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7 Best Blender Food Processor Combo Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

However, Blender and Food Processor have their own strengths in handling different raw materials. But it is wasteful to buy two separate machines. We believe you won’t want to spend your money owning a variety of machines with virtually similar functionality.

That’s why you should bring your kitchen a blender food processor combo. This product is both able to solve the problems of cost and area while still having the advantages of the two types of machines mentioned above.

In the following article we will introduce the top 7 best blender food processor combo suitable for different criteria for you to choose from.

Best Blender Food Processor Combo

[TOP 7] Best Blender Food Processor Combo Reviews in 2022

1. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY:  Best blender food processor combo for Maximum active capacity

 A blender food processor combo with an enormous amount of performance like the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is definitely the perfect choice when you have to process large amounts of ingredients at once.

Impressive capacity

The Cuisinart-branded versatile blender has a maximum capacity of up to 14 cups of food. This is an extremely impressive figure if compared with other machines of the same price range on the market. You can process a lot of ingredients at the same time without having to split them into small batches. From there, it saves you a lot of time and effort when preparing meals for many people.

However, the ability to contain many materials of DFP-14BCNY makes the machine weigh up relatively much. Although the size is not too large with only 11 x 7.9 x 14.8 inches, the weight of the blender is up to 1 pound. This will likely make it difficult for you to move the device a lot.

Various auxiliary features

To perfectly blend the 14 cups of ingredients, the designers have added valuable extras to our set.

First we must definitely talk about the machine’s Extra-large feed tube. Few combination grinders have a feed tube so large that it can fit two large onions like the DFP-14BCNY. With this feature, you do not need to pre-process or cut the food before grinding.

An equally valuable feature is the stainless steel cutters that come with the machine. You get a standard 4 mm disc and stainless steel blade and mix. All three parts can completely meet a wide variety of fruits, tubers as well as diverse needs from cutting, grinding or even kneading.

The design is simple and easy to use

DFP-14BCNY is one blender food processor juicer combo that says no with complexity. From the exterior design to the control functions of the machine are extremely simple in line with today’s minimalism. That is why the look and two intuitive controls of the product receive a lot of appreciation from the users.

Pros & Cons

  • Large positive capacity
  • Simple and compact design
  • The feeding tube is of impressive size
  • Three powerful blades
  • Easy to use
  • The weight is relatively large

2. Ninja BL770: Best blender food processor combo for impressive grinding ability

 If you want to grind fruits, vegetables and other foods in the shortest time possible, then Ninja BL770 will be the right food processor and blender combo for you. In addition, it is also suitable for handling hard particles especially ice

Powerful engine

Engine capacity is one of the decisive factors in the machine’s grind ability. We have to admit that there are few models with such high performance capacity as the Ninja BL770. Thanks to the 1500-Watt capacity of the built-in motor, the machine can efficiently process hard nuts and seeds such as walnuts and peanuts. You absolutely can make nut butter suitable for your needs.

For believers of ground fruit, this product also helps a lot in the processing of this wonderful drink. Whether it’s hard fruits or ice that you put in to cool your drinks, the appliance is easy to puree without leaving any residue.

Many accessories included

To optimize the user’s grinding experience, the Ninja brand offers us three types of jars with separate blades. Each one of these accessories is tailor-made to suit different needs.

The 72 oz bottle makes it easier to make frozen and frozen juices with its thick, durable grinding cylinder, the large capacity of the jar also allows you to store more finished the best mini food processors. Meanwhile, the 64 oz bowl offers the ability to mix and cut to suit spices as well as baking dough. Finally, the 16 oz cup features a thin steel blade to make the best juices without residue.

Easy to clean

You only need to use a wet cloth and simple wiping is enough to clean this product. The included accessories as well as the blades and blades are also easy to remove for you to clean. Not stopping there, these parts are all made from dishwasher-friendly materials.

Size matters

Ninja BL770 will occupy a not small area of ​​our kitchen. In case you do not want to own a device that is too bulky, you need to review carefully before buying this device.

Pros & Cons

  • Large capacity engine
  • Attached accessories are suitable for many needs
  • Quality grinding and cutting blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher friendly parts
  • Takes up a lot of space

3. Hamilton Beach Food Processor – Best blender food processor combo for compactness

 The Hamilton Beach blender has a sleek design with a multi-color stand for your options. The jar design is very handy, so you can easily bring it back to the picnic, camping, to school or work. Hamilton Beach is capable of efficient operation thanks to the powerful 400W that can puree frozen fruit.

