect for on the go top-ups of fresh ingredients like spinach or protein that will take nutrients up! A total crush attachment purees rock hard foods like bananas into fluffy fruit sauce in seconds.

For crushing ice, fruit and making smoothies in seconds, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System provides you with 16 function capabilities. Dishwasher safe parts make cleanup after your cooking frenzy easier than ever before – no one wants dirty dishes to be a fuss!

The 1500 Wat motor base lets you effortlessly crush ice into snow or blend fruits into a refreshing drink on the fly while still having ample time for meal prep.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s very powerful.
  • Reasonable price.
  • One base for a blender AND food processor, great space saver for small kitchen.
  • It’s quite difficult to clean the bottom.

2. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Never before has a blender been so powerful, and so easy to use. The Ninja 1100 watts of professional performance power pulverize ice into snow in seconds for smoothies and creamy frozen drinks with no chunks or chunks like there are from lesser blenders. It includes 2 high-powered Nutri Ninja cups which provide personalization, convenience, or going on the run!

Everything is dishwasher safe and BPA-free with an XL capacity (72 ounces) which creates things for the whole family! Trust your drink creation to this sleek machine that’s just a little bit more expensive than other basic countertop blenders but absolutely worth it: check out what you get when you’ve never invested any time before into your kitchen appliance purchases.

Pros & Cons

  • It is very powerful and straight forward to use.
  • Design is nice.
  • Multi-function: smoothies, shakes, deserts, puddings and energy drinks!
  • The little spout is quite small.

3. Ninja BL610 Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

The Ninja BL610 is a professional-strength machine that can be used to make delicious frozen drinks, family smoothies, and much more in seconds. Powered by a 1000 watts of professional power, the blades pulverize through tough ingredients like ice with ease.

The 72 oz pitcher has enough capacity for six average size smoothies or one large drink – perfect for families! Intelligent technology means that we deliver unbeatable performance with an appliance that’s easy to use and clean. Total crushing blade technology makes this blender some of the best around!

Pros & Cons

  • Making clean up quick and easy.
  • Powerful.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • The pitcher is easy to crack.

4. Magic Bullet Blender

Intensity and reliability have never come in such a small package. Plug the magic bullet blender into any outlet and see for yourself just how powerful this device is! Built with a durable design, (the sleek silver color blends right in), these cups can hold up to 11 different portions of your favorite recipes – from omelets to desserts!

Effortlessly create your favorite meals and snacks like smoothies, sauces, dips or even mocha Frappuccinos -with 250 watts high-torque power base included. The recipe book included gets you started on making quick, easy, and delicious dishes from appetizers to desserts. Add 1/2 cup water for smooth blend of vegetables too! With consumers already loving their magic bullets after receiving.

Pros & Cons

  • It has excellent design for blending shakes/drinks.
  • The price is cheap.
  • It’s light.
  • It’s not super powerful.

5. NutriBullet NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor

Many people have found that drinking whole food smoothies is a healthy way to get all the nutrients they need. That’s where the NutriBullet NBR-0601 comes in handy.

This machine quickly and easily blends up your favorite fruits and veggies into simple, delicious, nutrient-packed drinks you’ll love–and unlike some other blenders on the market today, it can also be used as a cooking device or for smaller tasks like making salad dressings or nut butter!

With its powerful 600W motor and refined extractor blades, this peace of kitchen tech will have you whipping up your own concoctions in no time–no messy cleanups either with easy dishwasher cleaning!

Pros & Cons

  • This is an excellent small blender for smoothies or other personal blended drinks.
  • The base is bigger so it feels very solid when you’re blending.
  • Good price.
  • Not great for soups or hot liquid.

6. Ninja Smart Screen Blender with 1000-Watt Base

The Ninja Professional blender is a smart new way to make your favorite drinks, sauces and frozen desserts with 1000 Watts of power. Tap on the touchscreen to set up one of 4 timed pre-set patterns that will have you crushing ice and frozen fruit in seconds for recipes like tasty smoothies or delicious watermelon sangria that you’ve always wanted!

This sleek design also includes 72 oz total crushing pitcher—the perfect size for whipping up family favorites like margaritas or banana daiquiris big enough for the whole gang. Prep has never been simpler thanks to intuitive touchscreen controls and manual functions, meaning your beverage creations can be compiled just as uniquely as you desire”.

