[TOP 9] Best Electric Bread Slicer Reviews

9 Best Electric Bread Slicer Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Bread is a staple in many households, and it’s important to have the right equipment for making delicious loaves at home. One of the most popular items on any bread-making list should be an electric bread slicer. Bread slicing machines are helpful tools that can make your kitchen experience much easier than trying to slice dough with a knife.

If you’re in the market for a bread slicer, then this blog post is for you! We’ll help you find the best bread slicers on the market and give some tips to make your shopping experience even easier.

When it comes to buying a new kitchen appliance, like an electric bread slicer, there are many factors that come into play. The price point of one model may be more expensive than another because it has features that will save time or money in other ways.

It’s important to consider how much work you want to put into slicing before making your final decision. If time is not an issue and you want something with lots of options, then go for a machine with all sorts of bells and whistles.

Electric Bread Slicer

[TOP 9] Best Electric Bread Slicer Reviews in 2022

1. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer

This Chefman food slicer is perfect for slicing deli-style ham, turkey, roast beef, dried meat, cheese, breads and fresh fruits. With an adjustable blade thickness dial and sleeks 9”x12” design you can customize the size to your preference.

The space saving design is small enough to store in a cabinet or on top of the counter while using its convenient handles for easy transportation as it can go straight from refrigerator to table with no need for cleanup!

Besides that, the machine is a high quality item that provides an overall professional experience. The powerful 180 watt motor and serrated stainless blade allow food to glide through with ease, making it much easier than chopping by hand or with a manual slicer.

It features a non-slip feet for extra safety, blade guard protection from the blade and adjustable food pusher. This slicer also has a retractable 7.5 inch serrated stainless steel blade which makes clean up quick and easy. Plus, this product includes 1 year warranty!

Pros & Cons

  • It’s quite cheap.
  • Cleaning easily.
  • Multi-functions.
  • There are a few areas that are not removable

2. SuperHandy Meat Slicer Electric Food Deli Bread Cheese

SuperHandy has designed the perfect meat slicer to assist you in preparing any type of juicy and succulent meats. No more tedious cutting for hours on end, with this German blade’s sheer power exceeded only by its sharpness: 170mm/6.7″ long and 2 mm wide is plenty for all-day slicing!

Lightweight and collapsible design make it easy to bring along or store wherever you want – even work desk drawers will do just fine. 100W motor delivers reliable performance, without over-stressing the system components (a simple 5 minutes on duty cycle should be enough).

Its removable parts are easy to clean and it boasts (7) non-skip suction cup feet as well as an automatic safety lock button for added protection while in use. You need your hands free for the chopping anyways, so why not use them both at once?

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use.
  • Set up easily.
  • It’s save to use.
  • It’s pretty large and need a big place to store.

3. Elite Gourmet Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer

The Elite Gourmet Precision Premium Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer is a reliable heavy duty food slicer with industrial-quality stainless steel blades designed to give you the most evenly sliced meats and cheese (up to 6 mm wide) for an amazingly delicious meal.

The slice thickness can be adjusted on the machine so that you don’t have to worry about wasting any of your precious ingredients.

The food slicer is lightweight, only 18 pounds, and comes equipped with a convenient storage rack for both preparing foods or storing dishes while not in use. It also has large suction feet that prevent vibrations when in use and offers ample space on top of the vented safety table design for easy cleaning.

Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of thickness for cuts
  • Very light and easy to use
  • Compact for easy storage
  • The suction cups work great
  • Great price
  • The blade is serrated so it can’t be sharpened

4. CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer

CUSIMAX is an advanced food slicer designed for professional use. Occupying minimum counter space, this versatile machine is perfect for any kitchen and can cut just about anything from meat, vegetables to cheese! Tired of struggling with your small handsaw? CUSIMAX will make slicing your priority easy-peasy! Strong enough to cut through tough when even nimble fingers would struggle.

Equipped with a removable blade and an access door that lets you quickly remove it after using the machine without worrying about getting all messy. The blade rides on self-lubricating dual bearings that mean no oil or grease needed while in operation! This efficient design also means less wear and tear over time making CUSIMAX very long lasting.

Pros & Cons

  • The blade is sharp.
  • Simple cleaning.
  • It can cut the meat easily and smoothly.
  • The blade seems to turn quite slowly.

5. Gourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer

You’re going to enjoy this and save some time in the kitchen with your GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer! This slicer’s sharp 7.5” stainless steel cutting blade is driven by 180 watts of fast, high yield slicing power.

With a spacious sliding food carriage, prime coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing, this product can slice thin or thick – adjust the Thickness handle from super thin to approximately 3/4 ‘’ Thick for precision sliced roasts, deli and cheeses.

The blade and food holder remove for safe, easy cleaning; suction grip bottom ensures sturdy usage on any countertop while being elegant a discreet enough to tuck away when not needed.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to remove the blade for cleaning.
  • No effort was needed to do the slicing.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The Speed is quite slow.

6. SuperHandy Meat Slicer Electric Food Deli Bread Cheese

Introducing the ingenious SuperHandy Meat Slicer, perfect for any occasion! With its high quality stainless steel blade and sleek compact design, it is hard to go wrong with this slicer!

Weighing in just 3.19kgs (7.08lbs) and equating to a size of 29W x 17D x 8H cm when folded up, you can bring your Multi Purpose Electric Food Deli Meat Bread Cheese Slicer anywhere. It’s also great for crowded kitchen tables and other places where storing space is limited.

Besides being multifunctional and convenient in use, we made sure that safety was a top priority by ensuring the 110VAC 60Hz 100 Watt gear transmission motor runs at half speed during slicing.

Pros & Cons

  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Good looking.
  • The size is quite big.

7. OSTBA Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

Professional grade and Commercial use electric meat slicer, adjustable thickness to suit any needs, easy clean-up. OSTBA Electric Meat Slicer for sale!

Introducing the OSTBA brand of commercial quality food slicers. This Professional Food Slicer will make you feel like a REAL chef with its capable motor and sharp stainless steel blade that reliably slices through assorted meats, vegetables, breads or desserts.

It features an adjustable thickness from super thin to approx 3/4” thick for slicing various of foods such as deli cheese, roast beef turkey breast vegetables and fruits (with Hold Function) . The removable immovable ring guard cover protects the cutting surfaces while allowing quick cleaning after each use.

The OSTBA Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer with Removable 7.5’’ Stainless Steel will not disappoint! This high-quality machine can accomplish quick as well as economical slices with its 7. 5” stainless steel serrated blade operated by 150 watts fast slicing power, keeping consistency at every turn alike it was already planned out beforehand.

With this product, all of the guesswork is taken away from home feeding or business needs because there is no need to learn how to use them properly; they automatically lock shut once safety buttons have both been pressed simultaneously off.

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-function: It can cut beef jerky, deli sandwiches, charcuterie boards, cold cuts, hard cheeses, ham, fruit, vegetable.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Not too sturdy.

8. Cuisinart Electric Knife

Cuisinart has created an electric knife that will save you from all those hard cutting jobs. The butcher block storing tray securely puts the blades in place and the ergonomic design of the handle ensures comfort while securing safety with a one-touch, pressure activated on/off trigger and lock.

Made for multiple uses, Cuisinart’s 2 blades enable both carving meat and cutting bread–no need to switch knifes again! Enjoy three years of worry-free use before it needs replacing. Engaging colors make this tool look fun and easy even if maintaining knives is anything but that!

Pros & Cons

  • Easily cuts through almost anything.
  • Easy to clean blades.
  • Holding down the “On” button gets a bit tiresome.

9. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

Are you in need of a knife for your next large-scale dinner party? Look no further. The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is the perfect addition to any New Year’s Eve party, backyard BBQ or summer soiree. With stainless steel blades and fork that produce even slices, it’s also a handy turkey carving knife on Thanksgiving night!

Designed with an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in either hand (so anyone can use!), we know you’ll be surprisingly pleased at how well this knives handles everything from meats and breads to crafting foam for DIY projects. And since it comes outfitted with a high quality storage case, all your friends will see just how versatile this product really is when they come over to visit.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to store.
  • Knives are sharp.
  • It can overheats with prolonged when heavy use.

Above are Top 9 Best Electric Bread Slicer Reviews. Now, let’s see some Tips and Guides on Buying Best Electric Bread Slicer as below:

Buying Guide for Electric Bread Slicer

What is a electric bread slicer and how does it works?