In addition, you can blend a variety of fruits and vegetables with milk specifically formulated to create fresh and nutritious drinks for yourself and loved ones in your family. The parts of this blender are removable, easy to clean after use.

The blade of the fruit grinder is made of stainless steel that is durable and safe for the health of the user. The versatile blender Oster possesses a capacity of 600ml. The mill is made of high quality plastic material, light, durable, easy to clean, suitable for small families or light parties.

Not only that, the water bottle design has a convenient handle for you to easily hold without fear of slipping. With this perfect blender version, you just need to place the jar on the machine to fit and with the push of a button the machine can operate smoothly. Then, it stops working when you stop pressing the jar or open the jar from the camera body.

Accessories of this machine include two handy jars, with 2 caps and straws. In it, the 600ml bowl is in the form of a sports bottle and is made from high quality BPA-free plastic (Bisphenol A) which is safe for health. In addition, the manufacturer is also equipped with a 4-blade blade made of stainless steel material, which is quite durable, sharp, easy to puree all food, easy to clean.

Pros & Cons

  • Lasting
  • Stable capacity
  • Many accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • The structure is a bit complicated

4. Ninja Blender / Food Processor QB1004: Best blender food processor combo for modest needs

 It would be a waste to use an expensive, large capacity combined blender just to handle modest amounts of food. If your need is only for grinding a small amount of food, then Ninja Blender / Food Processor QB1004 is the best choice. With a very cheap price and good grinding ability, this product will make you satisfied

Impressive price with accessories

With the price less than 55 USD, we not only get one but three different bottles made of high quality plastic suitable for the diverse needs of users. It’s a surprise that at this low price we can find a device with a lot of accessories like this. While other products at the same price point allow you to own only a poor quality vase.

Suitable capacity

48 oz – 40 oz – 16 oz are the capacities suitable for our modest handling needs. You also know that large jugs come with blades of respective sizes. Therefore, using the wrong container will make the food too crushed and consume more electricity.

Super savings

With modest food handling capabilities, the QB1004 is also equipped with a compact 450 watt motor. It can be said that such capacity is suitable for the needs of the target device. Because no one wants to use a blender that consumes a lot of energy just to grind a small amount of ingredients.

In addition to the amount of electricity consumed, the area is also one of the things that you do not have to worry about when using the machine. With a total size of 48.7 x 18.5 x 29.5 inches, you can easily place the machine anywhere from the kitchen counter to the cabinet.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap
  • Accessories come with quality
  • Capacity suitable for needs
  • Power saving
  • Uses little charge
  • Only suitable for grinding a small amount of food

5. Hamilton Beach Multiblend 58242: Best blender food processor combo for users with low affordability

 Typically, a slow combo blender costs between 80 and over $ 100 a piece. This amount can be said to be quite high compared to the affordability of a part of users. Foreseeing that, Hamilton Beach brand has launched the Hamilton Beach Multiblend 58242 model which is cheap but still possesses quality features.

Strong capacity

Users need to spend less than 65 USD to bring home equipment with motors up to 700 watts. It may sound unbelievable, but Hamilton Beach’s engineers have indeed integrated an extremely powerful engine into this low-cost model. Maybe with the high-priced models Ninja BL770, the Multiblend 58242 is somewhat inferior, but our equipment can confidently beat many other types of grinders in the same price segment.

Unique impact system

We all know it’s impossible to ask for a low-cost device with high-end features. Although there are not too impressive options, the Multiblend 58242 has the right capabilities for your grinding process.

One of them is the wave action system. Thanks to re-simulating how the vortex works, our grinder continuously pulls the ingredients to the bottom so the blades can work. From there, the finished product is smooth.

Unfortunate minus point

Despite having a powerful grind capacity of 7.8 x 6.8 x 15.2 inches is not too small. But the product only gives users the ability to grind up to 40oz. This will cost you more effort and time

Pros & Cons

  • Impressive price
  • The engine is extremely powerful
  • Possesses a wave impact system
  • Small capacity

6. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z – Best blender food processor combo for dry food

 The NutriBullet blender is a traditional blender that operates with two grinding speeds, two millers. A dry food mill and a wet food mill make it easy for housewives to prepare a variety of delicious family meals.

