Top 8 Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker Reviews

Top 8 Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker in 2022

With a bread maker, you will easily and quickly have a delicious, nutritious breakfast. So how to choose the best toaster? Let’s find out through the article below and refer to the top 8 best reports bread makers that are currently the most popular today.

Consumer Reports Bread Maker

8 Best Consumer Reports Bread Machine in 2022

1. Zojirushi BB-PAC20BA – Best for neatness

On the market today, This consumer reports bread machine is the bread machine product line that is trusted by many households.

Possessing a fairly neat design, the case is made of shiny stainless steel and stainless steel alloy, which contributes to the elegance and aesthetics of the family’s kitchen space and durable time.

It is equipped with 12 intelligent baking functions such as french bread, classic, pastry, sandwich, and 600W operating power equivalent to a cake weight of 700-900g, this product meets the needs of members of the family.

The timer mode makes the cake up to 13 hours and keeps it warm continuously for up to 1 hour later when the cake is cooked. You just need to set the timer at 6 pm the previous night, and by 6 am the next morning, you have a batch of hot, delicious bread to use with meat, eggs, and salad.

Accompanied by 3 levels of color adjustment of the crust from light yellow to dark for users to choose according to personal preferences. The inner pot is glazed with non-stick enamel, making it easier for us to clean and sanitize.

Pros & Cons

  • Neat design
  • Multifunction
  • Many power stages to choose from
  • Short warranty

2. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Machine 2 Lb – Best for Functional Variety

In the slightly higher segment, you can also consider another option called Hamilton Beach. In general, in terms of functionality, this product has many similarities with the 2LB model above.

We can easily notice some similarities such as integrated with 12 convenient baking functions, 3 cake colors from light to dark or a 13-hour processing timer and keep warm in the morning about 60 minutes later.

The biggest difference has to come from the design; Hamilton Beach Bread Maker owns a durable stainless steel body with a strong and very delicate black tone; inside is a high-quality non-stick pot and has a capacity of approx. 3 liters.

Besides, the capacity is quite large, up to 750W, to meet the needs of baking with a maximum weight of 0.7-1kg in only about 30 to 60 minutes. A clear and easy-to-operate LCD system is installed above the lid.

Pros & Cons

  • Multifunction
  • Easy to use
  • Large baking capacity
  • A bit bulky

3. Cuisinart Bread Maker 2LB – Best for ingredient quantification

Cuisinart Bread Maker 2LB, which is one of the best bread machines consumer reports, is considered to be the most advanced bread machine product line currently launched by the Cuisinart brand on the market. Comes with a lot of advanced technology comes a very high price. Although only equipped with functional capacity.

Its power is relatively low, only about 350W, but users can take advantage of the smart timer mode that lasts up to 13 hours, just put the ingredients into the machine the night before, and the next morning, there is a batch of cakes to make breakfast with the family.

As a multifunctional product, this version of Cuisinart can also be used as a replacement for a dedicated toaster, thanks to its fully automatic ingredient dosing. This dispenser automatically chops nuts, grains or fruit, and distributes them evenly with the batter.

The menu is rich with 13 options built into the machine. Inside the engine is a sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature according to the temperature of the environment. A utility in Cuisinart 2LB that not many products have is the mode to save the cake processing process for up to 10 minutes if there is a power failure.

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile
  • Relatively high power
  • Luxurious design
  • Long incubation time

4. Oster Expressbake Breadmaker 2 LB – Best for the cheap

Oster Expressbake Breadmaker is the most affordable line of bakery machines from this Polish brand, a 3-in-1 device when you can use it to make hotdogs, waffles, or make a blister Multi-function electric grill is extremely convenient.

Most Oster products are appreciated for their design and the Oster Expressbake Breadmaker 2LB is no exception. Possessing a luxurious appearance, sophisticated design with a case made from heavy-duty stainless steel, a safe, insulated handle, and a built-in signal light system on the lid.

Below is a system of rubber feet to help the machine stand firmly on the table without slipping. The inside is a baking tray with a non-stick coating that is easy to clean and wash after processing.