Electric bread slicer is an electrical kitchen appliance that cuts the bread into thin or thick slices. Electric bread slicer usually consist of a “base” on which the sliced bread are placed and then cut, and one or more “blades” that rotate to cut the bread and hold it in place. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted by moving a lever at the back of base. Electric Bread Slicer comes with power cord and plug for easy use.

How to choose the best electric bread slicer for your needs?

1. Electric bread slicer size

The most important thing to consider is the size of the electric bread slicers blade. This will determine how much loaf you can cut and at what thickness. Most of electric bread slicers on sale have a length between 20 – 25cm, this means that they can be used for all loaves (standard, whole meal or other types).

However if you prefer to buy an Electric Bread Slicer so you can make very thin slices, then you need one with a narrow width. These Electric Bread Slicers are sometimes called French Toast Slicers or Egg Toasting Punches which are made exclusively for thick French toast slices or egg baking rings. If your choice is the regular Electric Bread Slicers then you should choose one with a width of about 20-25 cm.

2. Electric bread slicer safety features

There are many Electric Bread Slicers on sale but they don’t all have the same level of safety and efficiency. Electric Bread Slicers should be made of mainly stainless steel or plastic (more durable than the regular polymers) so that cutting blades can be easily cleaned. Electric Bread Slicers offer attachment for wire shelving which is very useful if you want to make sandwiches as well.

Another important safety feature to look out for is how easy or hard it is to open and close Electric Bread Slicer after use, some Electric Bread Slicers require two hands while others just need one hand operation. Electric Bread Slicer should be power on/off button which turns off the slicer after a pre-set amount of time.

3. Electric bread slicers accessories

What Electric Bread Slicers accessories are included with the machine? Do Electric Bread Slicer accessories come with it and what are they for? Electric bread slicers usually comes with wire shelving, this is great since you can use it when making sandwiches as well.

Electric Bread Slicers also includes slicing guide plate for more accuracy on cuts, will prevent your fingers from getting hurt during operation (important if kids use Electric Bread Slice). Electric bread slicers usually have removable parts that can be cleaned in dishwasher or by hand. Most electric bread slicers have on/off switch and removable electric plug.

Electric Bread Slicer plug is usually protected by a safety cover to prevent accidental shock when not in use (important as Electric Bread Slicers are electrical appliances). It’s dimensions: Electric bread slicers need to be deep enough to accommodate your the size of loaf you wish to cut.

For an average size Electric Bread Slicer it is best if the height can accommodate minimum 300mm loaf which will be more than sufficient for most types of loaves available.

4. What are the key components used?

There are many Electric Bread Slicer manufacturers out there and they all use slightly different technology, but some important components that they have in common include: Electric Bread Slicer blades Electric Bread Slicers come with a small hole at the bottom of the Electric Bread Slice.

There is a wire there and a few millimeters of space between Electric Bread slicer blade and this hole, but if Electric bread slicer isn’t fastened tightly enough then it will move around while cutting. Safety features Electric Bread Slicers typically have safety features such as nonstick coating on blades to prevent bread from burning/sticking, or an electric cutoff switch that turns off after a set time.

Power source Electric bread slicers need to be powered by electricity through an electrical outlet so you have constant power during use.

Tips and guide on buying electric bread slicer

Here a few tips and guide lines that will help you buy the best electric bread slicer for your needs:

1. Always read Electric Bread Slicer user manual before using Buy only from reputable dealers Do thorough research of features/price comparison on the Internet Check reviews about certain model – how satisfied are previous user? There is no perfect electric bread slicers but try to find one which offers as many features as possible while staying at an affordable price.

Ask family member or friend who owns electric bread slicers already what they think about their machine.

Read the reviews on the internet to compare some types of machine.

2. Tips on how to make the right choice

Design – do you like the design of the model? Modern looking machines may look great but taste may not always live-up to expectations…

Features – is your preferred model missing some feature that other top rated models have? Check out reviews on Internet before making a final decision.

Make sure machine is suitable for power outlet available in your kitchen!

Depending on where exactly in the world you live your outlets may be different, make sure you check with model’s manufacturer if it is compatible with power outlet in your country. If not then consider buying an adapter (if possible).