Touchscreen technology Showcase innovative touch screen technology by generating creative ways freebies.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean.
  • Powerful.
  • High quality in design and dependability.
  • Sometime, the blender getting stuck when I put in a block of ice.

7. Ninja BL480D Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base for Juices

The Nutri 1000 powerful Ninja Auto IQ base is the perfect for extracting nutrition from your favorite ingredients to make delicious, healthy shakes, juices and purees. The unique extractor blade technology cuts through whole fruits like apples and ice cubes with ease.

You can even crush nuts and beans as long as they are dry! This 1000 Watt powerhouse has the power to provide great tasting nutritious drinks in seconds – just juice a few fresh oranges, pour them into our quietest juicer on the market today, add our 18-ounce cup of your favorite flavor… that’s it. With this versatile machine you’ll never go hungry again! Juicing has never been easier than this!

Pros & Cons

  • It’s very sturdy and durable.
  • This blender does an amazing job of juicing fruits and veggies.
  • Intelligent design.
  • It’s not so quiet.

8. Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender

The Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base offers automatic intelligent blending programs that do the work for you, no guesswork required. This blender can pulverize ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies. With powerful extractor blades, it easily breaks down whole fruits, vegetables, seeds and ice–maximizing nutrient extraction.

Equipped with two pitcher sizes—regular or jumbo–makes easy prep work between breakfast/lunch/dinner! No need to carry a blender around or pack lunch every day when you’re on the go; simply drink right from your cup with a Sip & Seal lid! Time is not an issue because this professional performance.

Pros & Cons

  • Well made, sturdy.
  • Engineered with numerous safety features, countless warnings.
  • Easy assembly; directions were clear, simple to understand.
  • The large pitcher was made of plastic.

9. Ninja SS101 Foodi Smoothie Bowl Make

The Ninja SS101 is the latest from the house of ninja that revolutionizes your smoothies for a healthy life with its patented smart TORQUE technology designed to power through heavy loads without stalling or need to shake or stir, 14-oz. capacity blender bowl where you can blend in chunks for chunkier texture and frozen foods to create perfect finesse every single time!

Comes with a built-in tamper for even distribution in blades when blending tough ingredients like nuts and steel cut oats without having to use any extra spoons such as an ordinary blender; it also has 24 oz. nutrient extraction cup that optimizes the breakdown of natural nutrients found in fruits, veggies,…

The Ninja Foodi Nutrient Extractor with Blender Cups and Bowl provides the perfect solution to a quick, healthy meal! The nutrient extractor cup contains vitamins and nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts of your choice. Combining this unique blend in one of the two blender cups with ice creates a nutritious single serve smoothie bowl – or use both cups for even more frozen treats like snow cones!

With its easy to clean and dishwasher safe base, the Ninja Foodi set includes 2 blenders: 1 for blending in the nutrient extraction cup & 1 for making smoothie bowls. With an 1200-peak-watt power-dense motor that can create up to 6200 RPMs you will have everything you need at home—including recipes.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s increased power, and increased technology in the blades.
  • Lots of power, Auto iQ works fabulously with varying food products.
  • Quiet, easy to operate.
  • Needs more power cups and covers.

10. Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System

The Ninja Kitchen System makes blending even easier than before. The professional power of 1400 watts is essential for getting the perfect consistency for your smoothies, sauces, and more. Plus, with the large 72 oz pitcher you can make a larger batch in one go without having to worry about running out mid-blend or spoiling ingredients.

It has eight different programs preprogrammed into it so all you have to do is pick your favorite drink type and let ‘er rip! For those looking for a quick nutrition fix on the go, this system also includes two single serve cups with spouts. The 5 preset Auto-iQ programs make it easy to get your vitamins and nutrients with one touch of a button!

Three blades, two additional cups and measuring cups are also included for all your chopping needs. Share recipes in style with the 64 oz Precision Processor Bowl or indulge in a frozen smoothie at home thanks to the 1400-Peak-Watt Motor Base!

Pros & Cons

  • It’s very powerful and chops, dices, and purees with ease.
  • It’s very sturdy and easy to use.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It’s a little loud.

