[TOP 9] Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit Reviews

9 Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

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Green smoothie machines are an indispensable household item in your kitchen, especially when the weather is hot and you want a cup of fresh and nutritious juice; it will support you with that. On the market, there are many different designs, designs, and brands. So how to equip yourself with the knowledge to choose a good product? The following 9 best blenders for frozen fruit will help you. Let’s go!

Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit

[TOP 9] Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit Reviews in 2022

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750: Best blender for frozen fruit for self-cleaning capabilities

 This is Vitamix’s most outstanding blender product. The machine is equipped with a large capacity, saving food grinding time and saving effort for users.

The blade is made of stainless steel material, which grinds a variety of foods. The machine can puree hard foods such as ice cubes, fish meat, hard fruits or nuts. With the large capacity of the container, you can comfortably puree fruit or food enough for all family members.

Moreover, this best blender for ice and frozen fruit is made of durable ingredients, withstands great pressure from the outside and is very heat resistant, so you can rest assured with large amounts of food grinding.

The product is designed with 5 preset cycles: Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Soft Drinks and Self-Cleaning. You can customize the settings to suit your dish. With the help of this product, you will be able to complete your favorite dishes easily and quickly.

During using the product, you can change the speed and pulse to best suit your dish. With its modern design, the product saves you time when cleaning tools. You only need warm water and soap; the machine can clean itself in about 30-60 seconds without taking it apart.

The device has a low-profile 64-Ounce container, so it is suitable for most kitchen cabinets and convenient to carry away. Products are warranted for 12 months. During use, if you have any problems, you can contact the supplier for timely maintenance.

The product has a high price compared to the conditions of some families. However, you also know that with such a device with such outstanding features, safety and efficiency, the price is quite appropriate.

Pros & Cons

  • Automatic cleaning
  • The blade is made of stainless steel
  • High price

2. Ninja Professional 1000-Watt – Best blender for frozen fruit for large capacity

 Consumers can rest assured when using Ninja products because all these products are with genuine warranty. In addition, the components of the product must undergo rigorous testing to meet new quality standards applied in products.

The blender is equipped with a capacity of up to 1000W to ensure the food is pureed without the phenomenon of pigmentation when grinding. Large capacity helps users save a lot of time in food processing, suitable for busy people and require high time accuracy.

The control system of the machine is quite easy to use, allowing all users to use it. The mill of the machine is made from high-quality plastic, is resistant to breakage, does not crack during the grinding process, so it is safe to use. With this material, the cleaning process is also easier; it does not stick to the smell to help protect the health of family members.

With the desire to bring convenience to users, especially those who have to balance home and work time, Ninja always expands the product line in all devices with integrated multi-feature lines in a single instrument. This saves you time and kitchen space and reduces the cost of purchasing other equipment. Functions such as grinding, mixing, and puree is very popular with consumers.

This product also has a pretty nice texture, bringing sophistication and elegance. The harmony is also created from here, so the product has been chosen by many people.

Pros & Cons

  • High power
  • The right price
  • The machine makes a loud noise

3. Breville Fresh & Furious: Best blender for frozen fruit for stainless steel blades

 Produced based on modern Australian technology, Breville Fresh & Furious Blender Blender carries the world’s No. 1 industry’s technological quintessence.

Not stopping there, the blade is also manufactured in stainless steel, with high rigidity and durability. Therefore, the machine can grind the hardest fruits and even grind ice into snow. Depending on the purpose of use, you can create different dishes to suit your family, such as crushing, chopping, whipping and aerating.

The large-capacity blender can finely grind all kinds of ingredients, including ice cubes, cereals or flour in a short time. You can save enormous amounts of time doing other things. The product helps you to make attractive dishes, cool smoothies for hot summer days that ensure food quality, safety, and supply of necessary nutrients for everyone.

The mortar shell is made of BPA-free plastic, resistant to high temperatures, impact and wear. The Breville Assist ™ lid is durable and safe, uniquely designed for easy removal. You can easily clean it when cleaning the product. The product is equipped with a control panel with an LED screen to easily observe and adjust the speed during use.

