[TOP 8] Best Espresso Machines Under 200 Reviews

8 Best Espresso Machines Under 200 Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Coffee is a familiar and necessary drink in everyone’s life. People come to coffee maybe just to enjoy, or to relieve sadness or simply because they like it. To get coffee cups, it usually takes us 7-8 minutes to prepare and then mix it up. Reality shows that it is necessary for us to have machines with the right features. And just like that, coffee machines were born that greatly simplified the frills.

Fast and accurate but still maintaining the coffee flavor is what these product lines possess. In the following article, we would like to send you the top 5 best espresso machines under 200 to  help you choose the right product.

Best Espresso Machines Under 200

[TOP 8] Best Espresso Machines Under 200 Reviews in 2022

1. Breville BNV220BLK1BUC1 Vertuo: Best Espresso Machines under 200 in terms of features

 BNV220BLK1BUC1 is an espresso machine under 200 that has received a lot of attention from consumers on the market today. Not only does it have an eye-catching appearance, but also an elegant and sophisticated design. The product is also equipped with many modern functions that are convenient for use.

5 cups size

Breville has cleverly brought to market the BNV220BLK1BUC1 product line with a fairly balanced body with dimensions of only 8.32 x 11.91 x 11.93 inches. Simplicity in manufacturing, product motorization is what BNV220BLK1BUC1 owns and makes it a product line chosen by generations of customers.

Not only that, manufacturers also integrate for the product the feature of using 5 cup sizes simultaneously, allowing you to freely choose depending on your needs: Alto Coffee (14 oz), Coffee (8 oz), Gran Lungo (5 oz), Double Espresso (2.7 oz) and Espresso (1.35 oz). What a great deal for such a coffee machine!

Central Extraction Technology

What do you think about a coffee machine that can take on the role of a professional barista? This becomes extremely easy with a BNV220BLK1BUC. Manufacturers have been very favorable when choosing products to integrate their own Espresso technology.

With the use of this technology, it allows consumers to create coffees with great taste. You just need to close the tablet and switch the lever, let BNV220BLK1BUC take care of everything.

Simple, one-touch dispensing

Different from traditional forms of coffee making, using the product helps us save time and costs. With a BNV220BLK1BUC, making a cup of coffee only takes about 1-3 minutes with just one press. Fast, convenient but still ensures the taste and quality of coffee.

Nespresso Vertuo Tablet System

The product’s features come not only from the features it brings, but also from the Nespresso Vertuo tablet system. We believe that with the optimal gift set, the tablet system will help you have a very interesting experience.

Many people are still mistaken about the role of the Nespresso Vertuo tablet system, thinking that using them will reduce the taste of coffee. However, experiments show the opposite. Using them can create perfect tasting coffees and can take your coffee enjoyment to a whole new level.

Pros & Cons

  • High quality material
  • Durable
  • Great taste
  • Relatively large

2. Nespresso Inissia Espresso: Best Espresso Machines under 200 for luxury design

 Having listed the top 5, it is impossible not to mention Nespresso Inissia Espresso. With a Nespresso, making coffee becomes extremely easy. The product is a harmonious combination between luxurious modern black and classic silver color, making your kitchen space more diverse.

Compact design

Owning a slim body with only 20 x 7.99 x 12.87 inches, compared to BNV220BLK1BUC1 in position, the Nespresso’s head is much larger in size. However, being larger in size does not mean the same in weight. It’s amazing how incredibly light the Nespresso is at just 8.4 pounds. Too brilliant!

In addition, the manufacturer also designed to mount on the product a versatile handle, convenient for use. It would be great with a coffee machine that can be gently moved everywhere.

Energy saving

Power saving mode will automatically shut down after 9 minutes of inactivity. The folding drip tray can accommodate larger cup sizes and automatically lowers when you remove the cup to catch drips. It’s great that you can both save energy and have great-tasting cups of coffee.