The machine operates with a powerful capacity of 1200W, the blade is made of stainless steel material, which saves processing time and helps to make the food softer and smoother. So this is also a product suitable for families with young children.

This blender has a compact size 365mm x 210mm x 265mm and light weight will be the product to suit every kitchen. The mill is made of high quality material, safe for health, easy to clean when using, so users can feel secure when choosing this product.

Stainless steel blades are extremely sharp, even if exposed to water regularly, they will not rust, and ensure safety when in contact with food or fruits.

In particular, this machine is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature when overloaded to help limit the overload of electricity or overload of the amount of food to be grinded to ensure safety when using and help prolong the life. for the blender.

The NutriBullet version has 2 jars made of high quality plastic material that has good bearing capacity and does not produce harmful substances to ensure safety when used. With the dry food mill you can grind cereal, grind pepper, grind coffee beans.

Pros & Cons

  • Grind dry well
  • High power
  • Pretty heavy

7. Oster Pro 1200: Best blender food processor combo for the easiest to clean

 A powerful machine but difficult to clean cannot attract many users. Based on this judgment, Oster Pro has created the Oster Pro 1200 blender with easy cleaning features

Save effort for cleaning

The simplest way for anyone to take apart, especially the lid of the machine. Now you won’t have to spend as much effort removing one product as other blender models. The Oster Pro 1200 is not too small in size to create hard-to-reach corners that allow users to easily clean both the inside and outside of the device. And of course the materials that make up my machine are dishwasher-friendly.

Impressive grinding features

The machine also possesses the ability to purify valuable food. The most obvious evidence is in tasty margaritas without residue or in smooth bags of coffee powder. All thanks to the 7-level control panel and the quality blender blade.

A few things to note

There are a few things you need to pay attention to before deciding to buy a machine. The first is that this product works quite noisy, thereby affecting the people around. The rest lies in the awkward and inaccessible buttons of the machine.

Pros & Cons

  • Easily removable parts
  • Doesn’t create hard-to-reach corners
  • Dishwasher friendly parts
  • There are 7 levels of controller
  • Quality blades
  • Noisy activities
  • It’s a bit difficult to control

Above are Top 7 Best Blender Food Processor Combo Reviews. Now, let’s see Some Tips and Guides on Buying Best Blender Food Processor Combo as below:

Buying Guide for the Best Blender Food Processor Combo

What is the difference between a meat blender and a blender?

If you look at the exterior of the home blender and blender there are many similarities. Generally speaking, blender products are more versatile than meat grinders. The main function of a blender is to grind juices, fruits, and vegetables. But along with each line that will have additional food grinding functions.

If equipped with the addition of a small grinder to grind the dried seeds and grind the meat, the blender would be able to do the job of a home blender product. The only downside to multipurpose grinders is that the prices are usually a bit higher than the home grinder, and in some lines the chopper may be a bit small if you have a heavy grind need. piercing.

If you are weighing between a blender product and a multi blender product, I recommend buying a multi-function blender. Two articles you should refer to is what kind of blender is good or what kind of hand blender article is good. The reason is that this product gives you superior performance compared to pure meat blender products.

Should you choose a manual meat grinder or electric meat grinder?

If your family has few people and needs to use little, you can choose a manual meat grinder. The machine is quite simple to use, but this type of hand fatigue, not puree and very difficult to clean the meat inside the blender.

Electric meat grinders are best suited for families with heavy use and with children. An electric blender can grind large amounts of meat in one go. The machine operates by electricity, so it is very suitable for families with large people or those who are lazy to grind by hand, saving time and effort.

Choose according to your needs

If your family has a baby in weaning age, you should buy a meat grinder. Children at this age often only eat flour or porridge, so if you want to add more meat for your baby, parents need to grind finely, smooth meat so that the baby does not choke.

If any family eats spring rolls, sausages, sausages, and sausages, you should buy an electric meat grinder or a hand blender depending on your needs and economic conditions.

Material selection

When buying a meat grinder, you should choose products made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and high-grade plastic. Because these materials are usually very durable, do not rust, are easy to clean and are very safe for the health of users.


Capacity is one of the most important factors you should consider when buying a meat grinder. The larger the capacity of the machine, the faster the meat grinds, the faster the puree is, but otherwise it consumes more power and can cause loud noise. Normally, if used in the home, people will choose meat grinders with a capacity of 300 to 400W.