Above are Top 10 Best Ninja Blender Reviews. Now, let’s see Buying Guides for Best Ninja Blender as below:

Tips and Guides on buying Best Ninja Blender

Best Ninja Blender

1. What to Consider before Buying a Best Ninja Blender?

In this section, I would like to introduce some of the key features that you should consider before buying a ninja blender.

a. Power of best Ninja Blender:

Power is one of the most important features to look for in a good quality blender and it tends to vary, depending on the use. You need a higher power (Watt) if you are looking to crush ice or nuts with your blender. A typical 750-watt motor is sufficient for crushing ice or frozen fruits and vegetables however, making soups becomes easier with 1 HP motors. So, it all depends what kind of blending job you have at hand.

Apart from considering power rating, another thing that you may want to consider is whether the motor uses induction or magnetic drive technology which has its own pros and cons like induction being quieter; however, they are expensive compared to the magnetic drive technology.

But of course, there are many other factors that affect the power rating such as material used in blending jar or container (glass is better than plastic), whether the jar is made up of BPA-free materials etc.

b. Main Blade of best Ninja Blender:

The main blade in most blenders is made up of stainless steel which does a great job, provided how well you maintain them. Washing blades with warm water regularly can do wonders but avoid using dishwasher as it can dull your blades over time.

Apart from this, make sure that you are buying a best Ninja blender with a decent sized blade because some smaller ones tend to struggle even with basic tasks like slicing fruits or crushing ice. It is a good idea to get an all-in-one blender that comes with several accessories like the Duo from Ninja or Nutri Pro which comes with 9 jars of various shapes and sizes.

Ninja Master Prep VS Nutri Pro If you are looking for some really cool features in your smoothie machine, then the Premier series might not be your first choice because it doesn’t come with as many advanced features as other blenders in this range have such as high-speed blending (to make butter), spiralizer (to prepare spaghetti) etc.

And if you want something that can crush bigger chunks of fruits and vegetables, I would recommend you try out Ninja Master Prep or Nutri Pro instead!

c. Main Jar of best Ninja Blender:

The cups or jars that come with blenders are the only containers used to blend your food so it is important that they be of good quality. Glass jars make shaker cups look elegant and can be cleaned easily but there are some concerns about its durability, especially when handled carelessly by kids.

So, if you have small children in your home and stay on the go a lot then I would suggest you get rid of glass jar altogether or get one that has a safety lock system so that it doesn’t accidentally fall into wrong hands. You should also check how easy it is to clean because blending stuff like nut butter can be messy!

d. Jar Design of best Ninja Blender:

Jar design refers to how well designed the item is however, In most cases, this refers to the shape of the jar. It’s important to have a blender that offers a good grip because when you are using high speeds, jars tend to get pretty hot. So make sure to check whether it is designed ergonomically or not and if it looks stylish too!

e. Accessories of best Ninja Blender:

If you are looking for a versatile product then you should consider getting one with accessories like whisks, mugs or shakers as they can do more than just blend beverages. Make sure that your blender has enough blending cups and accessories so that you don’t need additional items to enjoy all the benefits of your new kitchen appliance such as from Nutri Pro which comes with 9 containers in various shapes and sizes!

f. Easy Cleanup:

Keeping the cleanliness in mind, I would say that having a detachable blade assembly is one of the most important things you should look for. When it comes to cleaning, some blenders are very easy and require almost zero effort such as Nutri Pro while others can be a big hassle like Nutribullet vs Ninja which requires constant use of spatula!

g. Jar Material:

Apart from considering insulation, always check what kind of material your blender jar is made up so that you can make an informed purchase. The best smoothie machine jars are dishwasher safe; however, they can get damaged easily if handled carelessly by kids or pets because they tend to scratch easily especially when washed in a hurry!

It’s better to get something with airtight lids for perfect preservation and if you are a good saver then, I’d suggest something BPA free!

h. Wattage of best Ninja Blender:

Wattage refers to the horsepower of your blender which determines how powerful it can be. Best Ninja Blenders with high wattages tend to be more expensive because they get the job done quickly and offer better performance. However, for some people low watt blenders work just as well and might not cost them as much. It is up to you to decide what’s best according to your need and price range.

i. Maintenance & Warranty of best Ninja Blender:

Most best Ninja blenders come with warranty cards that give their customers peace of mind in case there is any trouble but warranties do differ from one brand or model to another so make sure you know what’s covered under manufacturer’s warranty and see how easy it is to extend or replace it.

j. Price of best Ninja Blender:

I wouldn’t recommend you buying something that costs more than $100 because even if they have the same features as others, they can be quite costly. If you want something high-quality then make sure that your blender has a 3 years warranty at least so that if any part breaks down you know there will be no extra cost for replacement!