High-pressure pump

Simple to use, the Nespresso Inissia by De’Longhi delivers the perfect barista-style coffee every time, thanks to its simple, one-touch operation and patented extraction system that delivers up pressure up to 19 bars. You won’t have to go far; you can also enjoy your own delicious coffee in your kitchen and create it yourself.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect taste
  • Blending power
  • Low durability

3. Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma: Best Espresso Machines under 200 in terms of configuration

 Elegant, sophisticated design, the main color is silver that can enrich your kitchen space is what only Breville ESP8XL has. In addition, using the product is also very easy; just press the start button, then operate it by pushing the lever, and you can enjoy your coffee.

Relative size

Not as slim as its two companions BNV220BLK1BUC1 and Nespresso, Breville ESP8XL has a relative size of 9.25 x 9 x 11.75 inches. With a coffee machine, such size does not surprise us too much.

Great filter system

Using a double-walled filter system allows creating coffees with a distinctive flavor. You will have a cup of coffee right in your own kitchen.

Use stainless steel

The product is made of stainless steel material; this helps to ensure food safety and hygiene during use. The safety factor is always something that many customers aim for; because of this, many customers ignore other products to choose ESP8XL.

Pros & Cons

  • Good temperature control
  • Easy to clean.
  • Poor durability
  • Low mixing power.

4. Nespresso Essenza Mini: Best Espresso Machines under 200 for small family

 It will be remiss if your kitchen space lacks the presence of Nespresso Essenza Mini. The product is designed to fit any kitchen space. With the desire to find the optimal product line, to help you enjoy coffee quickly, the new Nespresso Essenza Mini can meet.

Brand new compact design

Compared to the companions above, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is much smaller in size and weight at only 4.3 x 12.8 x 8.1 inches and 4.35 pounds. With a compact body, rounded edges make the product easier to move and use.

High-pressure pump and fast heating

Many people will immediately think that the product’s performance is very low with such a size and weight. However, practice shows that the performance of this coffee machine is high. The product is equipped with a high-pressure pump up to 19 bar and a quick heating system for only 30 seconds.

With such a feature, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is comparable to a professional barista. Working effectively and quickly but still ensuring the delicious taste of each cup of coffee are the advantages of the product.

Energy saving

Like the Nespresso, the product has an eco mode for consumption to consume low energy within 3 minutes and can save energy by automatically turning off the device after 9 minutes of inactivity. You may be a forgetful person or use it if you haven’t turned it off yet, don’t worry because you have Nespresso Essenza Mini. This advantage has helped the product become a coffee machine that many customers choose and use.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact size
  • Best for newbies
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Low mixing power

5. Capresso 124.01 Ultima Pro: Best Espresso Machines under 200 for price

 Capresso 124.01 Ultima Pro is packed with double functionality when it comes to 2 cups being used simultaneouslyat the push of a button. There will be nothing like enjoying coffee at the same time with your friends. That is the highlight that makes the product known and used by many people.


You can easily program the single cup or single-cup buttons to your preference. Just press the button, and you have right in your hand delicious cups of coffee to enjoy in the cool mornings for an energetic day.

It is easy to see, when busy when relatives or friends come to visit, there is no time to prepare drinks. It’s useful because you just need to start and press the button, very quickly, you have up to 2 or many cups of coffee with delicious flavors to invite your friends.

High operating pressure

Operating pressure up to 15 bar allows creating delicious strong cappuccinos that are no different from the store. If you are a coffee enthusiast, quickly own this product to satisfy your own preferences.

Compatible Size

The product is designed simply, not too fussy, and has a pretty good appearance with a measurement of 10.5 x 12.25 x 14 inches. The size is quite large, but the weight has also been greatly optimized at only 11.97 pounds.

However, the design in terms of weight, as well as size, is quite suitable. Despite losing points in appearance, in return for the product’s features, it brings many plus points when it can simultaneously produce 2 cups of coffee for 1 operation.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Blending power
  • Easy to clean.
  • Big size

6. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino – Best Espresso Machines under 200 for cleaning technology

 Coffee maker Mr. Coffee has a very luxurious design with black personality color, neat size 32.5 x 50 x 57 cm, so it does not take up much space to place the machine, contributing to the professionalism and comfort of offices.