When buying a meat grinder, in addition to the grinding function, you should also refer to other features such as spill prevention, safety lock, … for a safer, more efficient and convenient use. In addition, you should consider a machine with many levels of capacity, multiple grinding speeds to be able to meet a variety of needs.

Note when using the meat grinder

  • Do not grind the amount of meat more than the allowed capacity of the machine. Grind more may jam the machine, damage the machine due to overload, and the ground meat will not be smooth as expected.
  • After use, disassemble the parts and clean them. If you cannot do it immediately, you must soak the parts (except for electric motors) in water to make cleaning easier.
  • After cleaning, the parts should be dried and then mounted and stored to avoid the blender smells badly, mold and bacteria can grow.
  • The meat grinder, even if it has not been used for a long time, should also be regularly cleaned, kept in a cool, dry place to help it be durable and avoid germs.
  • Do not let the blender operate for too long to avoid burning the engine or damage it.

What are Benefits of Best Blender Food Processor Combo?

A blender is a versatile utensil that can be essential for doing different culinary tasks. A blender comes with a glass jar and an electric motor unit to crush, mix and blend food ingredients very efficiently. Blenders may contain sharp blades which help it in carving through the toughest of fruits and vegetables like mangos, strawberries and dates with ease.

Typically, blenders come in two types: One is called the standard home blenders; they are compact in size and if you want maximum blending ability for minimum investment then this type is best suited to you.

The other one is called as commercial or industrial blenders; these types of blenders are not meant for everyday use but rather they are used only at specific times like whenever there is some large number of people to be served or during special occasions like at weddings.

A blender can perform several tasks especially if it has some extra accessories that can help one with some specific task like chopping fruits and vegetables. However, many different blenders come with their own types of blades like sharp dual blades, single blade etc. which make them suitable for different tasks.

To ensure the flawless performance of your blender, avoid using utensils made up of wood or plastic while blending because this will not let you accomplish your desired results quickly and easily. Additionally, always keep in mind that your blender must be properly cleaned after every use so as to avoid any kind of contamination or complication later on.

Food processors are very versatile kitchen appliances, which can perform a variety of tasks, and chief among them is processing and chopping food ingredients. This appliance comes with a motor unit and a metal blade that chops, mixes and finally processes the ingredients into fine paste or mixture depending on what one intended to make.

Food processors come in different varieties; they vary in size as well as features. Moreover, some food processors may come with multiple attachments like juicers, slicers etc.

The price range for food processors varies from $60 to $500 depending on their specifications and functionalities. The more powerful your machine is the more it will cost you; however many people do not wish to invest too much money because it requires a lot of effort on their part just to chop vegetables every now and then.

A good food processor can do all the chopping tasks for you, so it is advisable to go for a well-known brand because its accessories are well tested over time.

A blender food Processor gives these key benefits:

1. Blenders may come with sharp blades which help in carving through the toughest of fruits and vegetables like mangos, strawberries and dates with ease.

2. Food processors come in different varieties; they vary in size as well as features. Moreover, some food processors may come with multiple attachments like juicers, slicers etc.

3. They guarantee flawless performance.

4. They are easy to clean after every use.

5. It comes with removable parts that can be washed in the dishwasher.

6. They save a lot of time and effort.

7. It comes with multiple functions.

8. A blender is cheaper than most food processors, but if you compare blenders to other appliances like stand mixers, it becomes a little bit expensive.

9. Food processed has a longer shelf life as compared to the whole ingredients used to make the same thing. This makes it more convenient especially when you are short of time or tired after a long day of work and still have some tasks left to do at home before leaving for bed at night.

Steps by Steps on How to Use Best Blender Food Processor Combo

How to Use a Blender and Food Processor:

1. Firstly, before using either of the two appliances make sure that all removable parts are properly fitted in their respective slots.

2. Secondly, put some liquid ingredients like milk or water in the blender jar and add ice cubes one by one slowly while blending it on high speed (for best results).

3. Another way is to add ice cubes along with other hard or solid food items at once while blending them together for a short period of time on low speed so as not to break the blades while mixing them evenly.

4. After processing your desired ingredients you can pour out your drink from the lid opening if it has shown its usefulness throughout this process well through its efficient mixing mechanism which was proven to be effective.

How to Clean Best Blender Food Processor Combo?