With a diverse design of features, automatic grinding mode, the machine supports users a lot in processing various beverages such as ice blended drinks, smoothies, shakes. It contributes to a rich menu that saves time compared to using the combination of conventional blender programs.

Therefore, if you own a Blender blender, you can replace many other appliances in your kitchen and save a lot of time for yourself to do other things.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel blades
  • The plastic case is easy to scratch

4. Blendtec Professional 800: Best blender for frozen fruit for sound sealed pods

 Blendtec blender is a product of European standard with high durability and safety. Users will save time processing beverages and use the most economical level of energy.

One of the highlights of this product is the blunt blade made from cold steel. This blade has a thickness and hardness 10 times higher than other devices on the market. Thanks to this feature, you can rest assured when taking food out of the blender without fear of injury. Cleaning tools are also a lot easier. However, the use of blunt blades does not affect the quality of food grinding. The machine can still produce dishes from the hardest foods like ice to perfect smoothness.

With 6 pre-set blending cycles, this blender will help you fulfil all your culinary needs most efficiently and economically in very little time. In less than 5 seconds, you can prepare wines, premium coffee, fruit juices, smoothies. Or you can prepare dishes such as sauces, appetisers, desserts, or dishes for children. You can even organize a Cocktail within minutes.

Manufacturers have made it simple and easy to use the device with its one-touch feature. A modern design touch panel makes your kitchen more luxurious and attractive. An LCD screen with a timer makes it convenient for you to observe the operation of the device.

The product overcomes the disadvantages of traditional products in terms of noise potential. With an exclusive acoustic housing design, this blender helps you complete the dish with minimal noise. You can both use the device and have a normal conversation with everyone.

Products have a warranty period of up to 10 years. This is a relatively long term for a technology product. Therefore, you can be completely assured of this good quality product.

Pros & Cons

  • Sound sealed cover
  • Blunt tongue
  • When I first bought the mill, the new plastic smell was quite unpleasant

5. Blendtec Classic 575: Best blender for frozen fruit for BPA Free jug material

 Blender is increasingly popular and becomes one of the indispensable items in the kitchen of every family. Blendtec Classic 575 has been upgraded and integrated with more modern new features to address many users’ needs.

This device is used to blend, grind, and grind food to serve the user’s purpose. The blender will lighten your kitchen chores. Instead of spending time using a mortar and pestle to crush your food, just put it all in the blender and press the button. These operations are easy, convenient and save time and effort. The 5-speed manual control panel of the machine adjusts to the material to save preparation time and control the mixing process.

The machine body with high-quality plastic material has a good bearing capacity, good anti-fouling resistance, creating durability for the working process, and cleaning conveniently. BPA-free material makes it safe to use. The transparent colour of the container makes it easy to see the food inside, convenient to control the speed and quality of the finished product. In addition, you can use the dishwasher to do the cleaning and cleaning of the machine.

The machine is also equipped with a stainless steel blade, which can quickly puree all kinds of food. At the same time, this blade is completely chemical-free, does not rust after a long time of use, ensuring the health of your whole family. Besides, the blade is also designed with a large thickness compared to other blades. This makes it easy to clean and remove the food from the machine.

The product is good in quality and has a modern and luxurious design in appearance that adorns your kitchen space more beautifully. With many advantages, high-quality materials and effective performance, this product is loved and trusted by most people. This is an impossible item in the kitchen of every house, especially in today’s busy and dynamic life.

Pros & Cons

  • The tank material is BPA free
  • Easy to use
  • Poor longevity

6. Vitamix E310: Best for sustainability

 Vitamix E310 is equipped with a large capacity of 1400W to help you grind smooth, thick smoothies that don’t separate layers after grinding. A powerful motor with pure copper material helps the blender operate extremely durable and can run continuously for a long time.

The Vitamix E310 industrial blender designed a 2-litre jar to help you grind more fruit and bring high profits to the business. The mill is made of food plastic, is super durable, has no BPA, so it’s safe for your health.