Especially, the coffee machine has the function of brewing directly from coffee beans for the same brewing quality as a professional Barista, ensuring the right taste of coffee. In addition, the machine can be combined with fresh milk and powdered milk. Mix a variety of drinks to suit the taste of many employees.

The water tank has a capacity of 4.5 liters with a sensor that determines the water level, making coffee preparation quick and uninterrupted. The machine also has a CleanIT cleaning feature for the milk system, which keeps the coffee machine clean without affecting the flavor for the next time.

The use of Mr. Coffee is the perfect solution to improve the quality of the working environment, help the spirit to relax, and employees will be more excited to work. Every meeting will always have good coffee to enjoy.

Users can adjust the flavor strength, milk, and milk foam with just a few light touches on the screen, providing the right cup of coffee. You can even operate the machine directly from your smartphone with the MY station app. Simply create your favorite coffee in the app, start the brewing process directly from your phone, and remember to save the recipe to enjoy your favorite delicious flavors next time.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean
  • Flavor
  • The quality of making coffee is equivalent to human
  • Quite bulky

7. Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso – Best Espresso Machines under 200 for compact design

 The coffee machine works with a capacity of 1,300W; the pump pressure is up to 15 bar to help you make coffee quickly, It can be used with powdered coffee, coffee bods. Semi-automatic coffee machine suitable for home or office use, easy to use electronic control panel.

Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso is born to replace the time-consuming filter method but only enough for 1-2 people to drink. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, the Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso coffee machine can make 8-10 cups of coffee in just a few minutes, meeting the needs of offices, restaurants, and hotels.

Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso coffee machine has a compact design, luxurious black color, using voltage 220V – 240V/50Hz. The coffee filter uses powdered coffee, operating with a capacity of 800W, which will heat water quickly, supporting faster coffee making.

Coffee brewed with the Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso machine has a rich flavor. In addition, the coffee filter is also equipped with a warming tray to help the coffee after being filtered, which will always be kept warm for many hours, preserving the delicious taste.

Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso has a compact design, convenient desktop, and does not take up much space when used. The machine is capable of making cappuccino with a milk whisk. The top has a cup warmer to keep the coffee cup dry.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact design
  • High performance
  • Bold flavor
  • Mixing speed is a bit slow

8. Ninja Specialty Coffee – Best Espresso Machines under 200 for brewing capacity

 Ninja Specialty Coffee automatic coffee machine is suitable for business needs such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, companies.

The control panel with a single button is very easy to use. This product also has two uses: heating and creating a thick layer of milk foam within seconds.

The machine has a milk frothing capacity of 100 – 140 ml. The 250ml warming capacity helps make more cups of coffee. The milk frother uses a single-phase power source with a compact design that does not take up much space.

This machine series will combine OCS (self-service) and vending machine models, which are very trusted by customers. In addition to the function of making coffee, the machine also supports grinding coffee beans; the amount of pressing cup is 7g, the container for 1kg of coffee beans.

The size of this coffee machine is quite neat, with a width of 346mm, a height of 547mm, and a depth of 542mm, so placing the table does not take up much space. It is also integrated with professional parts such as a press, a coffee bean grinder, and a boiler. The machine is imported from Italy to ensure durability.

The coffee machine is designed with very sensitive soft keys, vivid and intuitive graphic display. The water tank is easily removable in 3 different directions: From above, left, or right and can be locked, ensuring stability.

Pros & Cons

  • Neat size
  • The ability to automate
  • Multifunction
  • Quite difficult to clean

Above are Top 8 Best Espresso Machines Under 200. Now, Let’s see Some Tips and Guides on Buying Best Espresso Machines Under 200 as below:

Buying guide for the best Espresso Machines under 200

Some general criteria to buy a coffee machine

  1. Find out information about coffee machines.

Before buying a coffee machine for your home, you should learn the basics of coffee machines. You can preview information about products and brands on the Internet.