How to clean Best Electric Bread Slicer?

Electric bread slicer is a must have tool for bakers who deals with huge sizes of bread on a regular basis. Bread slicer will help you to cut the bread which can be quite a tedious task with a knife. Cleaning electric bread slicer it’s not something we think about every time we use the machine, but it should be done at least once in two-three weeks depending on how often it has been used.

It is better if you clean your electric bread slicer as soon as possible after use just to make sure that dough or any residue from the last job won’t dry and form some ugly crusts around parts you can’t reach easily later when cleaning day comes around.

In this article I’ll try to give you some tips on how to clean an electric bread slicer and explain the proper way of doing this. I hope that practice will help you do it quickly and efficiently.

The most obvious part is the blade of the machine, it is very important not to forget about it as dough can dry there and form some crusts which will make cleaning harder.

You don’t need any special tools for removing dried dough from the blade – just use a wet paper towel – simply dampen slightly and wipe around – go with little pressure for avoiding too much friction between the blade and cloth – if your machine is still new.

Blades are usually quite sharp so be careful not to cut yourself! If residue won’t come off easily repeat process several times or just hold wet paper towel against blade for 1 or two minutes.

Then, remove crusted dough from the base of the slicer using a spatula (for better grip). Make sure that your hands are dry when you do it! Once you’ve finished cleaning all parts please go to main electrical panel and unplug the unit. You can use vacuum cleaner or just slightly damp cloth to clean off any visible crumbs around motor housing.

You may not think about it but knife is also very important part of electric bread slicer – after long time usage metal blade will be quite dirty with bits of dried dough stuck in holes used by wires, so take a small screwdriver and loosen every bolt on the machine one by one to take out blade completely and clean it with a wet paper towel and dish washing liquid.

You can also wash those parts in the sink using hot water and bleach if they are made of real metal – I recommend to do that as soon as possible after use to avoid crust forming around bolts or on the blade itself.

Some slicers have blades which doesn’t need any disassembling, so you just need to pop them off for better cleaning – but make sure not to lose small metallic balls! The problem is – always remember where every single part goes – otherwise you will spend lots of time trying to put everything back right.

After washing your electric bread slicer parts let all dry naturally – never put still wet parts together again – could cause short-circuit or ruin components. If you have a dish-washing machine it’s a good idea to do the complete clean once in a while, but please make sure that your slicer is not plugged in when doing so!

If you want to save some time and effort during cleaning I recommend buying a small brush with nylon bristles designed for washing all sorts of small kitchen appliances or even toothbrushes – they come cheap and will help you save lots of time when cleaning your best electric bread slicer.

FAQs about Best Electric Bread Slicer:

1. How do you use a best electric bread slicer?

Answer: Step by step to use electric bread slicer as below:

– To slice bread, position the slicer with the teeth facing down and place a loaf of bread on the top. Press down and then turn it off to stop slicing.

– Place the bread on top of the blades, or push it into them with a rolling pin if necessary. Push up until there is enough pressure for it to start cutting through.

– Hold your hand steady over all parts of the blade when using this machine so that your fingers don’t get caught.

2. How do you choose the best electric bread slicer?

Answer: We need to think about:

– Size of loaf

– Bread thickness

– Blade size and capacity

– Price

3. How do you clean a best electric bread slicer?

Answer: You can follow these steps:

– Clean the outside of the slicer with a damp cloth.

– Wipe off any crumbs from the blade and remove any excess food particles by wiping them with a wet towel.

– Remove the blade, and then use a soft brush to clean inside of it.

4. What are the benefits of using a best electric bread slicer?

Answer: The benefits are:

– Slicing bread is quicker and more accurate.

– Electric slicers offer a variety of slice thicknesses, so you can get the perfect slice every time!

– It’s safer to use an electric knife, compared to a manual one.


We hope that by reading our reviews, you can arm yourself with enough knowledge about beverage bread maker and make the best decision! It is not easy to find out what features are important for a product.

But we have done the hard work of researching all of this information so you don’t have to go through it alone. You can choose from one of these great products which are most suitable for your needs and budget. If any questions come up after using them, feel free to contact us because we want everything in your life to be perfect too!

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