2. How to Choose the Best Ninja Blender for you?

Before buying a Best Ninja blender, there are some things you will need to consider to narrow down your search as not all of them can do the same stuff.

Here is the list of things that I think are important for choosing a good product:


Power refers to horsepower of your best Ninja blender and it determines how much power it can put behind your blending task. The higher the number, obviously the more powerful your motor will be!

Speed Settings:

Best Ninja Blender with multiple speed settings are better than others because they allow you to blend at different speeds which makes it easier for you get tasks done quickly and thoroughly!

Includes BPA Free Pitcher:

Make sure that whatever purchase includes a pitcher that’s dishwasher safe so that cleaning process becomes a whole lot easier!

Blends Smoothies, Soups and More:

It is better to get something that can do more than just blend fruit smoothies because you will be able to use for more purposes in your kitchen. Check reviews if there are people who have used it for soups or other recipes before purchasing one!

Easy To Clean:

Don’t forget to look at how easy the pitcher is to wash so that you don’t spend too much time scrubbing later on – a good thing about best Ninja blenders is that they are dishwasher safe! Also keep in mind if there’s any additional accessory needed for cleaning your blender jar thoroughly such as spatulas from Nutri Pro.

Easy To Store:

If you live in an apartment or don’t have a lot of space available then you might want to invest in something that takes up less room. If your kitchen counter space is limited and you still want something good, see if it has an additional storage container or not! This can make cleaning process easier for you and also save some space as well.

Clear Lid:

The lid should be transparent so that you can easily keep track of whatever goodness inside it! Enjoying the fruits of your blending is important after all – right?

Sound Insulation:

Sometimes sounds produced by your blender are just too much especially when loud sound travels through thin walls in apartments; to avoid being extra noisy make sure there’s enough insulation on your blender jar or at least try reading customer reviews online to check if it’s a problem with your product.


Blenders come in different colors, styles and even shapes; you can get one that matches the rest of your kitchen appliances if design is important to you! Some blenders are also dishwasher safe which makes them look more appealing.

Proper Storage:

Make sure that whatever blender you choose has its own storage container for blending and storing things separately! It will make cleanup easier for you and also save some space on your countertop or wherever you decide to store it!

Value For Money:

The best bargain is not always the best deal so do comparison shopping before investing your hard earned cash into something new! Don’t leave out any important information like how much wattage a blender can produce etc.

Easy To Use:

Look at customer reviews or read online guides to see if you will be able to use your product without any difficulty. If it’s too complicated then you might have more problems in future!

3. The Different Types of Best Ninja Blenders Available on the Market Today:

There are many different Types you can use to choose from so I’ll try my best to narrow down your options.

The first type is the one that comes with a single motor and is basically just used for blending purposes only; they usually don’t come with an added container or any other pitchers. They have multiple speeds which allow you to blend softer foods like fruit smoothies or frozen desserts etc. Here’s the list of Ninja blender types:

The second type includes all the products that come in two pieces meant for using as a pair, but there is an exception – Nutri Pro Ninja Mega Blender (BL606). Some people might confuse it with a single because of its shape and name but it has two separate containers! The advantage of two in one products is that you can blend straight into the container and carry around for convenience or use as a normal blender.

The third type contains a single jar but with multiple speeds, which basically implies that it is meant to do more than just blending – think chopping, grinding etc. This kind of Ninja blender products usually have additional accessories such as food chopper or other various tools!

There are some products available on the market with a number of different containers like six or more; these are perfect if you’re sick of washing your blender every time after every use because they allow you to keep your food separate until its ready for consumption. However, if you are wanting something portable then this might not be the type of product you’re looking for!

4. The Reasons Why You Should Use Best Ninja Blenders in Your Everyday Life

As much as we hate cleaning after every use, we still need our kitchen appliances as well as everything else around us; there has to be something that will help us out in making tasks easier!

So I’m going to list the pros and cons of using a blender to help you make an informed decision about whether or not this kitchen tool is worth your hard earned cash! I’ll also be listing a few recipes that are delicious to try right now so, without further ado here are the reasons why you will need a ninja blender in your life from today onwards:

Blenders are pretty simple, easy to use and quick to clean when compared to other appliances. Some blenders only have one speed which makes for easy usage; they come with multiple jars which is really convenient if you want something portable or maybe just put away in storage for later on – like that pumpkin soup recipe you’re dying to try out?