You can also go to the place of sale to ask a consultant to recommend the right machine for you. The experience of sales staff will help you find the right machine for your needs.

  1. Choose a reputable brand.

One factor you need to consider when choosing to buy a coffee machine for your home is the brand. A well-known brand will give you more peace of mind than a lesser-known brand. This is a golden experience when choosing to buy a home coffee machine.

Easily replace components if there is a problem requiring repair and warranty. If you choose an unbranded machine, if unfortunately damaged, it will be difficult to replace components. There are cases where you can’t find the parts that force you to abandon the expensive machine. Some famous and prestigious brands today can be mentioned, such as Jura, Rancilio.

  1. Select the appropriate capacity coffee machine.

Coffee machines for a home will have a much smaller capacity than coffee machines for shops. The capacity of home coffee machines is usually 2 to 3 cups for one brew. This machine’s capacity is suitable for family consumption with 2 to 3 people.

If your family has more members, you can consider choosing a model with a slightly larger capacity. However, you will have to spend a larger amount of money.

  1. Design a suitable coffee machine.

The coffee machine has the function of making coffee, but it can also be considered a decoration when it is placed in your home. One of the experiences when choosing to buy a coffee machine for the family is aesthetics. The aesthetic factor is very important because it affects the overall look of your home.

You should choose compact coffee machines with delicate designs that do not take up too much space in your family.

  1. The quality of the coffee machine

The quality of the product is a factor that your family should care about. It is directly related to the life and durability of the machine. Therefore, learning about product quality is not superfluous. You can read product Feedback articles to see what other users have to say.

Currently, on the market, there are many distributors of home brewing machines. However, not all suppliers are reputable and quality products.

You should not buy cheap but unknown origin and origin. Instead, choose a reputable and quality supplier.

  1. Choose a suitable price.

Experience choosing to buy a home coffee machine is choosing a machine with an appropriate price.

With reputable brands, product quality will often go hand in hand with product price. You should consider the purpose of use and the amount of money you are willing to spend on a coffee machine for home use. Finding a machine at a reasonable price will help you spend wisely and avoid wasted performance.

Choose to buy a coffee machine by machine type

There are many different types of coffee machines on the market today. Based on the operating principle and function of the machine, we can classify them into 4 types as follows:

Semi-automatic coffee machine:

A machine that can make many different drinks. Brewers can unleash their creativity to create delicious cups of coffee. This type of machine is often used in professional coffee making served in coffee shops.

Automatic coffee machine

100% of the machine’s operating mechanism is automatic. You just need to press the button and wait a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee right away.

Filter coffee machine: This machine is used to make filter coffee instead of the traditional brewing method. The machine has a compact size, so it is suitable for home use.

Coffee capsule machine

This machine is mainly for coffee connoisseurs who like to enjoy the taste. This machine uses ingredients that are coffee capsules with different flavors to create the desired cup of coffee.

Mechanical machines

Manual espresso machines are also known as piston coffee machines. This is a machine that is often used in families and is used by quite a few people. However, professional baristas in Italy and Europe are quite fond of this machine. The reason is that they can directly control with their own hands and experience the time, amount of water, temperature, and pressure to create coffee. Therefore, it can be flexibly adjusted to create the most perfect and unique cup of coffee.

Semi-automatic machines

This is a combination of mechanical and automatic machines. Baristas who use semi-automatic machines often need to be trained quite well and methodically to be proficient in using them. Barista will directly press the brew button, water, and time to create the desired cup of coffee. The bartender’s skill and skill is clearly shown. This is also the reason, and skilled professional baristas love this machine.

Super-automatic machine

Buttons fully control this type of machine. You just need to load all the ingredients such as coffee powder, water, sugar, milk, etc., press the button according to the custom mode you want, and you’re done. A complete cup of coffee will be released only after a certain time is set on the machine.