The stainless steel blade is extremely sharp; the powertrain is made of super-durable steel. The rubberised base helps the blender not shake, shake when operating, and operate extremely smoothly.

The blends made by Vitamix industrial blenders such as a smoothie, ice cream, and soup are guaranteed the best quality. Extremely fast delivery speed thanks to a powerful engine, convenient design as well as easy cleaning after use.

Intelligent control system with 6 pre-programmed functions. The potentiometer system adjusts the rotation speed while the machine is in operation, making it easier for the user to choose a more suitable speed. Besides, this blender is equipped with a screen (LED) that displays the function and time of operation.

Pros & Cons

  • Lasting
  • Support many different dishes
  • Pretty heavy

7. Vitamix 780 Blender: Best blender for frozen fruit in drinks

 The Vitamix 780 industrial blender is equipped with a powerful 2,611W (3.5HP) motor, combined with an exclusive noise-cancelling kit with a super beautiful plastic cage to halve the noise compared to a pine blender. The Vitamix 780 blender is a wise choice for cafes, milk tea or luxury bars. The product meets the needs of high-frequency usage.

The Vitamix 780 blender grinds ice and foods such as frozen fruit, yoghurt ice cream, ice cream, cereals and green vegetables quickly and easily. Vitamix 780 Blender also has a variety of adjustment modes for a wide variety of ground ingredients. The machine can puree within 10 seconds, leaving no ice.

You will probably be impressed with the modern design, helping you to make delicious, nutritious smoothies quickly. High-quality jar material is safe for users.

The super-hard titanium blade allows this blender to do the “heavy lifting” jobs than the average blender, making it easy to handle the most stubborn ingredients.

The convenient Vitamix 780 Blender blender with the touch button easily adjusts the blending mode, capacity and grinding time to suit your needs.

Pros & Cons

  • Convenient
  • High grinding speed
  • Quite a lot of electricity

8. COSORI C700 1500W: Best blender for frozen fruit in modern design

 In meals, breakfast every day, you want to make them nutritious and delicious thanks to healthy vitamins. Let’s use the COSORI C700 glass blender with 1500w capacity to bring good grind efficiency with a short time to grind fruit, grind meat, dry grind.

The parts of this blender are removable, making it easy to assemble and clean after use. With that, the blender uses pure copper motor winding. This will increase the life of the machine, and you can rest assured to use them for years without worrying about damage.

As for the mill, the machine is divided into two separate jars. The main mill made of glass and the secondary mill made of virgin plastic is very premium. Besides, the stainless steel blade will bring great work efficiency, easily cut and grind all your family’s food in no time.

Pros & Cons

  • High power
  • Easy to clean
  • The size is quite large

9. NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z: Best for easy of use

 The NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z blender helps the whole family have delicious and nutritious drinks. The machine has a capacity of 250W and a stuffing capacity of 650W to help you quickly grind and puree foods to save you more time. Machine with a self-shutdown mechanism when overloaded will ensure maximum safety for users.

High-quality materials

The blade with high-quality material does not oxidise during operation.

Tritan material is shatter-resistant and does not produce harmful substances, helping you have a durable product and it is easier to clean it in the dishwasher.

3 mortars come in many sizes

The blender set with 3 different capacities helps you to have more reasonable choices when processing foods with different weight and food status easily.

Easy to use

The blender parts can be flexibly disassembled, making them easier to manipulate when using and more gentle with the cleaning and preserving utensils after use.

Each blender comes with a separate lid that helps you ensure hygiene for your utensils and makes it easy for you to cook many dishes simultaneously.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Multifunction
  • Performance is sometimes unstable

Above are Top 9 Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit Reviews. Now, let’s see some Tips and Guide on Buying Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit as below:

Buying guide for the best blenders for frozen fruit

Besides the desktop machine, a hand blender is also the choice of many Vietnamese families with a special design when it is possible to grind food directly in bowls and cups. To choose a good and family-friendly blender, you have to consider many different factors.

The hand blender has outstanding advantages. It has a compact design in use and movement, can grind food directly in bowls, cups, cups, and pots without the need for a specialised mill, food is fibre pureed than a regular blender, cleaning is also quick and simple.