It is very important to clean your blender and food processor after every use for hygiene purposes. Here are the simple steps you can easily follow to clean both appliances after using them:

1. Firstly, rinse your blender jar with water immediately after processing your ingredients so as to avoid any kind of jamming inside it.

2. Secondly, let cold water run through all areas that come in contact with the food items because hot water may warp its plastic components which will be difficult or near impossible to fix later on without replacing it.

3. Thirdly, do not forget to take out the blade from the jar before placing it under running water so as to clean both items simultaneously. But make sure that you are holding them tightly because they might slip and fall under pressure of the water if not properly handled.

4.Fourth, after rinsing both parts all you need to do is wipe them with a clean kitchen towel or dry it using a dishwasher. Make sure that there is no trace of food particles on either appliances before storing them away as such items can easily attract insects like roaches and ants which will definitely cause their damage eventually.

How does best Blender Food Processor Combo work?

A blender or food processor has different functions; they are here to make your life much easier when handling multiple tasks at once (rather than preparing food in batches). They help save time when making your favorite meals for example smoothies because all you have to do is add the ingredients in with ice cubes and let it do all the work for you when processing them.

Additionally, when using a blender with motorized blades like electric blenders with power wattage of more than 1000 watts allow you to add solid ingredients such as carrots and cucumbers (for example) while blending them into a smooth drink with less or no chunks at all.

Also through this appliance your baby food can easily be made because it is powerful enough to crush even hard food like chicken bones with ease without causing any damage to its components in the long run which means that you will not need to buy another one soon after every month or so depending on how frequent it is used per day.

Tips on Using Best Blender Food Processor Combo

1. Blenders are best for processing liquid items like smoothies, juices etc while food processors are more suitable for chopping solid ingredients, to grind foods into fine powders or even puree them depending on the type of food processor you have chosen for yourself.

2. Also if you need to blend a large amount of ingredients at once then an electric blender will prove to be more useful than a hand-held one so keep that in mind when deciding which appliance would work perfectly fine with your lifestyle better because the main purpose of both is saving time and effort while preparing your favorite meals.

3. Therefore, if you want to prepare healthy drinks for your family everyday then we highly recommend using either a blender or food processor instead of buying each item separately because it will save you a lot of time and energy which you can use to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

4. When using both appliances, make sure that the jar’s lid is tightly locked before turning on their motor because if it is not properly closed then they might leak or even lead to accidents like spilling over some ingredients which might result in damage to the counter top as well as its surroundings.

5. Also always remember to select the appropriate button for what you are processing at that specific moment whether it is more solid or liquid (for example) so as not to burn out its motor due to overload or overheating which will definitely lead into costly repairs through visiting an appliance service center nearby your area.

6. Also the best way to avoid burns is using rubber/silicon utensil when blending or processing food items because metal ones are more likely to cause accidents regarding high temperature by transferring it straight into your skin upon contact which can easily lead to severe injuries.

7. Additionally, make sure that you do not overfill the jar of a blender with ingredients especially if you are preparing smoothies for yourself or for more than two people at once because it might leak out from their seals and cause damage to the surrounding areas as well as possible injury due to hot liquids spilling all over your body.

8. Lastly always remember that these appliances are electrical so they need maintenance after each use so as not have have any problems in the long run which might lead to costly repairs as well as internal damage due to humidity and rusting which will cause you more money on the long run because these appliances need to be stored properly in dry places after each use.

FAQs about Best Blender Food Processor Combo:

1. Question: What are the pros and cons of buying a best blender food processor combo?

– Pros: it’s cheaper than buying two separate machines, you’ll save time in the kitchen.
– Cons: some people find themselves using one machine more than the other, it’s difficult to clean both at once.

2. Question: What are the factors you should consider when buying a best blender and food processor combo?

– What is your budget?
– Do you want to make smoothies or chop vegetables?
– Do you need a blender that can also be used as a juicer or coffee grinder?

3. Question: What are the best ways to clean a best blender food processor combo?


– Use a toothbrush to scrub the blades and in between the blades.
– Pour in soap and water, then turn on for about 10 seconds.
– Mix lemon juice with baking soda until it becomes foamy, then use a dishwasher brush to scrub.

4. Question: How often should you clean your best blender and food processor combo?

Answer: You should clean after every use.


So we have come across 7 blender food processor combo models that are best suited for many different criteria. Through this article, we hope you will choose the best product for your needs

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