The super-automatic coffee machine is suitable for crowded places and needs to serve guests with high intensity and quantity put on top (big restaurant, hotel, buffet counter, …). This type of machine produces coffees of uniform quality, keeping the consistency of your product.

Choose a coffee machine according to your needs

To choose a suitable coffee machine, we need to pay attention to the needs of users.

If you buy a coffee machine for home or office use, you can choose to buy an automatic machine, a filter coffee machine, and a capsule coffee machine.

If you buy to serve in a cafe, you should use a semi-automatic coffee machine. Normally, a coffee machine with two groups (2 faucets) will be chosen by many coffee shops because the price and capacity of the machine are quite suitable for the needs in Vietnam.

When buying a machine, you should not only pay attention to which brand of coffee machine is good. First, you should rely on the purpose and object of use to choose a coffee machine to suit the use of each machine.

For families

Requirements for home coffee machines

To determine the type of home coffee machine, we can base on some of the following requirements:

  • Coffee quality: Ensure the right and delicious coffee taste.
  • Time: Quickly, especially in the morning when everyone rushes to work.
  • How to use: Simple, fast, effective.
  • Convenience: The machine is easy to clean, easy to disassemble, suitable for daily use.

Currently, there are many types of coffee machines suitable for home use, with compact design, easy to move. Depending on each person’s preferences, you can choose a semi-automatic, automatic, or capsule coffee machine.

  • Automatic coffee machine: A small automatic coffee machine will save you time perfectly. When you wake up in the morning, you can immediately enjoy a hot cup of coffee after just 5 minutes before going to work because just press the button, and the machine can perform the steps of grinding, brewing, whipping milk, and creating foam.
  • Semi-automatic coffee machines for home: Mini semi-automatic machines will be extremely suitable for those passionate about coffee. You can adjust to make your favorite coffee flavor without going to the shop. The line of semi-automatic machines for families is usually a group machine, compact and convenient.

Common Mistakes When Buying Best Espresso Machines Under 200

In this guide, we have shared all the possible information that an espresso lover should know. This will make your buying experience a lot easier and you will be able to get a real good espresso machine under 200 easily.

Here are the 9 mistakes to avoid when buying best espresso machines under 200:

1. Not considering cup size or type of drinks you want to make:

You might be looking for a small coffee maker, but what if there is a possibility that you will spend more time with your family during weekends? In such cases, it would be great if you can get a larger size of coffee machine instead of getting something very tiny. Additionally, the price difference between the two sizes often not much. So it will make sense to get a larger one.

2. Not considering the brand:

There are many brands in this price range and some of them produce better quality Espresso machines than others. So it is very important that you consider the brand before making your final purchase decision. You should check out their customer service, warranty period and after sales services also.

These days all the big brands offer good after sales service so do not worry about it too much. It would be great if you can buy from Amazon or some other reputable website so that you will get i n-depth information about espresso machine under 200 and more details on its return policy as well as warranty terms .

3. Forgetting how easy or difficult is to clean an espresso machine:

Some espresso machines come with self-cleaning cycles, but some do not. So you should make sure how easy it is to clean the machine and what kind of maintenance it needs? If you cannot maintain the machine properly then the grinder will become unusable very quickly. The powder coating can also get rusted which would be a shame for such money.

You might end up paying more if you want to get the machine repaired or replace the parts and that too within limited time frame. To avoid all these hassles we recommend that you buy from Amazon .

4. Forgetting about water hardness:

Make sure you know how hard or soft your tap water is because if there is something wrong with either of those things, it can easily damage the machine. So you should consider this before buying an espresso machine under 200.

5. Not considering your daily usage:

Many people buy something which they think would be great to use every day, but after some time that appliance starts giving them nightmares because of its complicated user interface or too much work that is involved in using it every day. Just don’t forget about how much you will use the machine each day and buy one accordingly. This definitely helps!