How We Choose the Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit?

Classification of blender

Conventional blender

It was the first type of blender and is still popular today, with the main function being used to grind all kinds of food. If your use is only for grinding fresh baby foods or blending fruit mixes, you can consider buying this product.

The structure includes 01 machine body + 01 dry mills + 01 wet mills. There are 2 – 3 basic grinding speeds.

Pros & Cons

  • Convenient for installation and use.
  • Easy to clean the camera body.
  • The price is affordable for most consumers.
  • Spend a lot of time cleaning the jar after use.
  • Designs and designs are not eye-catching.
  • Not convenient when travelling.

Hand blender

The design is long cylindrical; the control button is above the handle. You can put the machine directly into a bowl, cup or any other tool you find suitable for your needs.

Pros & Cons

  • ompact design, convenient to carry when travelling.
  • Easy to clean after use.
  • Not required to use the same bowl included.
  • Suitable for families with weaning-age children.
  • Cannot grind dry food or hard fruit.
  • The price is higher than a conventional blender.
  • The vibration is large, so it requires strong hand force when using it.

Multi-purpose blender

With many outstanding features over the two above lines such as: squeezing oranges, squeezing the fruit, beating white, the blender is increasingly being chosen by consumers, especially with coffee shops or mixing enthusiasts at home.

The structure of the multi-purpose blender is also more complicated, they include 1-2 rotating cylinders on a machine body, and many types of jars and blades included.

Pros & Cons

  • With many functions in one product, your kitchen will not have too many appliances.
  • Especially cost savings when you own an “all in 1” product.
  • There are more useful functions.
  • Automatically disconnect power when having problems.
  • Bulky design, not convenient for carrying while travelling.
  • It takes a lot of time to clean the machine.
  • The price is higher than other grinders.

Choice of the mill material

With the mill line on the market, there are usually two types of mill: Mill and glass mill with a plastic jar that is relatively light, easy to handle. However, cleaning is more difficult, and if the bowl is made of bad plastic, it can affect the user’s health. The machine with a heavier glass jar, harder to hold, fragile, but the advantage is easy to clean but safe for the user’s health.

Consider the cost 

You can afford to buy the machine. Nowadays, with many modern innovations, many blender types are capable of cleaning the jar and the blade after you use it, so you do not need to remove or manually clean the inside. Multi-purpose grinders come in a variety of prices, so choose the best one you can afford! Before you buy, you should compare prices at some online stores, some reputable electronics supermarkets! Where there are good promotions, cheaper prices, choose only!

Choose to buy a machine from a famous brand

Hand blenders from brands Braun, Philips, Kangaroo, Goldsun always ensure the best quality and durability for consumers. Besides, you should also choose suppliers with a good warranty and customer care.

Consider the features of the machine

The main function of the machine is a blender. However, the handset also has the function of whisking eggs and cream when changing accessories. Some products support meat grinding, hot food grinding and bring many conveniences for families when cooking.

Material and design of blender

Depending on your opinion and preferences, you can choose a mill made of plastic or glass material, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The blade needs to be made from stainless steel, extremely sharp, has a horizontal and vertical effect when operating, so you can puree all food.

Based on usage, needs to choose the machine with the right capacity

If you only use the machine to grind soft foods, you just need to choose a machine with a capacity of about 300 W, but if your family needs to add the function of grinding dry seeds, grinding ice, the power of 500 W is reasonable.

Another note

Another note for you is that you should choose to buy a blender from brands and reputable distributors to avoid counterfeit goods. The price difference between the manufacturers of the mill machine is not much. Therefore, if you find there is a selling address that is much lower than the general premises, you should consider it carefully.

Here are some experiences of buying a multifunctional blender, but you can learn more about some of the most prestigious mills today to choose to buy.

Some Tips on How to Use Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit.

1. Always make sure the blender you are working with is not overfilled. Make sure that there is about an inch of space left in the container when you add ingredients. This will prevent spilling and help the motor to run smooth without overheating.