The motor has a capacity of 750W for stable and powerful operation. Only about 2 minutes after putting ingredients such as butter, meat, and eggs into the machine, you have your own extremely delicious and equally attractive finished cakes.

Pros & Cons

  • Huge 750W motor
  • Fast incubation time
  • Fast baking speed
  • Quite expensive

5. Panasonic home bakery 2 loaf – Best for simple baking

If you love sandwiches, hotdogs, waffles, cookies, this product can be a good choice. The product is quite compact in size, delicate in design, and especially has a built-in safety lock.

With Panasonic home bakery 2 loaves, the baking process becomes simple through just a few taps. Users only need to put the pre-mixed cake dough with the equipment of a dough mixer or an egg beater into the mold; after only about 2 minutes, you can enjoy a batch of delicious cakes.

Comes with the machine are 3 different shaped molds for users to process according to their preferences. These 3 cake molds are all covered with a layer of high-quality, durable non-stick enamel, so they won’t stick to cake dough and won’t peel off when cleaning.

The operating capacity of the machine will determine whether the time to cook a batch of bread is fast or slow, the large capacity of the device may consume power, but honestly, it is not much.

It is important that the quality of the cake made must be golden, crispy and delicious. You can take advantage of the family’s multi-function oven to bake cakes, but the quality of the cake cannot be equal to a dedicated bread machine.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Moderate capacity
  • Fast baking speed
  • Quite power consuming

6. Breadman BK2000B 2-½-Pound – Best for Adjustability

The machine includes 12 baking functions, 3 levels of cake color adjustment, a timer function of up to 13 hours, and warm for 60 minutes after the cake is cooked. You will easily select the above positions through the LCD screen and buttons.

Breadman BK2000B 2 bread machine is made of safe plastic material to use. A subtle combination with white brings elegance to the product as well as highlights your kitchen. Non-stick inner pot makes it easier to clean.

Breadman BK2000B 2 bread machine has a versatile, handy design with the ability to operate fully automatically from preparation. Kneading to baking, combined with 13 pre-set menus that will help you quickly get the bread you love the most, then be ready for a dynamic, efficient, and full-of-life working day.

The bread machine features a timer and a modern LCD. Easy to use push-button control panel. High-grade non-stick coating pot, with dough knife. Timer function up to 13 hours, when you wake up in the morning, you have bread to enjoy. When using the timer function, please put all the ingredients in the pot, set the timer until the next morning to complete.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Diverse menu
  • There timer function
  • Quite difficult to clean

7. Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB – Best for cheap

Possessing a capacity of up to 1000W, the Cuisinart CBK toaster is a product of Cuisinart – a brand that is so familiar in the world of kitchen appliances of every family. Many homemakers choose today to make in the US with the 2LB model, with a neat, luxurious design, good quality, and durability.

The Cuisinart CBK-100 2 LB toaster operates strongly with a capacity of 930W, is a cheap and very popular toaster product line of the Swedish brand Electrolux. With a compact design, elegant white color, and various baking modes to adjust the crispiness of bread, it will help your family have a delicious and quick breakfast to start a new working day with everything lucky.

If you need to buy a good quality, safe and affordable home sandwich toaster, this product will be the most suitable choice for you. This is a machine with a capacity of 800W-940W designed in European style, simple and convenient to help you be more active in baking, bringing crispy and delicious hot sandwiches for the whole family.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap
  • Long term table
  • Prestigious brand
  • Durability is not high

8. Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker – Best for compact size

Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker is a very popular toaster oven model today. The machine has a compact design with luxurious and sturdy black color. The oven is equipped with a toggle bar to bake bagels and loaves, giving your family a delicious breakfast in the fastest way.

This toaster is made with high-quality silver-coated plastic material, very safe for users, without the potential risk of producing harmful substances for human health. The machine has a capacity of 800 – 940W with many different modes. Prominent among them are the interrupt mode while the program runs and the defrost and reheat way, helping you quickly get crispy bread rolls, making the meal more delicious.