Blender mixes food particles evenly which means nutrients aren’t lost along with chunks of food. This is especially true if you make smoothies or dips using a regular blender!

When used correctly, blenders can help you reach your recommended levels of daily tasks like greens and vegetables etc.

You can drink raw foods in the morning without having to worry about the harmful bacteria getting into your system due to not being cooked properly (think organic garden smoothie). Powders created from pulverizing plant leaves are also an option but it depends on which type of leaves they are.

You might try blending up an avocado leaf and see what happens! Some people even use these leaves to create a homemade tea that’s healthy for you!

Most recipes require some sort of physical labor when it comes to making then as well as cleaning. Blenders make you do very little work in comparison to other kitchen appliances like a food mixer or cooked meals using stove pots and pressure cookers etc.

People tend to be more creative when it comes to creating new recipes that require some sort of bulkier item. For example, a lot of people put peanut butter into their smoothies for healthy reasons such as making sure your body gets enough protein and again it’s usually just easier because the flavor is stronger!

You can also add bacon bits (if we’re being honest here) and nobody will notice the difference! My point is, if you’re trying to get ideas on what ingredients are good to try then blending them together might be a really great way of thinking outside of the box because you can easily add them into your creations!

Blenders can be used to make all sorts of great things! If you want something more specific like mixing pasta or bread dough, just check out the user’s manual which should give you a clear idea on what this product is capable of doing. Some people might argue that a food processor would be better suited for these sort of tasks but if we’re talking about versatility then blenders take the cake in my opinion!

5. Steps by Steps on How to Use Best Ninja Blender

Below will show you how to use this best ninja blender in 5 steps:

5.1. Add ingredients into the jug of your blender and tightly put on its lid.

5.2. Twist a cup or a pitcher under the spout of the jug so that the content flows from the container through it.

5.3. Peel off feature labels from its buttons before using them for turning it on.

5.4. Twist the power button clockwise or anti-clockwise for operating it, and press the speed up/down button to choose one of its pre-programmed settings.

5.5. Once its operation is done, twist off its jug from the base, take out your drink from the cup or pitcher under the spout and enjoy!

Here comes a great kitchen tool which can be used as a blender, food processor and an  electric mixer all in one! Yes you guessed right: this device is a best ninja blender! This type of utensil can churn out so many homemade goodies with just a push of few buttons. Just follow the steps above to have great fun making fast food items at home.

6. How to Clean Best Ninja blender?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward and simple! You will need to disassemble the blender first so you can remove all the parts safely. Then put them into a sink of hot water that has been mixed with detergent and let them soak for at least 10 minutes.

Wash everything separately using hot water as well; use either a brush or your hands to give each piece a good scrub down. If there are still any stains after they’re clean then you can make use of some baking soda which will work like a magic eraser for most bits of gunk stuck onto surfaces!

Finally, just rinse everything off in cold water until every particle is gone – unless stated otherwise (like on blade attachments) where you should do this part in warm water.

7. Tips and tricks on using Best Ninja Blender.

Ninja blenders have been around in the market for quite some time now. People all over the world are buying ninja blenders and using these everyday to make their meals. However, many people still find it hard to use this blender.

But I’ve decided to compile some of my best tips that I used and learned from experience when using a Best Ninja Blender:

a. Proper preparation and coordination:

The first thing you should know about using a ninja blender is that properly preparing your ingredients will help you achieve maximum results – not just on the quality of your blended products but also on how little effort you exert yourself.

When making smoothies for example, try to cut up your fruits into smaller pieces as smaller pieces will blend into a creamier consistency and faster. As for ice, try to cut it or break it into smaller pieces as well. When making soups, veggies should be cut small enough so that it can easily be blended by the blades of the blender.

b. Mixing and Blending:

Mixing substances is one of the factors that help in blending items more effectively. The best way of doing this is to place your ingredients on top, then add liquids last to make sure they’re evenly distributed throughout each container/container holding ingredient.

By mixing liquids, you’ll ensure all the other ingredients are kept inside instead of being pushed out when you turn on your ninja blender. By using Ninja Blender’s Pulse function (by pressing the pulse button), you can mix ingredients together while it’s running. This is a good way to evenly distribute each of your ingredients in every container holding ingredient.

c. Use a good blending bowl:

Always make sure to use the proper blending bowls when making smoothies or salad dressings. You should also be careful on choosing them because not all types are compatible with ninja blenders. Plastic and glass containers are not recommended as they’re very likely to crack when blended with lots of ice or frozen products (especially if they’re old).