Raising your blender’s hot surface above a cool countertop can also contribute to this issue, which makes it even more important to place the unit on top of something heat absorbent like a folded towel or dish rag while blending.

2. Frozen fruit comes with its own set of issues when being blended, so expect some trial and error before finding what works best for you in terms of consistency and speed settings. You may want to layer yogurt or ice cream at the bottom followed by soft fruit and ice. This will help to move the harder ingredients down towards the blade first, which is key for developing a consistent smoothie or frappe.

3. Don’t be afraid of under-filling your blender: if you aren’t sure about quantity, it’s better to err on the side of too little than too much – you can always add more, but adding extra ingredients means risking an overflow once the blades start turning.

If you’re running into problems where your mix is moving around rapidly inside the jar but won’t blend properly (or at all), it might be that there isn’t enough liquid to allow the motor to work effectively; pour in some milk, orange juice or other liquid as, starting with a small amount will usually help things get going.

4. If you’re trying to mix hard ingredients such as ice cubes with soft fruit or yogurt, you can use a blender’s “pulse” setting to give the blades an extra kick-start by briefly stopping them once they start spinning, then starting up again at full speed for just one second before turning it off again to repeat the process until the mixture is smooth.

This should enable you to blend together ingredients that are normally at opposite ends of the consistency spectrum without much trouble.

5. Grinding nuts prior to adding them into the blender will significantly increase your success rate when creating almond butter or other nut butters in your immersion blender, so set aside some time if you plan on making these treats.

Grinding the nuts before introducing them into the mixing vessel will help prevent any accidents if part of your batch decides to fly up towards the blade instead of staying down on the bottom.

6. A blender’s blades are sharp, so be very careful when cleaning or handling this appliance after use. Avoid putting your fingers under blades while washing by placing a dishtowel over them if necessary.

Also make sure you never immerse the entire unit in water as this can damage internal wiring that is not waterproof and short out your immersion blender’s motor completely, leading to an expensive replacement cost for parts alone (not including labor).

7. Be aware that using certain types of fruit juices without diluting them with water can cause some models to become excessively noisy or “thick.” Especially if you’ve ever tried to use a standard blender on the same type of fruit juices, you may have noticed that it struggled to break up pieces of pulp and had more trouble getting things moving.

8. In terms of safety, many immersion blenders include an auto shut-off feature so the blades will stop spinning when lifted off the bottom of your mixing vessel – however, this doesn’t always apply if liquid is introduced into the jar mid-cycle.

To protect yourself and avoid injury, be sure to never run any appliance with a wet hand or foot: disengage all power switches before stepping away from your blender and allow everything inside to come to a complete stop before removing any parts for cleaning.

9. Check the base of your blender for any casings that may be cracked or otherwise compromised. If there is even the slightest damage to the case, do not use it until you can obtain a replacement motor housing or at least consult with an authorized service center in order to assess the extent of damage and get advice on whether it’s safe to keep using until you can obtain a replacement part.

10. Some models come equipped with a small plunger-like device on one side for pushing food down towards the blade while blending – I have not found this feature particularly useful as it tends to limit my options on how much I put inside, so I typically ignore this aspect of my immersion blender’s design altogether and just stick with regular stirring motions to get things moving in the mixing vessel.

Steps on How to Use Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit

Prepare ingredients and add them to a blender filled with at least one cup of liquid.

Add more ingredients gradually and continue blending until desired consistency is reached. If necessary, use a spoon or rubber spatula to push ingredients down towards the blades.

Serve immediately in chilled glasses, add garnish if desired, and enjoy!

How to Clean Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit?

Cleaning your immersion blender is quick and painless, but keep in mind that different types of materials may cause problems with certain cleansing agents. Most blenders (including all the ones mentioned above) are safe to use for cleaning in a dishwasher – just be sure that you never place any parts or motor casings underwater as this can short out internal wiring.

Dishwashers aside, here are some additional tips on how to clean individual components:

Main Vessel : For easiest cleanup, fill halfway up with hot water and add either one drop of dish soap or a few teaspoons of baking soda. Attach the head and turn it on so it spins around inside your vessel, allowing any food residues to mix with the cleansing agent.