Cuisinart CBK-200 has a very compact and handy design with a 90cm long power cord and a power cord compartment, making the product neater and easier to use. With this machine, you only need 1 minute and 30 seconds to prepare breakfast for your family with hot, crispy sandwiches and loaves of bread.

Cuisinart CBK-200 is equipped with a capacity of 700W, providing the ability to bake bread quickly, crispy, hot but still save power. With this machine, you can bake and reheat bread, pizza, and even sandwiches with different settings.

In particular, this bread oven is equipped with 6 adjustable levels with 6 warming levels, allowing users to easily manipulate and adjust to get the right temperature according to their needs and preferences myself.

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-function equipment
  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Various power modes
  • Quite difficult to control

Above are Top 8 Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker Reviews. Now, let’s see some Tips and Guides on Buying Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker as below:

Buying Guides for Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker

What is a bread machine?

As the name suggests, a bread machine is an automatic braking device, and the user just needs to put all the necessary ingredients (wheat flour, milk, yeast, seasonings such as salt, sugar, …) into it. Inside the mold according to the correct baking ratio. After that, the machine will automatically perform three stages of kneading, baking, and baking in the preset time (average from 60 minutes to 2.5 hours).

Functions of the bread machine

Kneading the dough: You just need to add the ingredients. The machine will automatically knead the dough, mix well until a smooth dough is formed.

Dough annealing: After completing the kneading process, the machine will switch to annealing mode for the dough to expand. Automatic dough incubation with a machine will give you maximum efficiency without worrying about damage due to inappropriate temperature.

Baking: The last step before making a delicious batch of cakes is baking. The bread machine has a mode that allows you to choose the age of the crust from light yellow to dark brown to meet each person’s preferences.

Making jam: This is an extended function of the bread machine; you just need to add the ingredients that have been ground or cut according to your needs, add sugar, water to the engine and then start it, the device will conduct the moving process and cook jam.

Should I buy a bread machine?

Here are some reasons why you should buy a bread machine, you can consider before making a decision:

Ensuring food hygiene and safety requirements are met: Making your own cakes at home will help you be more proactive in choosing to buy clean, clear ingredients and make sure that the cooking process takes place in clean, cool, hygienic conditions. The concern about food safety and hygiene of homemakers is understandable because we cannot know whether the process, ingredients, and baking machinery at the stores are guaranteed enough.

Diverse cooking dishes: Having a bread machine will also give homemakers more flexibility while preparing breakfast for the whole family. In addition to bread dough, users can use the device for kneading dough for cakes, French baguettes, cookies, dumplings, pizza, donuts, hotdogs, or dough to make noodles, pasta.

Save time and effort: Obviously, the help of smart machines will reduce human effort and save time effectively. The same goes for the bread machine, and the baking stages are all automatic, you will not need to touch the dough during the preparation process. Not only that, with this machine, every member of your family can work quickly to make a delicious and nutritious loaf of bread.

Quick cleaning and cleaning: Compared with manual bread-making stages, baking with a machine will help you more comfortable cleaning; you just need to soak, wash only the baking cage in the machine and wipe the surface. The machine with a damp cloth is done.

In addition to the above advantages, the only drawback of the machine is that there is only one large rectangular mold/cage, so the shape of the cake is only one type. If you want to make another shape, you have to knead the dough in the pot and then take it out to shape, let the dough rest outside, then put the cake in the oven to bake.

How to buy a bread machine?

The market today has many types of home bread machines. However, choosing a machine that suits your requirements is not simple; you should focus your attention on some of the following criteria. :

Design, and material of the machine

This is the first factor people look for when buying any product. The machine has a solid block design, quite simple, compact, occupying most of the area of ​​​​the mold cavity. The machine’s control panel is presented and annotated clearly and simply, the built-in LED, or LCD screen is responsible for displaying the baking time and related parameters. Before buying, you should check the area where the bread machine is placed in your home to find the right size, the most suitable, without taking up too much kitchen space.

In addition, color selection is also a point many families pay attention to.