Ninja blenders usually come with a special blending bowl but it’s best that you get an additional one so that you don’t have to wash more than one bowl after using your blender. For smoothies, a separate container for ice is also best.

d. Proper Lid Use:

Always make sure to use the proper lid when each of your ingredients are set in their containers (when using the blend or pulse feature). Regular lids will not do. Ninja blenders usually come with specific blending and cover lids that fit perfectly to its containers and jars.

If you can’t find these, try getting some from your nearest hardware store or visit Amazon’s ninja blender accessories section where you’ll find all kinds of lids at very affordable prices. Using regular plastic caps is not recommended as they will only serve as barriers between your jar/container’s contents and your blades which may be prone to hitting off pieces of plastics onto your blended products.

e. Equipment Maintenance:

Always ensure to keep your best Ninja blender’s blades and containers clean. Letting dirt and other residues sit on them will only cause the durability of your equipment to be compromised.

Be sure, too, that you’re using the right type of cleaning solution when cleaning each material of your containers as they also vary in terms of what kind of cleaners can be used for them (i.e. glass cleaner for glass materials, dishwasher liquid or detergent for plastic materials).

Stainless steel (which is kitchen cutlery) should not be washed by hand since stains from your hands may remain after washing which may give you a hard time in trying to remove them.

f. Ninja Blender’s Shell:

Just like any other powerful equipment, the shell of your ninja blender is also vulnerable to damages. Always handle it with care and try to place them in a safe spot when you’re not using them. Don’t put them near devices that can cause vibrations (especially if these are on) or heat (like your microwave or oven) as this may harm its materials. Heat will weaken and melt plastic which isn’t good for the blades.

Also, try keeping away from moisture as much as possible. Spills should be wiped off immediately using dry towels — not wet ones — and placed back in their original spots afterwards instead of being left alone to dry up naturally (which means uncovered).

If you’re worried about your ninja blender being left unattended (like when you have to quickly do something), be sure to place it on safe spots with soft cushions or pillows beneath them and use its locking feature.

Don’t forget to read the instruction manuals of your equipment religiously! You should know how each part works, what their functions are and the proper ways in using them. It’s also best that you keep a book where all these instructions are saved so that you can refer back to these whenever needed.

Make sure you’re always mixing things together equal amounts when making smoothies — not just visually but by weight too. The same goes for salad dressings. Even color is important.

8. Common Mistakes When Using Best Ninja Blender.

There are 10 Common Mistakes When Using Best Ninja Blender as below:

8.1. Using too much liquid when using the Ninja Blender for smoothies. If you intend to make a smoothie with your Ninja Blender, be sure that you use only enough juices or water to blend it in order not to damage its blades. It may cause leakage if you put too much liquids inside the blender without covering the lid properly.

8.2. Placing hard ingredients in the Ninja Blender’s pitcher before soft ones are completely blended into a smooth consistency. Don’t do this mistake because it can block or damage your blender’s blades easily resulting in leakages, damages and even injuries during use.

Be sure that all ingredients are finely blended before placing them inside the blender’s pitcher for further mixing process is faster and smoother compared with leaving those hard ingredients inside it.

8.3. Putting ice cubes into the Ninja Blender’s pitcher without crushing them first. If you put this kind of mistake, it will harm your blender instantly due to blockage of its blades and will make a big noise which can result in spills or leakage during operation. You need to crush the ice cubes first before putting them inside the Ninja Blender for smoothies perfection.

8.4. Not using Ninja Pro Extractor Blades properly especially when making thick mixtures including frozen fruits and vegetables only intended for crushing purposes only. You need to use these blades properly with nuts, frozen items or any other hard food that you wish to blend because they are very sharp and powerful enough to cut through even harder ingredients than you think.

8.5. Using a recipe filled with hard ingredients only intended for an expensive blender which can at least cost $200 for crushing purposes only without any blade settings to change the speed of its motor if required.

This kind of mistake can damage your entire Ninja Blender including all blades within seconds, especially when making thick mixtures because it needs high speed operation in order to blend them perfectly well.

8.6. Not reading instruction manual needed before using the product properly even though you already own other blenders similar to this one but still require reading its manual first for safety purposes and common mistakes prevention during use.