After about a minute, simply lift the head straight up and off and everything will be rinsed off in moments. You can also use an old toothbrush for scrubbing especially stubborn areas of residue if needed.

Jar : For this piece, just fill halfway with hot water and add a few teaspoons of dish soap. Swirl around inside the jar until all residues are gone, then run through your regular dishwasher cycle or wash by hand as usual.

Cleaning Brush : If you have one, feel free to use it for cleaning out either vessel – but otherwise just fill halfway with hot water and allow any food particles to dissolve away while soaping up any particularly dirty spots on the outside of your jars with a sponge. Rinse well before using again.

Blades : In general, I never recommend placing any parts of a blender inside the dishwasher – especially blades which can cause serious injury if they come loose while spinning at high speeds and come into contact with your hands or other body parts.

To clean these components, fill halfway with hot water and add a few teaspoons of dish soap or baking soda. Allow everything to dissolve for about 15 minutes before removing all parts from the vessel and rinsing well under running water.

You’re Done!

Now that you’ve learned how to use and clean the best blenders for frozen fruit, hopefully you will be able to find which model is right for you when it comes to purchasing one yourself.

Common Mistakes When Using Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit

1. Omitting ingredients in recipes

Due to a lack of planning can be a recipe for disaster, but likewise it is easy to end up with more fresh produce than you know what to do with if this isn’t done far in advance and you don’t have the time or inclination to make use of leftovers before they go bad.

Planning your menus around what’s on sale at your local market can help take care of the first issue – while keeping things like bananas,  apples  or celery on hand means that no matter when you buy them there will always be something healthy available to snack on until you are able to use it up.

2. Not buying enough cups/glasses for all the smoothies you want to make at once.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll quickly find that buying enough cups and straws to allow everyone in the family to enjoy their favorite frozen beverage as soon as they like simply isn’t an option – which is why I recommend having a few extra glasses on hand so everyone can take turns.

3. Not making full use of your freezer’s capacity by filling empty space with ice trays or other “fillers.”

It sounds simple, but there are still tons of people out there who don’t realize that every little bit helps when it comes to using all available freezer space – and end up constantly fighting over whose turn it is to take out the ice tray and fill it up whenever the last one is gone.

4. Not doing the dishes right away.

This is perhaps my #1 pet peeve – especially when it comes to smoothies! The fact of the matter is, if you leave the dirty dishes in your sink for more than a few minutes then there’s a very good chance that they’ll end up growing mold or attracting fruit flies.

The same goes for cutting boards and any other tools used during food preparation which can be easily cleaned by hand under running water as soon as you’re done using them.

FAQs about Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit:

  1. Question: What is the function of a blender for frozen fruit? Answers:
    – To make smoothies from ice, yogurt, milk and assorted fruits.
    – To make purees out of vegetables like carrots and beets.
  2. Question: What is the best way to use a blender for frozen fruit? Answers:
    – Blend in a single layer on the bottom of the blender with room at the top.
    – Flip it upside down and let it blend from there.
    – Add some water or milk to help break up ice cubes, if necessary.
  3. Question: What are the advantages of using a blender for frozen fruit? Answer: – Easier to mix and serve.
    – More nutritional value.
    – Less waste.
  4. Question: How would you clean a blender that has been used for frozen fruit? Answers:
    – Clean the blender with soap and water.
    – Clean the blender with dish soap and then wash in hot water.
    – Run the blender for 10 seconds to melt any ice left in it.
  5. Question: What is the frequency to clean the blender for frozen fruit? Answer: You should clean after every use.

You can refer more information about Top 9 Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit at Chopshop614’s YouTube.


The delicious smoothies supplement nutrients for the body and help the spirit feel refreshed, effectively supporting increasing muscle and losing fat. You can drink 30 minutes before training or drink a smoothie instead of a snack. A blender will help you do this faster. We hope the 9 best blenders for frozen fruit below can help you choose the right product.

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