The main color in most current bread machine models is white – gray-black. These three basic colors can almost match all architecture and kitchen interiors, bringing a luxurious and elegant look but equally youthful and delicate. Therefore, deciding to buy a product with a new color suitable for your kitchen will be quite simple and easy for you.

The case and inner pot material determine the quality of the product and the machine’s durability. When buying a bread machine, you should choose models made of safe, high-quality, easy-to-clean materials such as PP, ABS, or stainless steel. In addition, the inner pot must also be coated with good non-stick enamel; the blade/dough knife needs to be strong and resistant to impact, so the new machine works well and is durable for a long time.

Capacity of the machine

You can choose the capacity of the machine depending on your needs and the number of family members. The operating power of the device is the determining factor in the cooking time of a batch of bread. In general, with the needs of today’s families, a machine with a capacity of 350 to 700W is suitable, both ensuring fast speed, not too long baking time, and low power consumption.

Function of the machine

As we have listed in the above sections, a bread machine can be applied in many cases with its functions. In addition, each brand is equipped with several other special features to highlight the product, attract the attention of consumers, and you can also choose from there to choose the product that meets the customer’s needs myself. That is:

  • The super-speed baking mode can make a quick batch of bread in 15 – 30 minutes.
  • The timer mode helps users to set the way and baking time at all times, even overnight.
  • More advanced, some products come with a smart memory feature, which automatically records the baking process in the previous 10 minutes to prevent power failures. When restarting, the machine will continue to perform the baking process stored in the memory, no need to start over.

Additional modes and features

In addition to the main function of making bread, today’s bread machine products are also equipped with many other extremely convenient features and modes such as: making French bread, jam, hotdog. In addition, try to choose a machine with extremely convenient bread dough and pizza base cycle.

Besides the basic features, the bread machine product lines are also integrated with an automatic baking timer for up to 13 hours. In the evening, you just need to prepare the ingredients and put them in the pot, set the appropriate baking mode; the next morning, you have a delicious batch of cakes. Some models using LED or LCD control panels for easy monitoring and control parameters are also very popular today.

The high-end product lines of brands such as Panasonic have an additional feature that automatically records the baking process. In case of an unfortunate power outage, the process is saved in memory, and the machine can able to resume normal operation when power is restored.

Warranty mode

When choosing to buy any household electrical product, the warranty is also a factor that you need to find out quite quickly. This partly shows the prestige and quality of the product you choose to buy. Currently, most bread machine products have a pretty good warranty period of up to 12 months. However, there are still many products of unclear origin on the market and poor quality with a warranty period of fewer than six months.

Notes when using bread machine

  1. The cake mold (basket) is a removable part, and you should lift the mold out when you want to pour bread ingredients in to avoid dropping components into the electrical parts of the machine.
  2. Always make sure that the beater hook (wand – located at the bottom of the mold, used to knead the ingredients) is properly attached to the machine before you add the ingredients. If not installed correctly, the engine will not run, and you will have to pour out the ingredients to adjust.
  3. Note that each cake recipe will require a different order of ingredients. Usually, cake recipes say which components you need first and which elements later, but if the recipe doesn’t, then you need to use the following order: liquids and yeast first, then dry ingredients. , then salt (never add salt and yeast at the same time, it will ruin the yeast), then add butter. Need to soften, cut butter before adding.
  4. When “adding” ingredients, such as cheese, nuts, spices, etc., into the machine, wait until your loaf has started to take shape, then gently sprinkle the ingredients over them. on.

For example, if you are making carrot bread or wait for the dough to form a ball (the dough is almost done), slowly sprinkle the shredded carrots to let the machine continue to mix. When adding these ingredients at the beginning, they will often not mix as well as desired.

  1. Always remember to check the condition of your loaf, especially with first-time recipes. Sometimes the machine will not mix the dough evenly, and you will have to watch to timely detect and adjust, don’t wait until the engine has finished baking to see that the finished product is not good. Not to mention, if you don’t check and just turn on the machine and then leave it, there will be times when you think you have to open the device to have bread to eat, but you will see the scene of flour going to flour, water to water.
  2. Although you know this well, it is also important to repeat that freshly baked cakes are very hot. Of course, the cake pan is also very hot, and you should unplug the power and leave the machine on for a while before taking out the cake. The beater hook located at the bottom of the cake pan may fall off when you pour the cake out, be careful as it is also very hot.