6. Thinking Expensive equals better quality:

In most cases this is true, but not always there are exceptions too, so do not fall for this trap thinking expensive makes a product better. In fact, if you go through customer reviews then you will be able to understand what people have experienced using the machine every day and how they have been coping with it.

So this is better than dealing with a sales person who just wants you to buy a product at high price.

7. Buying an espresso machine with less features:

There are models in this price range that comes with “Single Shot” feature only, which means that you cannot use two shots at once or create two different drinks at once. You will not get a steam wand for foaming milk etc in such coffee makers under 200. So make sure you know all about these things before making your final purchase decision.

8. Not checking reviews:

You can find product reviews on any shopping site where people talk about their experience after using the product they bought. So you should check out these reviews before making your final purchase decision because it will help you save money and time in the long run.

9. Not doing research online:

If you want to buy an espresso machine without getting confused, then do some research online. This is because there are hundreds of models available in this price range and if you don’t go through customer reviews or read a buying guide, it will be pretty difficult for you to choose a good one!

But if you apply all the above tips properly, then things will become much easier for you and at the end of the day, you will get the right product for yourself.

Tips on Using Best Espresso Machines Under 200

Do not use the machine continuously for a long time:

If you want your machine to work perfectly then do not use it continuously for a long time. Keep in mind that heat is the enemy of any appliance and if there is too much heat inside the machine, then some part will start malfunctioning and this can lead to more serious problems later on! So just take some breaks every now and then when using an espresso maker so that it stays in good condition.

What Not To Do With The Machine:

Never try to open up the machine yourself whenever something goes wrong because you might break it further or get injured by electric shock. Just let professionals handle such things and save money as well as time at the end of the day!

So these were some tips that you should definitely keep in mind while buying a best espresso machine under 200. By following such simple steps, you can be sure to get the right product for yourself and if everything goes well then you will end up saving a lot of money as well! So do not forget to follow the guidelines we have mentioned above and take your time when finding the perfect coffee maker.

FAQs about Best Espresso Machines Under 200:

1. Question: What is the most important factor to consider when buying an espresso machine?

Answer: Before buying an espresso machine, you should consider below items:

– Durability.
–  Price.
– Size of the water tank.

2. Question: What is the type of Espresso Machine?
Answer: There are 3 types of Espresso Machine as below:
– Fully Automatic: These machines are more expensive but take care of everything for you. They will grind your beans, make the espresso, and clean themselves.
– Semi-Automatic: This option is less expensive than a fully automatic machine. You have to do some work yourself such as grinding the beans and filling up water, but it still makes great coffee.
– Manual: These machines are a lot cheaper than semi or fully automatic options and require you to do everything manually including grinding your own beans and filling up water – not as easy but also not as expensive!

3. Question: What are the pros and cons of manual vs automatic espresso machines?

– Pros of manual: less expensive, more customizable.
– Cons of manual: it takes longer to make a shot, more prone to mistakes.
– Pros of automatic: faster, less prone to mistakes.
– Cons of automatic: it’s usually much more expensive.

4. Question: What type of coffee do you want to make?

Answer: There are 3 types of coffee as below:

– Espresso (strong, concentrated).
– Americano (lighter than espresso but still strong).
– Cappuccino (milk based with more foam on top).

5. Question: How would you clean your espresso machine?

Answers: You can refer these steps to clean your espresso machine:
– Use a soft cloth with warm water and soap. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue. Let dry overnight or put in dishwasher on air-dry cycle.
– Disassemble the espresso machine, removing parts that are removable (such as the filter basket). Fill the tank with vinegar and hot water. Run a brew cycle to flush out any residual oils from previous use of coffee or milk products. Rinse thoroughly to remove all vinegar residue.
– Pour one cup of white distilled vinegar in the tank, followed by one cup of filtered cold water. Run 10 cups through it without using any coffee grounds or pods, then rinse it like normal.


Our above article has sent you the top 8 best Espresso Machines Under 200. Hopefully, through this article, you can choose for yourself a satisfactory product line that suits your needs and financial ability.

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