The manuals are important guides that help users know more about how they should operate their new or old appliances like these ones, therefore always read them first before operating them for smooth operation.

8.7. Not cleaning the Ninja Blender or its pitcher properly after each use. Of course you need to clean your blender with water and dishwashing liquid in order to get rid of leftovers, residues materials inside it especially when using oily substances only intended for making mayonnaise or various sauces that can lead into bad odor if not cleaned completely.

You should also clean its pitcher’s lid and blades thoroughly with hot water and dishwashing liquid as well after every use for safety purposes, good sanitary condition and fresh ingredients always upon every recipe preparation next time around.

8.8. Leaving some dirty dishes on the sink or leaving some hard residue foods like frozen fruits on the kitchen table while waiting too long without washing them. You should always clean your dishes and put them away after use especially when you know that you won’t cook for this day or the next few days to come, so they don’t spoil due to bacteria and bad odor formation inside your fridge during those times.

8.9. Using foods with high amount of liquids like soups only intended for making mayonnaise instead which needs solid ingredients only for blending purposes without any liquid involved which can harm your blender’s blades as well as its motor during operation.

It is very important to select proper recipes according to what type of ingredients available at home or inside your kitchen cabinets including accessories needed such as measuring cups and spoons in order not to damage the product itself especially if you are a rookie user of these magic kitchen helpers.

8.10. Not checking the ingredients before putting them inside your Ninja Blender for some simple mistakes like these ones which can cause serious damages on your appliance including its blades, motor and more.

You should always check if all of your ingredients are clean, dry, cut or sliced properly according to the recipe that you are about to follow before processing them into creamy mixtures with thin-to-thick consistencies easily.

FAQs about Best Ninja Blender:

Best Ninja Blender

1. How long can you keep the leftover smoothie?

Answer: If it’s not going to be stored in a fridge then place an airtight lid on top of your container and keep it inside the fridge for up to 36 hours. There is no need to sterilize or clean them because they already went through that process while blending – unless you’re planning on using the same jar for something else right after!

2. Which is better for you: blenders or juicers?

Answer: Both have their own pros and cons but if we’re sticking to general facts then I would personally rather drink a smoothie containing the whole fruit because nothing can beat that! Juicing takes away most of the…well, juice itself (it’s pretty funny but also true) which does hold some nutrition value that gets tossed into the trash.

But there are plenty of people who do enjoy drinking their juices so don’t be surprise if you see them walking down the streets with their plastic bottles filled up with oranges!

These days coconut oil plays a big role in as well since it contains MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), an ingredient made from coconut flesh.

3. What are the best features of Best Ninja blenders?


– It is powerful enough to crush ice and frozen fruits.

– It can blend up to a whole pitcher at once, so you don’t have to keep stopping and starting.

– It has an extra-wide 3-inch blade for fast, efficient blending.

4. How to buy Best Ninja Blender?

Answer: The Best Ninja Blender products aren’t sold in stores. You can only get them from this website or one of the online retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

They have a great selection for a great price! They also have lots of bundles to choose from. Check it out on their site for more details. Make sure you grab this while they’re having the deals!

5. What is included with my purchase of Best Ninja Blender?

Answer: You will get following things along with your blender when they shipped: 1 exclusive blend & puree recipe book 1 ninja coupon booklet. If you have ordered their combo package then manuals for each unit, user guide and recipes booklets are also included along with your purchase.

Also keep in mind that all of these materials are written only in English language so if you need any translation then I recommend buying their international version.

Included Recipe Booklet contains recipes for fresh fruit smoothie, frozen drinks, ice cream, sorbet and lots more! You can use Ninja Blender to make:  Banana Nut Bread Ice Cream  (page 19) Watermelon Sorbet (page 50) Cucumber Yogurt Smoothie (page 95).


When it comes to kitchen appliances, a blender is one of the most popular choices. It’s important for all of us to eat well and stay healthy so that we can live longer lives with fewer health complications. One way you can make this easier on yourself is by making sure your food preparation tools are high quality.

The Top 10 best Ninja Blenders reviews in 2022 show that these blenders provide excellent value when compared against other brands or models available today. Each type also has the Pros and Cons, you need to check and choose the Best Ninja Blender that suitable for you. If you want a healthier life then get the best blender for A HEALTHY KITCHEN NOW!

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