Steps by Steps on Using Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker.

The first thing you need to do is buy a best bread maker. There are various types of bread makers available based on the size and the quality of the product. You can also compare these machines by considering some important points like durability, texture of your loaf, ease of use, convenience etc.

There are several steps which will help you in making perfect loaves every time. The first step is putting all ingredients into the container provided for baking. It should be done just before turning it on, because it ensures that the yeast doesn’t have much time to rise out.

Use dry measuring cups for flour and then leveling them off with a knife or spatula since excess flour might cause uneven rising during baking process leading to an undesirable texture.

Next step is to make sure that the bread maker has been placed inside a cold oven. Have butter or margarine ready for greasing the pan which comes along with bread maker.

Now place all ingredients in containers provided for mixing, making sure it doesn’t exceed the top line of these containers. The next thing is to put the pan into baking chamber and then lock it properly according to manufacturer’s instructions. Press start/select button on your machine, select desired program and press start again.

The baking process usually takes under an hour depending upon how you have set time, temperature etc. You can also try out recipes available online or at recipe books for best result. Once your loaf becomes golden brown take it out of machine very carefully using oven mitts. Let the bread rest for ten minutes in pan before turning it out on a rack.

Baking is always fun especially when you get perfect results every time. So, just follow these simple steps to get the best loaf of bread every time you bake with your bread maker machine .

How to Clean Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker?

Cleaning should be done immediately after it has cooled down, but before you grease the pan. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe out inside of baking chamber and unplug machine from power outlet. Always clean according to manufacturer’s instructions and never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads to clean its surface or components since this will damage them.

You can also take help from consumer reports bread maker reviews regarding best brands available in market for your needs.

Common Mistakes When Using Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker

Overloading is one of the most common mistakes people make while using bread maker. Overloading will not allow dough to rise properly and get baked which will result in an undesirable loaf. Another mistake would be to add dry ingredients first and wet ones later on, so instead mix all ingredients at once.

Ingredients should be placed in containers provided for them carefully without exceeding maximum fill line. Otherwise you might end up with a burnt loaf or under-cooked dough depending upon what you have done wrong during the process of baking your perfect loaf!

FAQs about Best Consumer Reports Bread Maker:

1. Question: What is the function of a bread maker?

Answer: There are 3 main functions of a bread maker:

– To bake bread.
– To make dough.
– To toast bread.

2. Question: What is the difference between a bread maker and an oven?

Answer: The difference of them as below:
– A bread maker bakes dough while an oven heats up air.
– Bread makers use less electricity than ovens.
– A bread maker can make a loaf of bread in 3 hours, while it takes 8 hours in an oven.

 3. Question: What features are most important to you in a bread maker?

Answers: The most important to me in a bread maker are:
– Easy to use.
– Makes gluten-free bread.
– Has lots of settings.

4. Question: How do you choose the best bread maker for your needs?

Answers: Base on my experience, there are some criteria to consider before buying a bread maker as below:
– Size of bread loaf (large, medium, small).
– Price.
– Wattage.

5. Question: How do you clean the inside of your bread maker?

Answer: You can clean inside your bread maker follow these steps:

– Remove all parts from machine and rinse with water.
– Clean the outside of the machine, then soak any removable parts in a mixture of baking soda and warm water.
– Soak all removable parts in a solution of 1 tablespoon dish soap mixed with 2 cups hot water.


In fact, consider your family’s needs for a bread machine. Ask the question whether you have used all the features of this machine? Or is this product suitable for your home’s economic conditions? From there, you can consider choosing a suitable bread machine for your family without wasting money and functionality.

The 8 types of machines introduced in the article are products that many consumers trusts. Because these products can meet diverse baking needs as well as aesthetics, you must choose the product with the most suitable price for your income.

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